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Paul Maduros Sun Dec 31 13:56:13 PST 2000

I've said this before , I do think that Jerry had a good chance at beating Foreman because of styles. I think that if Jerry had Angelo Dundee in his corner it would have made a difference. He did have Gil Clancy , but that was late in his career. Jerry showed in the Lyle and Shavers bouts just what level he could fight at if trained well. I know that Jerry had his share of personal problems I'm sure this had to effect his career. He was foremost a human being and family man.

Kent Appel Sun Dec 31 13:18:57 PST 2000

Jerry might have surprised alot of people if he had faced George Foreman. He did well againsnt big punchers if he had an advantage in hand speed. He would have had this advantage agaisnt George. In watching the tapes of Jerry vs. Lyle and Jerry vs. Shavers I noticed that Jerry was beating both of them to the punch. Lyle didn't seem to be able to get set enough to consistantly land his bombs and it seemed that Shavers was mostly missing before Jerry hurt him and knocked him out. The way George would wind up to throw his punches, I could see Jerry being the excellent counter puncher that he was, landing some hard shots to George's head and body which would have earned him respect. Some people might say that if Joe Frazier and Ken Norton, who both defeated Jerry, got knocked out by George, then how could Jerry hope to do better. The difference is that the old cliche that styles make fights is true. Both Frazier and Norton could not fight as well as Jerry did backing up and by charging into Foreman, they faced annilation if they didn't hurt Foreman first (and they didn't hurt George first). Jerry punched hard enough so that he could have hurt George if he landed his best punches. If George hurt Jerry early though, then George may have notched another quick knockout on his belt.

Angelo Sun Dec 31 10:02:52 PST 2000

Tommy Morrison---involved in some brutal fights, such as when he was KOed by Ray Mercer (one of the hardest punches I've ever seen). Surprised me when he beat Foreman. Morrison didn't have the talent to be a great fighter--- just had the movie background and some good skills---but not championship caliber. Speaking of Foreman, I watched the extended version of Quarry-Shavers, featuring post-fight commentary and interviews. It seemed at that point that Jerry Quarry was in line to fight against Foreman before Foreman would defend against Ali---all signs pointed to a Foreman-Quarry match. What happened? I think that would have been an interesting fight. Clearly, Foreman was the biggest hitter out there. But if he didn't stop Jerry on cuts, and Jerry could have stored up some energy and lasted into the later rounds, who knows?!!!

Paul Maduros Sat Dec 30 19:11:57 PST 2000

While we are going back and forth on these issues I think would should keep in mind just what James Quarry is going through right now. His brother Michael is where Jerry was in 1995 , his father Jack Quarry is very ill and his wife as well. I heard once that this site gets around 7000 hits a day. Well if thats true if each person would make a donation even if it's only a dollar donation we could get to TJQF'S goals even quicker. GOD bless

ldp Sat Dec 30 19:11:45 PST 2000

lets talk them game . leave the color thing alone

Kent Appel Sat Dec 30 15:23:28 PST 2000

The race issue does get tiresome because it seems like we can't even bring up the name of a white fighter without someone thinking that we are trying to dig up the great white hope issue. Believe it or not, alot of us Quarry fans are not waiting for that great white messiah to come along in the heavyweight division. I only brought up the fact that I am not 100% white ( white and native american) because some people think that everyone at this site is white. I belong to a more important race and that is the human race. I am only going to bring up one more white fighter at this time and that is: "drum roll please," TOMMY MORRISON. O.K. folks, have at it.

Angelo Sat Dec 30 06:49:19 PST 2000

GEEZ! I stay off the site for a couple weeks and then return to see a volley of posts on the good ole race issue! I'm 37, so I wasn't around for Marciano's fights. Based on the highlights I've seen, I'd rate him highly as tough, determined and a hard hitter. True, the best fighters he took on were past their prime, sort of like when the 2nd best heavyweight in my lifetime, Larry Holmes, beat up on the best heavyweight in my lifetime, Muhammad Ali. Or also similiar to when the hard hitting Tyson put Holmes out. Yet in my opinion, Marciano didn't duck anybody---he knocked out whoever they put in front of him. He also had the good sense to leave the game undefeated and healthy...and stayed retired until the tragic end. Race plays into it only because people like seeing the unexpected. The unexpected right now would be for a quality white heavyweight to emerge as a dominant fighter. I think many people (including me) have become fans of Tiger Woods because it was so unique to see an African American (and a YOUNG man at that) go on the PGA tour and rewrite the record books! It also helps that Woods has a great personality and people seem drawn to him. The point here is that when a white heavyweight has some success, don't automatically assume that it's a white-black superiority thing---it's really just people enjoying seeing the unexpected happen. As for Gerry Cooney, say whatever you want about the man, but he was a major hitter. He lasted 13 rounds with Larry Holmes, in Holmes prime. That in itself is an accomplishment. He had devestating knockouts against the best of the senior circuit, Norton, Jimmy Young, etc. He was a good guy outside the ring. Why belittle him? The public paid a lot and got him big paydays because he was a WHITE heavyweight? So what was he supposed to do, walk away from the money?

ldp Fri Dec 29 18:37:05 PST 2000

white black brown yellow the blood that flows is red . put on a pair of gloves somtime , step in to the ring . there is no one to help you . nobody to block or hold the other guy from sending you to hear the dragon roar . open that door sometime . it is not about color it is about heart .

Kent Appel Thu Dec 28 16:30:12 PST 2000

JP, I would never attack anyone, least of all hiding behind the great name of Quarry ( by sending anyone Email using anything but my real name). Just because I may disagree with you at times, doesn't mean I am attacking you. I have a good heart and I don't ever try to take cheap shots at anyone. Oh by the way, some people would not consider me white because I am both white and native american ( does that count as being non-white,I don't know?). I actually belong to a federally recognized indian tribe. Now if you want to comment, then I will name one of the best native american heavyweights of recent times and that is Joe Hipp--Ha,Ha, Ha, even I get a chuckle out of that one. All kidding aside, Hipp has the guts enough to get in the ring and he deserves credit for that.

Paul Maduros Thu Dec 28 16:13:24 PST 2000

I can assure you Mr. jpierce I will never make any kind of attacks on anyone who visits this site. I did try to defend Joe Frazier at his site when someone attack Joe. It won't happen again. It's up to the webmaster over there to worry about it. As far as needing another Marciano how does anyone know theres not one, maybe in another sport? I don't root for people based on color. It's the man himself I root for. DURAN , HOLMES , CHAVEZ all great champions don't need to keep risking their lives in the ring.

JP Thu Dec 28 14:19:24 PST 2000

Just out of curiosity I wonder if any non-white participants have ever come to this site? That is besides "you know who" whom I'm being compared to. (After reading past posts I doubt he'll ever return). Sure wish I were as articulate at expressing my points as him and Joe Krause. Just curious, no big deal. PS:Please don't mind me I'm just a Michiganite (from Detroit) with nothing better to do. (LOL).

JP Thu Dec 28 14:04:57 PST 2000

Okay folks. Guess it's time to drop this subject. The last thing I need is to be accused of "stiring things up" again (he he he). It's just that though I do not care about the skin colour of the great fighters I may still have a bit of a "white man's complex". Meaning I still do "notice" that since way in the 50's there hasn't been a dominant quality white boxer. Quarry was competetive but not "dominant" like Marciano. There are other sports as well. Check out the sprint competion in track and field. Marice Green and other top Afro-American sprinters. To all the non-white participants who come on this site please don't misunderstand my post. As I've stated before I'm a huge Norton fan and believe he deserves his props. If I were racist I obviously wouldn't pick him to be my favorite. Since I'm obviously putting my foot in my mouth even deeper I'll stop here. What is the foundation up to lately? Is anything being done about the punch drunk syndrome? The Ali Act obviously isn't working since boxers are still fighting when they shouldn't. Look at the Kotsa Tsyu vs Chavez fight. Duran and larry Holmes still want to fight. This crap must stop. PS:Please people enough of the negative emails. I may have to change my address. I hope Paul and Kent aren't part of the attackers. I know they would be brave enough to use their real names instead of "Quarry defender", Quarry Lover, Quarry-fan, Heavyweight Champ, The Fighting-Irishman etc etc.

ldp Thu Dec 28 11:06:05 PST 2000

anyone who can step thru the ropes into the world of the squared circle ,were theere is no place to hide from yourself . should never be laughed at .

Paul Maduros Wed Dec 27 19:08:04 PST 2000

I will say this, the webmaster at the Frazier site has lost all control. You have one person over there creating all the problems. It's a shame because Joe was a great champion.

Ray Wed Dec 27 19:06:05 PST 2000

Hi family, well I guess I'll add my feelings about Marciano. It is my belief that Walcott, Charles, and Moore were past their prime when they fought Marciano, good so far? But, granting the fact they were not in their primes they were still very formidable. With the exception of Ali, no Heavyweight Champion successfully defended against a better group of fighters. Compare the challengers the other champions defended against, and my feeling is that the other challengers don't compare to the ageing but still potent Walcott, Charles, Moore.

