Robert Neil Quarry
Born; Nov. 11, 1962
Lynnwood, Calif
Manager; Paul Corvina
Trainers; Jack, James and Mike Quarry, Pat Goosen Teddy Munos, Don Elbaum.

Robert was the last of the Quarry brothers and the last born to Jack and Arwanda. He was considered to be an all round athlete. In high school he went out for basketball. In football he played both offence and defense and was the clean up batter in baseball.

Bobby Quarry vs Dave Kilgour He turned professional boxer in 1982 at the age of 20. One year later he sustained an injury to his right eye that caused him to be blind in that eye playing sand lot football. He would memorize the eye chart when ever being tested for his professional boxing licenses in the various states that he fought.

In the beginning of his career, because he was a Quarry, he thought that it would be easy to earn big money and be able to win easily. So he really did not dedicate himself. Robert show a lot of natural ability as an athlete, especially as a fighter. He learned his skills sparring with his older brothers, Mike and Jerry, and was considered to be a heavy puncher.

Robert fought off and on for about 10 years. His biggest fight was against the then title contender Tommy Morrison, in the early 90's. Who later had a win over George Foreman. The fight was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on a Sunday Night on ESPN. At that time this fight received the biggest TV rating that ESPN had. We feel it was a combination of Morrison fighting a Quarry. Robert was stopped in the 3rd round. His brother James worked his corner that night.

During an interview early in his career a newspaper reporter asked Robert what kind of profession he would have gotten into had he not become a fighter. Jokingly, Robert replied that he would have become a "Rocket Scientist" The nickname stuck. The announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr., then started announcing Robert as "Robert "The Rocket Scientist" Quarry.

Robert is now back in school. Wanting to better his education. One of his dreams is to become a sports journalist. He lives in Shafter, California where his brother Jerry is buried.

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