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From James Quarry
President and Co-Founder

To all Fans, Friends and Family;

January 11, 1999

Jerry Quarry won his most outstanding fight of all. Four years before his death, Jerry helped bring World Wide attention to the dangers of contact sports. Even though we knew that some day he was going to die, it was still a major shock. It will make all of us sit up and recognize that something must be done to make contact sports safer.

Jerry was an inspiration to all of us. Jerry never quit. We can not quit on him. One year after The Jerry Quarry Foundation for Dementia Pugilistica was formed Senator John McCain of Arizona, announced a bill called "The professional Boxers Safety Act". It passed into law in 1997. We feel that Jerry was a major inspiration for this bill. Now another bill is in the process to clean up boxing. This bill is titled "The Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act" of 1998.

These new laws are just a start in the right direction. We encourage all of you to call your State Senators and demand that they vote to pass these bills. Especially "The State Reciprocity in Professional Boxing Act" of 1997. We can not stop there. We must make all contact sports safer. There are too many athletes who suffer from permanent brain damage.

Please join "TJQF" so we can finish what Jerry started. We now have our exemption from the IRS and we are a California Domestic Non-Profit Corporation. We can now go after funding from the U. S. Government and other Charity Organizations for funding. We also need your contributions, meaning the general public.

All contributions are now tax deductible. These funds will enable us to contribute to, or organize a pension fund. We will be able to educate the U. S. Government and the Medical Profession that there is a real problem and how to prevent these injuries and how to treat these types of injuries more effectively. We also want to supplement income for the athletes who are injured and can not support their families.

We must start by researching for a blood test that can tell us if we are genetically prone to permanent brain damage, caused by blunt force trauma. Not just for the professionals and the amateurs. Our children in the YMCA's and YWCA's, Pop Warner are being hit in the head every day in these contact sports. What are the long term effects? A warning system must be put into place.

There was no quit in Jerry and there will be no quit in TJQF. With your contributions and grants from the Government, we will make a difference.

James M. Quarry
President and Co-Founder