Kent Appel Wed Dec 27 18:10:38 PST 2000

If I am one of the dudes that is just going to respond with more BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, then here goes: I agree with JP's assesment that Rocky Marciano was somewhat untested because all of the name fighters he beat were all in their mid-thirties and above. Joe Louis, Ezzard Charles, Jersey Joe Walcott, and Archie Moore were all great fighters but were past their primes when they faced Marciano. He did beat who they put in front of him and he retired undefeated, so his place in history is secure. He may have had a harder time in the talent rich 70's but we will never know. IS IT STILL BLAH, BLAH, BLAH when I agree with JP? You are right Paul, JP does kind of remind me of an old friend of ours. I hope he continues to come to this site though, because I get a kick out of waiting to see what he is going to come up with next!

Paul Maduros Wed Dec 27 16:48:34 PST 2000

No need to keep bringing up the race issue. I refuse to make comments on that. Marciano would have done fine up until the 80's when heavyweights just got even larger. Everybody fights sombody old in their career. You fight what's available. Bobick did not have that much talent , but tried. I don't think he should be laughed at though. JPierce reminds me of someone I used to know. umm , wonder who???

JP Wed Dec 27 10:41:48 PST 2000

What's up folks. Sorry for the belated greetings but was gone out of the city for a bit. Anyways happy holidays to all. As for the Cooney issue I brought up. Ray is the most accurate. I see he reads my posts well. COONEY IS HYPE PURE AND SIMPLE! WE NEED ANOTHER MARCIANO! That's for white folks who care. I myself don't. To be honest though even amoungst todays weak heavyweight crop we see that the white boxers are pathetic. Look at Golata. Physically he should be on top but mentally he's a freakin nut. Look at the Bowe and Grant fights. Golata was winning both then he goes crazy and quits. The Klitzo Bros are huge bums who can never beat the top unless they're shot fighters. Look at the Byrd fiasco. Okay Klit claims he had an injured shoulder but Byrd was still able to go all the way with the younger bro (dispite losing). Oleg Maskaev had impressive fights with Tua and Hassim. He beat the latter and only loss due to an unexpected explosive blow from Tua in the 10th round. After all that he goes on to lose to a little known Canadian journyman (Kirk Johnson). As you can see white folks suck in the heavyweight division. Come to think of it I wonder how Marciano would've done if he faught the more talented 70's fighters instead of the weak field he faught? Walcott was 37 and Moore was 40 (while Marciano was in his prime). No one counts the Louis fight since he was obviously ove the hill. I believe that a prime Louis would've beaten Marciano. I hope Ray also participates. The other two dudes will just respond with more blah blah blah. So hard headed. Let's just face reality. White heavyweights can't box (This should be the sequal to the movie White Men Can't Jump, ha ha ha ha ha haaaa). Instead of Wesly Snipes and Woody Haroldson we could get Denzil Washington and Tom Hanks or any other actors LOL!!! Who could play that dope Cooney or that joke Bobick LOL!!!

Matt K Mon Dec 25 12:04:06 PST 2000

The sad story of Jerry reminds us of what a dirty business pro boxing is. Other athletes have unions and pension plans and medical insurance etc. Pro boxers get the shaft unless they make it to a Title. I see some posts here about boxers whose careers were "derailed" by a loss in a big fight. There is more to it than that. Some guys just fight until they get a big paynight, even if they lose, and then their desire dies. It takes a lot of desire to get whacked in the head for a living. Some modern fighters like Ruddock or Golota were tough until they got big $ fights (vs. Tyson & Bowe) and then were never the same.

PAUL MADUROS Sun Dec 24 13:42:45 PST 2000


Kent Appel Sun Dec 24 12:25:31 PST 2000


Tony Sun Dec 24 07:09:06 PST 2000

First, I want to wish the happiest of holidays to the Quarry Family and to commend James for the outstanding job he's doing with the Foundation. Secondly, I would like to ask if anyone knows where I can obtain the Mike Quarry/Mike Rossman Trilogy? It seems that those fights have become as scarce as the JQ/Buster Mathis bout. I would appreciate your assistance.

Paul Maduros Sat Dec 23 20:26:31 PST 2000

It's true , Gerry Cooney was hyped fron the beginning. He had power and nothing else. He was a very nice guy who was destroyed after he lost to Larry Holmes. His management seemed good. Some people get Gerry Cooney mixed up with Jerry Quarry. I always straighten them out on that. Nothing personal against Cooney , but he was a no hope , not a white hope.

Ray Sat Dec 23 18:35:44 PST 2000

Hi family, I would just like to weigh-in with my thoughts about "legitimate white heavyweight contenders," since that theme seems to dominate this page lately. Jerry Quarry was a legitimate contender, just look at his record and the fighters he beat: Patterson, Spencer, Mathis, Foster,Lyle, Shavers. Even if one allows that both Patterson fights were close and the decision in the 2nd fight could have gone to Patterson; Jerry beat the other previously mentioned contenders convincingly. Jerry was a legitimate contender because he beat these fighters, and not because he was white. Yes, being white may have increased his popularity, but the fact remains he earned his rankings legitimately. George Chuvalo was a gladiator, when Chuvalo showed fought you were assured of a fight. Most times he fought a ranked contender he was not expected to win, and normally he did'nt (I was at the Quarry-Chuvalo fight, Quarry was the victim of a fast count by Zack Clayton, see my entry on this page in Oct 2000 describing this fight). Now we come to Gerry Cooney. I disagree with those who say he was mismanaged. I think his managers did a fantastic job managing him. He left boxing a rich man with no apparent brain damage. He never beat a legitimate contender. Jimmy Young and Kenny Norton and Ron Lyle were old and shot. Cooney was knocked out by Larry Holmes, a forty year old George Foreman, and a light-heavyweight Michael Spinks. This hardly qualifies one to be considered a good fighter. I don't think any boxer in history was less deserving of the fame and fortune than Gerry Cooney. If he fought legitimate fighter on his way up I am afraid his managers knew he be exposed for the hoax that he was, and as a result they moved him beautifully in a position where there was little risk of exposure, and great opportunity to become rich. I am sorry to be so judgemental, but Gerry Cooney was a modern day Primo Carnera, who was able to keep his money

Paul Maduros Sat Dec 23 14:06:57 PST 2000

Kent , you are so right. You have Bonavena giving Frazier and Ali both a hard time. Hey , nobody just walked on Oscar. When I was very young I used to think all you had to be was big and strong , but there is a lot more to it. The thing about Marciano was that he had great leverage in his punches, not just depending on muscle strengh. I've seen guy's that look good body wise , then you put them in the ring and they fold right up. I'd say Jerry did great for a 195lb heavyweight.

Kent Appel Sat Dec 23 13:01:40 PST 2000

As far as the pathetic crop of white heavyweights since Rocky Marciano I wouldn't inlclude Ingemar Johannson as being pathetic. I would say that Jerry Quarry, Johannson, Joe Bugner, George Chavalo, and Oscar Bonevena ( I know that some would consider him Latin),were all very competitive with the fine group of black heavyweights that have come since Marciano. As I see it, the problem with heavyweights of all races these days is a lack of proper training. Some huge strong guy thinks that being big and strong is enough to make him a good fighter, so he doesn't learn the proper fundamentals. I had forgotten what a well trained boxer Jerry was until I started watching my highlight videos. I got in a argument one time with a man who said that there is no way that Joe Louis could compete today because he was too small. I told the man that not only could Joe compete, I would have grave doubts that most of today's giants would have much of a chance against Joe because Joe was so well trained.

Kent Appel Fri Dec 22 19:50:13 PST 2000

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Ron Lyle verses Earnie Shavers fight? I understand that Shavers has a highlight video, but I would be surprised if that fight is on it as Lyle knocked out Shavers. I have heard that the Lyle/Shavers fight was every bit as wild as the Foreman/Lyle fight with both fighters hitting the deck. Too bad I can't go back in time with my VCR and tape some of the fights I missed. That might not help with the Lyle/Shavers fight though because I don't remember it being on regular T.V.

Paul Maduros Fri Dec 22 17:24:29 PST 2000

As far as good white heavyweights , I don't hear much about any white guys wanting to box. There are other sports that offer more and you don't have to be number 1. Foster never regained himself after the Quarry loss and neither did Thad Spencer. No matter who you are or what color, you stick around boxing long enough . You get beat Ali / Norton included.

JP Fri Dec 22 16:00:23 PST 2000

Slade is wrong in his Foster profile. It was the loss to Ali not Quarry that messed him up. After the loss to Quarry Foster took it in stride as a learning experience on the way up. It was the loss to Ali that made Foster realize that maybe he just isn't good enough to beat the top fighters. Remember this fight took place in 1972. Three years after the Quarry experience. He made it clear after the fight that he put everything into the Ali fight. Ali's hands were simply too quick. He admitted that Ali was the best fighter he faught. I think after that Foster seemed to have lost a big part of his desire. Foster could have been another Norton. Only my man Norton could solve Ali at his prime. Norton succeded where guys like Foster failed. As for Cooney he's nothing but hype. PERIOD. The great white dope. Bobick of course is even worse. The big white joke (he he he). Man it's tough to be white and have to watch the pathetic white heavyweight crop. WE NEED ANOTHER MARCIANO! Until then I'll attach myself to the superior Black crop. The last true great white heavyweight was Quarry. Too bad he had to come along when the division was so competative. You know who I'm talking about. Glad my man Norton beat that jabroni Kirkman's behind. Now Kirkman is spewing crap in some boxing magazine. The only boxers he could beat are Cooney and Bobick (LOL). Kirkman should shut up. The loser.

