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From James Quarry
President and Co-Founder

Boxing Veterans 1999
To all Fans, Friends and Family;

Today July 24, 1999

I attended a picnic for "The Veterans Boxers Association of Oregon" I was proud to be there. I met Boone Kirkman a former heavyweight fighter. He once was scheduled to fight Jerry. They offered Jerry $25,000, he turned them down to fight Ken Norton for $125,000.

I also had the honor of seeing the one and only former number 1 contender, Thad Spencer. As you know Jerry stopped Spencer with 2 seconds to go in the 12th round in the semi-finals of the "WBA" Tournament back in 1968. he told me a story that he was not in shape when he fought Jerry. He had been partying after his win over Ernie Terrill. He manager Willie Ketchem new he was not in shape and so did the promoter. Spencer did not want to take the fight at that time, so they offered him an extra $50,000.

The rest is history. My brother Robert Quarry fought for Spencer in Bakersfield. Spencer is a boxing promoter in Oregon. He is bringing in Roy Jones Jr. to fight here in Portland later this year. That night in Bakersfield under Spencer's Promotion, Jerry sang "The National Anthem" Spencer gave Jerry a big hug after, because he never new Jerry could sing.

The Veteran Boxing Association here in Oregon is a non-profit organization for retired boxers. This event is held yearly for all of the local boxers. I was fortunate to be able to attend this picnic. I made several new contacts that will benefit of children who are going to be in contact sports.

James M. Quarry
President and Co-Founder

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