Kent Appel Fri Dec 22 15:17:11 PST 2000

Slade, You are so right about Gerry Cooney's carrer being adversely affected. He was totally mis-handled by his management who did a great disservice to him by "force feeding" him to Holmes before he was ready. They ruined a fine prospect by cashing in on the "great white hope" B.S. He should have been facing some tough contenders on the way up like James "Quick" Tillis, Pinklon Thomas, and Gerrie Coetzee, or even a tough journeyman like Scott Ledoux. He may have even experinced a loss or two, but at least he would have been ready when his title shot came. Instead, he fought some name opponents who were over the hill when they fought him. Fighters like Ken Norton, Jimmy Young, and Ron Lyle. I did well when I bet on Holmes with some of my friends who fell victim to the "great white hype" before the Holmes/Cooney bout. I based my bet on the fact that I saw the Cooney vs. Young fight and I remebered that for 3 rounds, Young boxed circles around Cooney. Cooney finally caught up to Young in the fourth round and cut him and trapped him against the ropes. Young was out on his feet when the ref. stopped the fight. I saw something though because if an over the hill Jimmy Young, without much of a punch, could give the up and coming Cooney fits before the stoppage, then what would an in prime Larry Holmes with a punch do to Cooney? After the Holmes fight Cooney should have picked up the pieces and fought often and against tough opponents, but he didn't do that and of course his carrer went down hill.

Slade Fri Dec 22 03:35:59 PST 2000

Didn't Boone win 1 or 2 National Championships in the amateur ranks (maybe AAU in '64 or '65)? Seems like he had some early accomplishments that picked him as a future threat to the heavyweight ranks. Looking back on his Foreman fight(from a boxing fan point of view and I could be totally wrong), I thought Boone's fans, trainers and maybe Boone himself over reacted to the Foreman loss. George totally dominated and overwhelmed Kirkman - but hey, it was still just a loss in the process of developing a fighter. I was surprised he took a 2 year absence after the Foreman fight, rather working on his skills and moving forward. Thinking back, it reminds me of other fighters who's careers were de-railed because of a particular loss. Mac Foster in his loss to Jerry and Cooney's loss to Holmes seem like examples.

Paul Maduros Thu Dec 21 21:29:03 PST 2000

Boone Kirkman , now there's a name I havn't heard in over 25 yrs. From what I remember tough , but not in Jerry's class skill wise. Might have made it interesting but I chose Jerry in about 5 or 6 rds. I don't believe he was ever a real title threat. I do hope he's doing well though.

Joe Krause Thu Dec 21 21:17:47 PST 2000

Foreman also destroyed Kirkman in the real match in the 2nd round in 1970. I have that fight and it wasn't pretty. Kirkman was a very solid pro who ended his career with a record of 36-6 24 KO's. He retired Doug Jones when he knocked him out in their rematch in 1967. He had many wins over solid fighters like a faded Eddie Machen in 1967, and Amos Lincoln in 1970. When he was destroyed by Foreman he took off two years in 1971-1972. He won his first 10 fights after coming back including a decision win over Jimmy Ellis in 1973. He then disclocated his shoulder in a loss to Memphis Al Jones. He then lost his next three fights. He lost to Ken Norton and Ron Lyle by late knockouts, then lost a decision to Randy Neumann. He won his last four fights before retiring for good in 1978. He would have lasted a while with Jerry, but in all honesty it would have been a major upset if Kirkman could have beaten him.

Kent Appel Thu Dec 21 19:51:05 PST 2000

Interesting note about Boone Kirkman, he was one of the so called fearsome fivesome who fought George Foreman when George took on 5 opponents in one day for 3 rounds each in a 15 round exibition match. If I remember correctly, three of the other fighters were: Pedro Agosto, Terry Daniels, and Alonzo Johnson. I can't remember who the fifth man was. Kirkman did well in his three rounds, being one of two of the fighters to go the full three rounds (George knocked out the other three). George did control the action though and he knocked Kirkman down.

G Kielian Thu Dec 21 17:24:19 PST 2000

I posted a letter yesterday regarding my recollection of Boone Kirkman. I must have a selective memory. I only recalled his early career, when Mr. Hurley was his manager. I remembered his career ending by being overwhelmed by George Foreman in the Garden. (And many a tough scrapper was overwhelmed by Mr. Foreman in that period- Chuvalo, Norton and the great Joe Frazier come quickly to mind) I never knew (or forgot) that Boone continued fighting until 1978, with a respectable record! Anybody who fights the names that Mr. Kirkman fought over an extended career has earned and deserves respect. I'm sorry that the letter posted yesterday didn't show that respect. I'm very happy to hear that Boone is in excellent physical condition and continues to exercise. Best of health to you Boone! G Kielian

john hazard Thu Dec 21 15:07:03 PST 2000

Dear Jerry, I want to take a moment and thank you for the great fights. You fought them all. You had the heart of a lion and always gave 100%. In a different era you would have ruled the Heavyweights. I know you are looking down today and thinking, what is going on? We could use your help cleaning up the division and putting the word respect back in the game. We miss you, rest in peace. Sincerely, John Hazard

Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) Thu Dec 21 10:10:03 PST 2000


Gloria April Thu Dec 21 10:09:41 PST 2000

Hi James! Sal, my husband, asked me to e-mail you on his behalf to let you know that he has not forgotten about you. He no longer works at WCHE in West Chester, PA. As of October 16th he works at WSER in Elkton, MD which is a sister station to WXHL in Newark, DE (they have a contemporary Christian format). He doesn't have access to the Internet where he is, and we don't have a computer at home, which is why you haven't heard from him lately. So if you tried to e-mail him at WCHE and didn't receive a response, that's why! He is still very interested in what you're doing at The Jerry Quarry Foundation, so if you would like to correspond with him by way of MY e-mail address (accessible to me here at work), I will be sure to print it out and deliver it to him for you. I read your note about your wife's illness. Please know that Sal and I will be praying for her, and for you too. Good luck in your move back to Palm Springs, and please keep in touch with us. Have a wonderful holiday season! Your friends in Wilmington, Delaware - Sal & Gloria April

James Quarry Wed Dec 20 21:13:07 PST 2000

Most of you know we have been in Oregon since 9/97. I am a loan officer and a realistate appraiser. I have requested a transfer back to Southern California. the reason for the request is that my wife Linda ( Brandi ) is because her health is going very bad fast. She requested that she would like to be close to her family. My Company World Savings, has granted this request. By the end of January, 2001 we will be back near Palm Springs. This will work out better for her and TJQF. She just had a major bypass for circulation to her legs. Now her kidney is failing. this is all due to hardening of the arteries desease. They doctors are also checking her out for Lupus. The reason why I am writing all this is to let you know we will be relocating. I will let you know when the transfer begins. We will probably be off line for a couple of weeks, not TJQF.

James Quarry Wed Dec 20 20:58:58 PST 2000

Boone Kirkman is now a truck driver in the state of Washington. Jerry was offered $50,000 to fight him the year Jerry fought Ken Norton. Jerry turned down the $50,000 to fight Norton for $175,000. I talked with Boone this year at a Retired Boxers Association of Oregon, at one of thier picnics. This guy is still in very good shape. I couldn't believe how big he was. He was another guy that reminded me of how really small Jerry was in the heavyweight division.

G Kielian Wed Dec 20 19:55:09 PST 2000

Boone Kirkman was a heavyweight out of the Seattle area in the mid60's. He had an impressive string of knockouts against "opponents" but when he attempted to move up in competition got blasted into retirement. Boone must be a "The older I get the better I was" kind of guy.

charles anderson Wed Dec 20 18:42:22 PST 2000

james, i just read an article in ring magazine about boone kirkman. says he would haved love to fight jerry when they were amatures. seems as they were both phenoms then and why did they not ever fight as pros? i say jerry knocks him out inside 3rds.(sorry, boone if you read this). what do you know about this former heavyweight? thanks and merry CHRISTMAS

PAUL MADUROS Wed Dec 20 18:15:39 PST 2000

Some people have no respect , this is not a ad billboard.

Slade Wed Dec 20 14:58:14 PST 2000

Beyond Boxing... I thought Jerry Quarry had charisma and charm. He seemed to be the type of person who could have been alot of things (not to down play his excellent boxing skills). Intelligent, Handsome and always Positive to his fans. I recall reading once or twice in the Ring & Boxing Illustrated Magazines, writers stating that "Jerry needs to get away from the special guest TV appearances and get away from the recording studio and focus on Boxing". Actually, I would have liked to have seen him do more of that kind of stuff - he was a real talented fella.'s snowing in the Columbia Gorge I got to hit the road - see you folks later, Slade.

JohnnyQ Tue Dec 19 15:38:56 PST 2000

Here is a VERY ROUGH English translation of Mr. Steinhoff's last letter: "Mr. Appel wrote course genes on the weekend the fact that I overlook with my last contributions, which is the decision for the box port a freiwillige decision of each individual user, and dasich overlooks. I see natural this somewhat differently. A boxer begins his sport not with 20-25 years, but must as a child starting from 8-10 years at the latest have already begun in such a way, if he wants to become a professional sportsman such as Muhamed ali or Jerry Quarry. At this age one does not see however the dying brain cells or Exboxer, with which one can make, what one wants, since the Exboxer has no more heading for thinking. As a child one does not think also more drueber, who other effects the Punch Drunk syndrome can have. As a child one sees only successes of the boxer, one sees on the television, how a winner the belt is high-held and celebrated. Therefore the boxer for many children and also young people develop to Idolen, and a Idol wants one to copy. Thus many children and young person come into the box port. Which decision they fell thereby for their life, cannot foresee yet. Naturally no box coach will clear it up over the Punch Drunk syndrome. Parents are not cleared up likewise. A case is me well-known, there I with a Exboxerin, which detected in time the true face of this sport was friendly. Their friend went in a fight K.o., fell for one week into the Coma and since completely different humans became. Their parents informed only now about the Punch Drunk syndrome and make themselves today heaviest forwards . . . glish: I can meet a genuine freiwillige decision only if I know the pro and cons of the decision. The box beginner, that in the child or jugendalter does not begin is in addition anyhow yet old enough. And if it is times old then enough, it is mostly already too late. A boxer, who more aealter iszt, than and than child already began 20 years, one does not get there no more raus. Therefore my judgement the necessity is present to protect humans by a box prohibition against itself. There is already this protection of humans from itself within other areas. like that it is forbidden for example, without driving belt auto. It is not my free decision to buckle me or not, even if I endanger " only " me, if I drive without belt auto. On the other hand regard I a box prohibition third-protecting also as. What is, if a boxer of many years lost sections of his concentration ability, and at a red traffic light someone in the back drauf drives? That, that was in front is now suddenly likewise (although in smaller extent) by the box port damaged, and its own decision was not it. Likewise it was also not the own free decision of a guard, who was flogged by Mike Tyson, because Tyson lost the ability to control its Agressionen."

James Quarry Tue Dec 19 15:19:02 PST 2000

JP, you are mistaking Paul Drolet. Paul is a die hard fan of Jerry Quarry. I also went into a partnership with him to write Jerry's biography. Paul Drolet is a writer out of Canada. Soon you will see his work.

JP Tue Dec 19 09:25:33 PST 2000

Oh give us a break Paul "Bernd Steinhoff" Drolet! Yeah I'm on to you Mr."Translator".

Bernd Steinhoff Tue Dec 19 00:02:37 PST 2000

Herr Appel hat am verganggenen Wochenende geschrieben, daß ich bei meinen letzten Beiträgen übersehe, das die Entscheidung für den Boxsport eine freiwillige Entscheidung jedes einzelnen Teilnehmers ist, und dasich das übersehe. Natürlich sehe ich dies etwas anders. Ein Boxer fängt seinen Sport nicht mit 20-25 Jahren an, sondern muß bereits als Kind so ab 8-10 Jahren spätestens angefangen haben, wenn er ein Profisportler wie Muhamed ali oder Jerry Quarry werden will. In diesem Alter sieht man aber nicht die sterbenden Gehirnzellen oder Exboxer, mit denen man machen kann, was man will, da die Exboxer selber keinen Kopf mehr zum Nachdenken haben. Als Kind denkt man auch nicht drüber nach, welche sonstigen Auswirkungen das Punch-Drunk-Syndrom haben kann. Als Kind sieht man nur die Erfolge der Boxer, man sieht im Fernsehen, wie ein Sieger den Gürtel hochhält und gefeiert wird. Daher entwickeln sich die Boxer für viele Kinder und auch Jugendliche zu Idolen, und ein Idol will man nachahmen. So kommen viele Kinder und Jugendliche in den Boxsport. Welche Entscheidung sie damit für ihr Leben fällen, können die noch garnicht absehen. Natürlich wird kein Boxtrainer sie über das Punch-Drunk-Syndrom aufklären. Eltern werden ebenfalls nicht aufgeklärt. Ein Fall ist mir bekannt, da ich mit einer Exboxerin, die rechtzeitig das wahre Gesicht dieses Sports erkannt hat befreundet gewesen bin. Ihre Freundin ging in einem Kampf K.o., fiel für eine Woche ins Coma und ist seit dem ein völlig anderer Mensch geworden. Erst jetzt informierten sich ihre Eltern über das Punch-Drunk-Syndrom und machen sich heute schwerste Vorwürfe, daß sie ihrer Tochter das Boxen nicht vorher verboten hatten. Eine echte freiwillige Entscheidung kann ich erst treffen, wenn ich die Vor- und Nachteile der Entscheidung kenne. Der Boxanfänger, der im Kindes- oder Jugendalter anfängt ist dazu jedenfalls noch nicht alt genug. Und wenn er dann mal alt genug ist, ist es meistens schon zu spät. Einen Boxer, der äalter iszt, als 20 Jahre und als Kind schon angefangen hat, den holt man da nicht mehr raus. Daher liegt meines Erachtens die Notwendigkeit vor, den Menschen durch ein Boxverbot vor sich selber zu schützen. Diesen Schutz des Menschen vor sich selber gibt es bereits in anderen Bereichen. so ist es zum Beispiel verboten, ohne Gurt Auto zu fahren. Es ist nicht meine freie Entscheidung, mich anzuschnallen oder nicht, auch wenn ich "nur" mich selber gefährde, wenn ich ohne Gurt Auto fahre. Andererseits halte ich ein Boxverbot auch für drittschützend. Was ist denn, wenn ein langjähriger Boxer Teile seiner Konzentrationsfähigkeit verloren hat, und an einer roten Ampel jemanden hinten drauf fährt? Derjenige, der vorne stand ist nun plötzlich ebenfalls (wenn auch in geringerem Ausmaß) durch den Boxsport geschädigt, und dessen eigene Entscheidung war es nicht. Ebenfalls war es auch nicht die eigene freie Entscheidung eines Wachmannes, der von Mike Tyson verprügelt wurde, weil Tyson die Fähigkeit verloren hat, seine Agressionen zu kontrollieren.

James Quarry Sun Dec 17 18:39:53 PST 2000

Mr. Reginald Delaney wrote a very long message on this web page, because he saw the name Stodimire, who had visited here. He was thinking this was a way to contact him. He has a very serious custody problem that is giving him a hard time. I called him and explained that we wish we could help him. However, this is out of our relm. I did tell him that we would leave one copy of his message here in hopes that some one would read it, that may be able to help him in his quest.

PAUL MADUROS Sun Dec 17 17:09:31 PST 2000

Getting back to Jerry , I think if Hollywood ever made a movie about Jerry's life it might be better than Rocky 1. There's a big story here the all of the Quarry brothers were involved in boxing. I mean Jerry's career was like a rollercoaster ride , very exciting. I believe it was Jerry Lyn (Jerry's oldest son ) that I saw on 20/20 or something like that. To me he looks more like Jerry than anyone I've ever seen. They make movies all the time about things much less important. The money it made after cost's could be donated to the foundation. What is Hollywood waiting for!

Reginald DeLaney Sun Dec 17 16:33:54 PST 2000

Subject: Fwd: If you could please enlighten us Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 18:06:15 EST From: To: Dear Mrs. Stoudamire, I appreciate your prompt reply and offer of support for my cause! I will be meeting with my people this weekend. We'll have a formal proposal for you soon. Your response was heartfelt. Especially your insight into Mr. Stoudamire's new child. This is the dilemma we live with in our society -- sometimes both parents can't be together full time for their child. Whatever legacy we as parents leave for our children has to be better than what so many of us are facing now. Rest assured the proposal submitted to you will be aimed at addressing the causes, not just another flashy band-aid. Please, if you see anything I can do to make this process smoother, or if you see anything I can be doing to make it easier for you, don't hesitate to speak out. My home telephone number is 503-771-7812 if you wish to use it. Sincerely, Reginald A. DeLaney

James Quarry Sun Dec 17 14:59:36 PST 2000

Mr.Pierce, I hope you will always visit this page. I like your style.

JP Sun Dec 17 14:33:50 PST 2000

Preach it James, PREACH IT!!! Especially to those who like to "stir things up" (He he he)

Kent Appel Sat Dec 16 19:53:54 PST 2000

In response to Mr. Steinhoff's post supporting the banning of boxing,I would like to say that he forgets an important factor, and that is personal choice. Jerry and Michael chose the profession they were in and they and others like them should have that choice. As far as the governing bodies are concerned, I hope they don't take it too far when the blood tests become readily available and ban people who test postive for the puglistic dementia gene or show other signs of possible future damage from boxing. I can't imagine the boxing world without great fighters like Jerry, Michael, and Riddick Bowe. As many of you may know, Bowe actually had a kidnapping sentence reduced when he kidnapped his family because the judge took into account that his behavior was affected by damage he suffered in the ring.

PAUL MADUROS PAMA42@YAHOO.COM Sat Dec 16 18:04:12 PST 2000

We tend to blame individuals when something like what happened to Jerry & Michael. It is the system that broke down. Fighters getting knock in one city tonight fighting in another city next week. The way Boxing has been run since it started is a shame. If your not on top, people forget you very quickly. Most never make or even come close , their families are left to pick up the pieces. GOD BLESS THE QUARRY FAMILY

James Quarry Fri Dec 15 18:46:32 PST 2000

Thanks Paul Drolet for translating and telling us what the German had to say. If the guy was more educated about what TJQF was all about, he would know that we are trying to force the governing bodies to make a mandatory blood test for people who get into contact sports. Especially kids. As far as banning boxing, no way. Boxing is the only sport left for the general public. Meaning, anyone can fight thier way out of the gutter and become a somebody. All other sports you for the most part have to go to college and be drafted. So for this reason alone, I hope boxing is never banned. As far as for Jerry's amature career, we have a few articles and still pictures. Some day we will post them. Remember Jerry is the only heavyweight in the history of amature boxing to win the Golden glove Title by knocking all five contestants out in three nights. Winning the Joe Lewis Trophy.

JohnnyQ Fri Dec 15 11:34:21 PST 2000

I was wondering if there is a file of Jerry's amateure record. It was very impressive, from what I understand. Are there any photos of films from that period?

Paul Maduros Wed Dec 13 18:55:46 PST 2000

I feel I must repond to the man that want's to ban Boxing. I feel that Boxing has let been letting down former boxers ever since it started. Who cares about theses people , I remember lots of times thinking how we as a caring society could let this happen! Phony promoters are the one's that end up rich and don't have to sweat for it. I don't want to mention names. Most of us know who they are. The answer though is NOT to ban boxing even though I'm angry about what happened to Jerry and Mike. God bless James Quarry!

charles anderson Wed Dec 13 18:36:43 PST 2000

james, sorry about your dad. i know that he must have a great amount of pride in all of his sons. i will say this, and i know this will raise a few eyebrows in critics. if mickey mantle had a good set of wheels you could forget the rest! i feel strongley that if jerry's skin had not cut so easy you could say the same for him. enough said!!!!

Paul Maduros Wed Dec 13 18:25:17 PST 2000

I think that I have responded to a lot of Jerry's critics on here before. Well here I go again. No one is putting down Floyd Patterson , but those knockdowns counted for a lot. It was the difference in the fight. I really don't believe that Floyd Patterson would have lasted as long with Frazier had they fought. Jerry had a much better chin , as far as Frazier being tougher than Jerry , I would say the difference was Frazier's endurance also the fact that Jerry would cut. I feel bad that Jerry never got rematches with Ellis and Chuvulo. I know and have dealt with James Quarry and he is NOT the type of person that is going to lie about his brothers career to try and hype them. Let's all pull together for this cause! James , I'm sorry to hear about your Father and Michael. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Paul Drolet Wed Dec 13 07:22:45 PST 2000

Whether or not we agree with him, here is the translation of Mr. Steinhoff's 1st post, dated December 1: "The idea of the Jerry Quarry Foundation doesn't seem half bad at first sight. However, it is currently unaware of the true nature of the problem and treats only its symptoms. It doesn't make sense to help boxers who have punch-drunk syndrome while the disease isn't being treated at the same time. The boxers the foundation supports are no longer active, just like kids are, and around 80% of youngsters who begin a boxing career will have to be treated by the Jerry Quary Foundation. The next logical step for TJQF is to follow Iceland's lead and ban boxing altogether. It is only if support and encouragement is accompanied simultaneously with the prohibion of boxing that the intelligent work of the Jerry Quarry Foundation will be seen as credible."

James Quarry Tue Dec 12 21:30:03 PST 2000

Well Charles, our father is very proud of the foundation and the page. He has never really visited our page. However I have printed out everything for him, including all the letter page. He is not in good health. He has prostate cancer. he is handeling it well. He said when he dies he wants to be buried next to Jerry in Shafter, Calif. he now lives in Savage, Maryland.



Kent Appel Tue Dec 12 09:15:58 PST 2000

To those that are critical of Jerry Quarry's fighting ability you may wonder why some of us are sensitive when there is any negative feedback about Jerry's carrer. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had the pleasure to meet Jerry on a couple of occasions and although I didn't know him well, he seemed like a very fine gentleman to me. He didn't deserve the blow that fate dealt him! He gave his life to the sport he loved! About a year after I had spoken to Jerry I ran into him at a sporting event ( a basketball game or a fight card--I don't remember which). I didn't see him but he went out of his way to say hello to me. I heard a voice saying "Hi buddy, how are you?" I turned and saw that it was Jerry talking to me. We shook hands and although he didn't have the time to carry on a conversation, and I don't think he remembered my name, it made me feel special that someone I looked up to as a fan noticed me. Oh by the way, I just finished reading Joe Krause's review of the first Quarry/Patterson fight. I hope no one is too critical of the fact that Joe agreed with the judges and scored the fight a draw.

Joe Krause Tue Dec 12 09:03:56 PST 2000

I have the second Patterson fight reviewed on the website. Both fights were good, although the first one is better I think. They were very evenly matched at this time and made for exciting fights. I would like to hear others that have the fights to see how they scored it. I think the judging in both contests was excellent.

James Quarry Mon Dec 11 21:43:10 PST 2000

Only two men whippet Jerry Quarry in his prime. The first was Frazier. The second was Ali. Not counting the first Ali fight. That fight was stopped as you all know because of a cut. I said it then and I'll say it now. The cut was caused by an unintentional head butt. Had Jerry not been cut in that fight he would have won. Against Frazier. There is no excuse. A better man won that night. In the second fight with Ali. Ali was ready and he was in shape. Any man who stepped into the ring against Jerry Quarry knew he had better be in the best shape of his life. The fight with Norton was a mistake. Jerry took that fight at the end of his career with 10 days notice. Again on Patterson, Jerry said he was the dirtiest fight he had ever fought. Jerry had a cut on the back of his head that took seven stitches from a head butt. The tuffest man he ever fought was Frazier. That man beat Jerry at his own game. Jerry went out to prove who was the tuffest and Frazier proved that it was him. The fight with Chuvalo was a fluke. they were about to stop the fight for Jerry, Jerry claimed that the ref. stole the fight. Jerry had a broken back when he fought Ellis. that is no excuse. That has been documented. I have visited Joe Fraziers web page. AT no time, out of respect would I down grade him or any other fighter who steps into the ring. They are all warriors. The loss to Machen was because Jerry was just a kid. In talking about Jerry's loses on a given night, Jerry could have had beaten any of them. I know he could have kicked thier asses in a street fight. No one ever beat him in the street.

James Quarry Mon Dec 11 21:05:26 PST 2000

Well Mr. Pierce, it seems that you like to stir up things on this page. We welcome what ever you have to say. As far as the first Patterson fight, there is some inside information that you have not heard. The ref. was John Thomas, a knock down was scored in the seventh round against Jerry. After viewing the tape, John Thomas stated that he cost Jerry the out right win that night. Because the knock down was not a knock down. Jerry through a left hook, in the middle of throughing the left hook Patterson land a punch to Jerry;s shoulder which cause Jerry to miss the punch and in doing so he lost his balance and went down. A knock down was scored for Patterson. With out that knock down, Patterson would have lost that first fight. So with out that draw he would have never made it into the WBA tournament. Sure both fight were close. However if a man goes down twice in one fight he usually loses. The scoring system in Calif. is on a 5 point scoreing. Jerry scored more points. Patterson may and I said may have won more rounds. There is no way that if Patterson showed up at any of Jerry's fights that he would have been embarassed. We tried to get a rematch with Patterson later. He declined. I will admit that the fight that Patterson was robbed is the fight with Jimmy Ellis. Patterson out fought Jimmy Ellis in every round and by points. That fight had only one judge and he was the ref. That fight was held in Canada. It does not matter what anyone says about Jerry. If Jerry was a big under dog, he won the fight. He only lost the ones who no one knew who was going to win. History proves that and no matter what is said. History can not be changed.

Joe Krause Mon Dec 11 17:15:22 PST 2000

My analysis of Quarry-Patterson I is up on the website at These two fights are tactical yet explosive gems. I will get to Patterson-Quarry II shortly.

Kent Appel Mon Dec 11 09:02:27 PST 2000

I just found an interesting web site dedicated to heavyweight boxing. It is at They are having a hypothetical tournament pitting fighters from different eras (and sometimes the same era) against each other to determine an all time champion. Recent fights have included Micheal Dokes vs. Joe Bugner and Ezzard Charles vs. Earnie Shavers. Muhammed Ali has been matched with Bob Fitzsimmons and Sonny Liston is going up against John L. Sullivan. Jerry has Larry Holmes in the opening round. The tournament has just started.

JP Sun Dec 10 18:52:18 PST 2000

Just checked out Mr.Krouse's very interesting site. He has a new section which deals with close and contreversial decisions. Two of the fights involve Quarry vs Patterson. This isn't good news for Quarry fans. Many people claim that that Patterson was clearly robbed in the first fight. Some even say he won the 2nd as well. When asked why he didn't attend the Quarry/Foster fight Patterson responded "Many people though I won the fight with Quarry. I didn't want to embarrass him (New Yor Times, 1969)." What a decent person. Don't be too hard on Krouse when he exposes the truth. I sure won't. Have a good one.

Joe Krause Sun Dec 10 18:18:18 PST 2000

The Mathis fight doesn't seem to exsist anymore. I have not been able to locate it anywhere and have been through many tape lists trying to find any fights I'm missing. If I come across I will be elated and will let you know.

James Quarry Sun Dec 10 17:29:08 PST 2000

My thoughts on the second cd. Ron Lyle would be the first one. Jack Bodell would be the second one. The third If I can find it would be the Buster Mathis. So far I habe not been able to locate that one. If anyone has any information on the Mathis fight, I would appreciate it tremendously.

Adam MacLean ______@______ Sun Dec 10 13:15:11 PST 2000

Dear James, Is there really to be a second CD Rom? Which of Jerry's matches are likey to appear on the second one I wonder?

. . Sat Dec 9 01:15:59 PST 2000


Bernd Steinhoff Sat Dec 9 01:09:17 PST 2000

Mir ist eigentlich unklar, wie man das Boxen sicherer gestalten will. Es ist und bleibt das Ziel, den Gegner durch Schläge auf den Kopf kampfunfähig zu machen. Der Wettbewerb lautet eigentlich: "Wer schaft es, dem anderen die größere Hirnverletzung zuzufügen?" Und da mit jedem Kopftreffer einige tausend Gehirnzellen sterben, die dann unwiederbringlich verloren sind,liegt es eben in der Natur dieses Sportes, daß das punch-drunk-syndrom den Boxer ereilen wird. Und das sind nach Lundberg JAMA eben ca 75%-80% der Teilnehmer, die im Laufe der Jahre kopftrefferbedingte geistige Veränderungen von sich tragen. Wenn jemand sagt, we wolle das Boxen sicherer machen,dann kann er damit nur Kurzzeitverletzungen, die reversibel sind meinen, die er eindämmen will. Gegen das eigentliche Problem, nämlich das punch-drunk-syndrom hat man nur eine chance, wenn man das boxen verbietet.

James Quarry Thu Dec 7 21:04:16 PST 2000

I forgot. George Otto, the man responsible for getting TJQF involved with lobbying to get the U. S. Government to change to Laws for a safer boxing, has also writen an article telling us all about how we got involved and what we accomplished. The cover and back cover of the magazine will be just like the T-Shirts.

James Quarry jmqllq@earthlink,net Thu Dec 7 20:55:54 PST 2000

For the last six months TJQF has been working on a complete marketing package to raise funds. The funds are for two things. One to contribute to the American Association of Boxing Commissioners Pension Fund for injured fighters. Two is to lobby this same organization and all the other contact sports authorities. To make mandatory to have this test performed. What we've come up with is a cd, which illustrates three of Jerry's greatest fights (There will eventually be two cd's, Jerry had more than three great fights) I don't believe there is another cd like it on the market any where. The special effects by Carl Weingarten, our web master are great. We have ordered T-Shirts, with the cartoon of the Bellflower Bomber on the front. Our TJQF home page picture will be on the front. The two videos are in the process of being professionally done with interviews. Also I just got back from Texas and a the TJQF magazine is almost ready to print. Even Joe Krouse wrote an article for us about Jerry's fight the one and only Mac Foster. Paul Drolet gave us a sample of the new up coming book writen about Jerry's life. I've read some of it and it's great. Bill O'Neil a sports writer from the past came out of retirement for TJQF. There will be lots of pictures also. This magazine will be given out for each purchase or donation to TJQF. Remember, this is all tax deductable. As I've said before, you can rest assured where the funds are going. So far I have already spent over $30,000 out of my own pocket for cause. Now it is time to start some serious fund raising activities. Golf tournaments are in the blue prints, as well as dinners. If we could just get some big named athletes to join in. I've been busy. I need your help. Spread the word!!! It all starts January 1, 2001 by the end of that month the marketing package will be ready!!!

James Quarry Thu Dec 7 20:31:14 PST 2000

I know what I'm about to tell all of the will be up setting. Mike is like where Jerry was in 1995. You all saw Jerry at the induction at the hall of fame. Mike's short turm memory is gone. He is starting to show things in his speach. My heart is breaking as I tell you this. If a family has to go through this, it should only have to do this once. We now know what blunt force trauma did to Jerry. We got educated. This makes it worse for us because we know what is in the future for Mike. I am very thankful that Mike has a wife, Ellen, that takes very good care of him and he sees the very best doctors. I just wish we would have known that all this was coming. This is why TJQF was formed. Just may be we can use these experiences to develope a warning system to determine if a person is or is susceptible to dementia via a gene. One of the problems there is that the major companies have already patented this proceedure even though it has not been perfected. So you have to pay them for each test. Even if it is not them performing it. The cost is great. We can't stop what is already happened in my family, however we can all join together to make a difference in the future for some other loved one or friend.

Joe Krause Thu Dec 7 19:19:09 PST 2000

I actually know a little about the other divisions too. I thought Mike was doing well until running into the incredible Bob Foster hook. Interesting to see later in his career he beat Jose (King) Roman who fought George Foreman for the Heavyweight Title in Tokyo. I now think I have every fight for Jerry Quarry that is available to the public. I have heard the 2nd Brian London fight is available somewhere but have not been able to locate it. I also have not bought any fight after the Norton fight. Just thought about a fight that should have happened. Quarry vs Bonavena at The Garden. Talk about Fireworks!!!

Paul Maduros Thu Dec 7 19:17:04 PST 2000

I don't know ever since this happened to Jerry and Mike I've looked at boxing in a new light. It's really life and death in the ring , anything can happen. Safeguards must be put into place. I know they have improved on these since the old days. Like 12rds instead of 15 , but even that is not near enough. Having said all that , it's nice to know in todays complex world that something as simple as a good left hook or right hand can still make you somebody. A poormans chance at fortune and fame. God bless James Quarry , he's showed how powerful love is. Peace

Kent Appel Thu Dec 7 18:10:40 PST 2000

That's great that Robert is doing well. I am sure that a lot of people would like to know how Mike is doing these days. I hope everything is going well for him also. We haven't heard much about Mike lately.

James Quarry Wed Dec 6 22:31:22 PST 2000

I'm so excited about the new CD. There is special effects, along with what it titled "The Three Great fight of Irich Jerry Quarry" The Bellflower Bomber. I should be ready for marketing some time in January 2001. The first Cd of it's kind.

James Quarry Wed Dec 6 22:26:38 PST 2000

Robert is married and his wife is expecting to have a baby. His only problem is in his speach and that is because of a broken nose. Other than that he is fine.

Thomas Landeral Wed Dec 6 10:59:32 PST 2000

How is Robert doing? Saw him on the News for the jerry quarry induction into the hall of fame and he seemed to be a bit punch drunk himself. His speech seemed slurred too. How is his family taking it? His kids? went to school with him years ago. hope he is hanging around and doing okay.

Paul Drolet Mon Dec 4 06:56:54 PST 2000

When it comes to German, I'm no Max Schmeling. Strictly a lightweight, and a poor one at that. But I believe the first sentence of Mr. Steinhoff's post roughly translates as follows: "At first glance, the Idea of the Jerry Quarry Foundation is not a bad idea." Beyond that, I'll have to throw in the towel. I'll see what I can do to have his letter translated, however, and let you all know. Season's greetings to all.

Adam MacLean ********@******* Mon Dec 4 06:53:43 PST 2000

Last month, Angelo posted a message in which he mentioned the Earnie Shavers video. Anyone interested can buy it from



Joe Krause Sun Dec 3 06:10:43 PST 2000

I would love to be able to speak another language, but then I realize I have enough trouble with English. James, nice job on the picture for the back of the TJQF Magazine. I liked the green trunks, those were always my favorite of the ones he wore.

Kent Appel Fri Dec 1 19:34:19 PST 2000

Interesting post Mr. Steinhoff. I only wish that I could read German. The Jerry Quarry foundation is truly getting international! any translaters out there?

James Quarry Fri Dec 1 19:29:36 PST 2000

I sure wish we could understand what Bernd Steinhoff said. At least we now know people from all over the globe are visiting our page and reading about our cause.

Bernd Steinhoff Fri Dec 1 11:13:48 PST 2000

Die Idee der Jerry Quarry Stiftung ist auf den ersten blick nicht schlecht. Allerdings ist das so, wie se derzeit läuft, nur ein herumdokrorn an den Symptomen. Was hat es für einen Sinn, Boxer, die ein punch-drunk-syndrom haben zu unterstützen, wenn nicht gleichzeitig gegen das punch-drunk-syndrom selber gekämpft wird. Da werden eben die boxer unterstützt und gleichzeitig untätig zugesehen, wie Kinder und Jugendliche eine Boxkarriere beginnen, und ca 80% davon in einigen Jahren selbst von der Jerry Quarry Stiftung unterstützt werden müßen. Die einzige logische Konsequenz für die Jerry Quarry Stiftuung wäre es, sich für ein Boxverbot nach isländischen Muster einzusetzen. Nur mit gleichzeitig flankierender Forderung nach einenm Boxverbot wird die gut gemeinte Arbeit der Jerry Quarry Stifung auch glaubwürdig.

Kent Appel Fri Dec 1 08:53:03 PST 2000

Jerry Quarry beat the following fighters who at some point in their carrers were ranked in the top 10 in the world: Floyd Patterson (also a former world champ), Ron Lyle, Earnie Shavers, Buster Mathis, Mac Foster, Thad Spencer, Eduardo Corletti, Jack Bodell, Larry Middleton, Randy Neumann ( not of short people fame, I think I could beat the other Neumann), Larenzo Zanon, Alex Miteff, Brian London, Billy Daniels. The fighters he lost to included 4 current, former, or future world champions and two top 10 current, or former top 10 ranked fighters. The fighters he lost to had an average carrer record of 49 wins, 8 losses and 1 draw with an average of 36 knockouts. Jerry's record speaks for itself. A carrer to be proud of.

Paul T.Maduros PAMA42@YAHOO.COM Thu Nov 30 18:20:33 PST 2000

With this site James Quarry has got the ball rolling for Boxers and other athletes. I'd like to thank all the people that visit this site for their support. I think that all people seem to remember you by is what you did when you were young. Well , we know what Jerry Quarry did. Jerry said that he never regretted his boxing career and that he loved boxing. I've seen a lot of people in my life , I've never seen anybody like Jerry Quarry. He was a true hero!

Angelo Thu Nov 30 18:08:32 PST 2000

Interesting thing---I just ordered an Earnie Shavers video showing clips of many of his fights. For at least a couple of these fights, broadcast on CBS television, JERRY QUARRY was the announcer! He was teamed with Tom Brookshier and it was on the CBS Sports Specacular, which was their version of Wide World Of Sports. Jerry did a nice job! Man of many talents I guess!

russ Thu Nov 30 15:44:34 PST 2000

jerry was a great boxer, who i always admired,when he beat favorites ron lyleand mac foster, he proved he was for real, what a warrior

Joe Krause Sat Nov 25 11:06:37 PST 2000

I have a new address for my website! It's now James if you could change the link on your site changed that would apprecaited. Still working on my Jerry Quarry vs Mac Foster fight column for Cyber Boxing Zone. I will let everyone know when it is finished.

Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) Thu Nov 23 21:48:23 PST 2000


Joe Krause Thu Nov 23 20:23:45 PST 2000

My website was just closed up by because they no longer host web pages. I will be looking for a new address in the near future. The old website address is down for good I believe. Thanks to all that visited and hopefully the new site will be up soon.

Kent Appel Wed Nov 22 19:24:04 PST 2000


Angelo Tue Nov 21 17:18:27 PST 2000

Well, unfortunately, the race topic will always be intertwined with athletics, society and especially Heavyweight boxing...i.e. "Great White Hope." It's something that people just won't leave alone. Believe me, when these guys are in the ring, the last thing they're worried about is race. It's survival at that point. I really doubt Jerry Quarry, Duane Bobick or Gerry Cooney went out there to represent white America. They were just boxers trying to make a living and trying to win the title. The fact that they were white fascinated the media and fans far more than it mattered to the boxers or their opponents. Interestingly though, Jerry came up in the 60's and early 70's---a time that will never be repeated---in that there were so many different movements going on at the same time---civil rights protests, black pride peaking, America being introduced to ideas/concepts and religions that they had never been exposed to. Naturally, a proud Champion like Ali was a source of inspiration to millions of people worldwide of all colors--- but in America, certainly African Americans were uplifted by Ali's outspoken stand on race relations, the war, etc. Jerry was involuntarily caught up in it too---and as far as I can tell, did a fantastic job of keeping the focus on his boxing ambitions more so than making a race issue out of it. I think we are all lucky to have witnessed the greatest heavyweight ever, Ali, along with so many talented fighters in the same era---Frazier, Foreman, Quarry, Ellis, Norton---and finally the man of the 80's, Larry Holmes.

Kent Appel Tue Nov 21 15:14:21 PST 2000

I meant to say at the end of my last post. LET'S DROP THE RACE TOPIC ONCE AND FOR ALL. IT ISN'T NEEDED HERE. There was a typo.

Angelo Tue Nov 21 13:29:15 PST 2000

Yes, it's easy for fans to ridicule athletes because of a poor performance. But I'm with Kent on this one: Lacing up the gloves and going out to fight another boxer in front of a crowd is an experience few of us will ever know. It takes more guts than most of us have. And I remember Bobick facing the cameras and crowd after losing to Tate. The crowd still cheered him. He was through as a contender---but did the interview like a man. By the way, I didn't know he beat Weaver. Does anyone have the details of that fight? I always liked Weaver.

Kent Appel Mon Nov 20 23:55:59 PST 2000

Hey at least Duane Bobick had enough guts to get in the ring win or lose. So what if he got knocked out in the first round by Norton and Tate. He is not the only one to get knocked out quickly. As we know, Norton himself was destroyed by Foreman, Shavers, and yes, Cooney. I still am a big fan of Kenny and I think he was a great fighter ( not just a good fighter). I also think that Mac Foster was a good quality heavyweight. 29 wins and 4 losses all 29 wins by knockout and he went the distance with the great Muhammed Ali. I don't look at a fighter's color when I root for someone. I admire something more important,his spirit. LET'S DROP THE RACE TOPIC ONCE AND FOR ALL!! IT ISN'T NEED HERE!!

JP Mon Nov 20 22:38:51 PST 2000


Angelo Mon Nov 20 20:11:04 PST 2000

I've even gotten e-mail from England and other parts of the world after people have visited the site and read comments. The site is a great forum serving an important purpose. Jerry lives on!

James Quarry Mon Nov 20 17:44:35 PST 2000

Considering all the different fighters that are now being talked about, Jerry would have been proud of all this and would be joining in on all this talk. What a great country we live in. What a great time to be living in. We can sit in our houses and have a conversation with anyone from all over the world. As usual we do not always agree. Just think how boring it would be if we all agreed. I want to personally thank each and every one of you for visiting this web page. Great things are planned even still. I say even still because of one man. George Otto was the one person responbible for getting involved with getting some Laws changed for the safety of all fighters. Next year will be an exciting year for tjqf. We have started a fund, to contribute to, The Association of Boxing Commissioners Pension Fund for fighters. Thanks to George Otto, TJQF was there to contribute to the ititial formation of this historic pension fund. This fund was one of our golds. This fund will give TJQF the freedom to focus on raising funds for the fighter, and have time left to develope a warning system for our kids getting involved with contact sports. Please keep coming and expressing yourselves. This way Jerry will allways be with us. I can hear him now, saying, "I took the Norton fight with only 10 days notice"

Joe Krause Mon Nov 20 16:30:50 PST 2000

Bobick is working on recovery, I've heard. That was about 6 months ago I believe. I am working on posting my analysis on some more fights with complete scoring. Fights that will be analyzed will be- Clay Vs Jones, Ali vs Mildenberger, Quarry vs Patterson I and II, Norton vs Young, Foreman vs Young, Quarry vs Chuvalo, Quarry vs Foster, Frazier vs Chuvalo, Frazier vs Bonavena I, Norton vs Garcia II, Quarry vs Spencer, Frazier vs Bugner. I will post shortly on some other topics I would like to discuss, God Bless.

Angelo Mon Nov 20 15:34:51 PST 2000

Kent: Yes, in the Olymipics, Bobick was knocked out by Teofilo Stevenson of Cuba. But as an amateur, that type of thing happens---Bobick was able to put together an impressive undefeated record (though he looked sloppy in some of the wins). When he met Ken Norton, things unraveled. If only he could have fought through 5 or 6 rounds before getting knocked out---this was a nationally televised fight with a lot of build up. Getting knocked out in 58 seconds without landing any punches really took the steam out of his career and damaged his reputation---hurt his credibility as a contender. Then, he did put together a string of wins before his big comeback fight against John Tate. Again, he was knocked out in the first round. I'm not sure who those other losses were against. I heard terrible news about Bobick about a year or so ago. Apparently, he was working in some machine shop/factory and his hands were badly injured in some sort of mishap. I didn't get details but it really seemed like serious hand injuries---hopefully he was able to recover. If anyone has an update they should post it.

Kent Appel Sun Nov 19 22:56:54 PST 2000

I believe I only wrote "you are missing the point" once and that was to point out what this site is about, pugilistic dementia. I do enjoy the dicussions on boxing even if we do disagree sometimes. As long as it doesn't go back to the petty name calling. Oh by the way, my name is Kent Appel (pronounced A-PELL, not apple). Paul is right. Anyone that steps into the ring has a lot of courage and they are not a bum. To change the subject, I am going out on a limb a little bit, and maybe I will get some disagreement, but I do think that Duane Bobick was a good fighter. Bobick was a big strong heavyweight who was a big puncher. He beat such fighters such as Mike Weaver, Chuck Wepner, and Scott LeDoux and he also defeated a host of other journeyman fighters that a lot of the other champions and contenders also beat. His big problem as a fighter was that he couldn't take a punch and he had the sense enough to get out of the game intact. Duane Bobick had a carrer record of 49 wins and 4 losses with 42 knockouts. He would have always had a puncher's chance of defeating anyone. That is if he didn't get hit and hurt first.

Paul Maduros PMAD12@MAILEXCITE.COM Sun Nov 19 18:49:20 PST 2000

Whether its Buster Mathis or Ken Norton all fighters or anyone who's got gut's enough to get in the ring with Ali or Frazier is no bum. Lets all please remember what this site's about. I'd like for someone to help come up with some ideas about helping this foundation. That's what it's about!

Angelo Sun Nov 19 17:48:34 PST 2000

Age isn't the only barometer of a fighter being in "his prime." Some fighters peak when they're older. Norton didn't START fighting professionally until he was older than most. Tyson is still a relatively young man, but has been fighting pro since he was a teenager. Quarry was very young when he was already taking on the best fighters in the division. By the time he fought Norton, he just didn't have it anymore. AND he wasn't trained for the fight either. Is that an excuse? Of course not. Kenny Norton came to fight, came in shape (he always LOOKED in shape!) and dominated the fight. Norton looked terrific in that fight. The point is, you can be punched out when you're 33, or you can be peaking when you're 33. Depends on the circumstances of the career and how many fights you've been in...and who the competition has been. As for Jimmy Ellis, I really doubt most boxing experts would say he was a "journeyman" when he fought Quarry. Late in Ellis' career, he lost more than he won but actually still looked competetive in the second Frazier fight. Ellis had above average speed and boxing skills. He'd be a top five fighter today no doubt. He was cursed to fight in an era of very strong heavyweights.

JP Sun Nov 19 17:36:36 PST 2000

Major error. "I'm not mad". Not "I never claimed to not be mad." I was in the process of writting another sentance lost my train of thought and forgot to correct it. Next time I'll put more effort in reviewing my messages befor posting them. Sometimes I get impatient and want to send my message out as fast as possible. Wish I could argue my points as well as some other (Krouse and DKS). Again I'm not at all mad. We all have our opinions. I believe that Norton was a great and deserves his due. But he wasn't "the greatest" either. Norton was one of the best overall athletes around. He could've done football like his son future hall of famer Ken Norton Jr. (San Francisco 49ers) Quarry was also a great fighter. This is a fact. He was no "white hype" like today's European fighters. He was for real.

JP Sun Nov 19 17:23:58 PST 2000

Dear God Angelo, How deceitful you're being. Like Kent Apple always writes, You're missing the point. OBVIOUSLY ALI/HOLMES IS AN EXAMPLE AN OUT OF PRIME ALI. Ali was washed up. He should never have taken that fight. Same with Holmes vs Tyson. That's not what I'm talking about!!! What I'm talking about are fights like Quarry/Ali Quarry/Frazier 2 even Quarry/Norton. I Hate when people write that these were "past his prime" fights. Heck he's younger than Ali and Frazier so its' redundant to state this. He was the same age as Norton. THERE'S A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FOREMAN VS HOLYFIELD AND FOREMAN VS ALI AND YOUNG HE LOST TO ALI AND YOUNG IN HIS PRIME BUT LOST TO HOLYFIELD WHEN PAST HIS PRIME. GOT IT!!! DON'T TWIST MY MEANING. What would piss me off is if you were to write that Foreman lost to Young after his prime. Formeman was only 28 so that's bs. Many people do this. There was even 1 individual who claimed all the losses were because he was past his prime and all the wins were during his prime. When the boxer lost the writter put he was not in his prime. The very next match the boxer won the writter put "He was back in his prime again". THIS IS NO LIE IT REALLY DID HAPPEN! How do I know. It was another Norton fan that's how. He wrote that Norton's prime ended in 1973 and he regained it in 1976 nly to lose it again in 77. Obviously this nut was trying to dodge the Foreman beating then get back to the Norton unnofficial victory (Ali) then back to the 19777 loss to Shavers. Even I think this is a silly method. Norton was in his prime when he lost to Foreman. THAT'S WHAT I'M GETTING AT. ALL I'M SAYING IS DON'T ABUSE THE TERM. FOSTERS BEST FIGHT WAS AGAINST ALI. Foster himself admitted it. He claimed he put everything he had into it (New York Times April 2nd). I never claimed I'm not mad. I just find you guys not impartial. Mathis was a bum plain and simple. If he's a bum against Ali,Frazier and others then he's a bum against Quarry. Unless you're willing to admit that Quarry was indeed not that "great". That's all I'm trying to point out. If it were Quarry who faught Jose Louis Garcia, Charlie Reno or Henry Clark would you ever hype them up. You'd make a tape called "Quarry vs the best in the division" or "Tournament of The Next Great Fighters". meaning that whoever won that fight would've been great. Quarry just won it. At least I can admit that they were journeymen plain and simple. I judge Quarry and other fighters more against other greats. He did indeed have 2 great fights. Against Shavers and Lyle. Those were his most impressive victories in my opinion. Especially considering that it came after his 2nd loss to Ali tragic loss to Jimmy Ellis (another Joe Krouse hyped up journeyman). The only one who gets mad around hear is you Paul. Just look at your actions in the past. Someone from another site even repremends you. It doesn't bother me how people feel about Norton. This is a Quarry site and I expect this. I don't in any way react negatively when people disagree with the status of my favorite fighter like others (ie.DKS) do. BTW I've already admitted in the past that Quarry probably was out of shape when he faught Norton. A Quarry/Norton fight at their best would've been a clasic IMO.

Paul Maduros Sun Nov 19 13:54:01 PST 2000

Yes , Jerry had some trouble coming up against journeymen so did Joe Frazier vs Bonavena also Ali vs Doug Jones. A fight some people think he lost. Mac Foster was no bum , he went 15 rounds with Ali and knocked out Thad Spencer in 1 rd! I think that we can disagree on this board without anyone getting mad. Norton was a very good fighter no one can say otherwise.

Angelo Sun Nov 19 11:19:39 PST 2000

But it IS true that sometimes fighters meet when one's best years are behind them. This IS a legitimate way of reasoning. A 39 year old Ali was no match for Larry Holmes at his peak. JP, even YOU must agree that this would have been a different fight if a time machine could have made Ali 32 years old again. This isn't to take away from Holmes by any means---he beat the old Ali convincingly and somehow with respect! But the fact remains that fighting "past the prime years" is not an indicator of how a great fighter would have done when he was younger. As for out of shape blobs, Leroy Jones was a guy who looked terribly out of shape but was actually a good fighter. I believe his only loss was to Larry Holmes (the greatest fighter of his era). Jones beat Mike Weaver and was interesting to watch. Even against the defensive minded Holmes, Jones was able to double and triple up on jabs early in the fight before his eyes were jabbed shut. I never really saw Buster Mathis fight, but your points are well taken. Interesting too that styles make fighters and styles make fights. George Foreman LOVED fighting shorter opponents like Frazier---Mike Tyson seemed to do well against tall men until he ran into Douglass. Tyson-Lewis could be a great fight if Tyson's heart/mind is in it. We all saw that Tyson still hits like he has cement in his gloves (againt Golata). I think if he lands a few of these to Lennox jaw, you might be surprised to see how fast this could be over.

JP Sun Nov 19 09:03:13 PST 2000

Okay Okay, Norton sucks and Quarry rules...HAPPY! Sheeesh! I disagree with Angelo`s statement regarding Frazier fan. Fan was simply stating that there were no need for fighting on his board. If Paul was indeed a part of this than he needed to be addressed like anyone else. Paul, read carefully what Angelo was writting. Buster Mathis was a fat out of shape slob long before he ever faught Quarry. From the moment he hit the pro division he ws exposed as an obese fraud. Please do not use him as an example of Quarry`s feats of beating bigger men. That`s an awful example. There`s a huge diff between Lewis, Grant and other big guys of today and that out of shape slob. They are big men of "muscle". Even Tua believe it or not. Most Samoans (including women) are big shaped but still athletic. Once Mathis left the amateurs where he got away with running for 3 rounds he was exposed as a journeyman in the pro's. Ali and Frazier had an easier time with him than Quarry. Mathis was in better shape against frazier than he was with Quarry. He was at his worst with Ali. By then Mathis's obesity was getting out of control. Quarry fans and Joe Krouse have a bad habit of hyping up journeymen (like Mac Foster). That`s my major criticism. They do this to make Quarry look like a legend. I think this is wrong. Fact is Quarry did have trouble with some journeyman. Alongi for instance. Also you have to stop being deceitful with the "prime" concept. Boxers do lose in their primes you know. Stop jumping around and avoiding this by stating that he only lost because he was past his prime. If so then he`d be the youngest since he lost to Machen when he was very young.

sean Sat Nov 18 20:49:37 PST 2000

kent . with out a doubt in my mind i believe kenny was a good fighter, and yes i thought he beat ali in the third fight, my only, and most biggest gripe with kenny was with the exception of ali, and young excluding the quarry fight who did he beat, like i said there were many great fighters doing round robbins, kenny was not involved, he could have fought the best around and he didnt, but like you said he had a tough style to fight and he was a good fighter, just not the big wins on his record. also i do agree , he would have beat spinks.

Kent Appel Sat Nov 18 17:24:26 PST 2000

In order for Mike Tyson to defeat Lennox Lewis he has to move in behind multiple left jabs and he needs to use a lot of side to side movement. He also needs to throw combinations to the body and the head. Tyson cannot just throw one punch at a time and spend his time wrestling with Lewis. These are some bad habits that he has picked up over the years and they won't work against Lewis. I believe that Mike Tyson has the tools to defeat Lewis if he just uses them.

Paul Maduros PMAD12@MAILEXCITE.COM Sat Nov 18 15:39:31 PST 2000

Not to put down Buster Mathis but I question his conditioning. Now a days you have guys 220 to 250 all muscle. I know what your saying about Tyson , I'd like to think he could beat Lewis , but he's not the late 80" Tyson. Reguardless it would be a good fight.


To his credit , Jerry did do well against big men. Buster Mathis , Ron Lyle , and Jerry knocked out some guy 6'4 to win the national golden gloves title in 1964. Not only that I read that Gil Clancy said Jerry use to handle big guys in the gym quite well. As for Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis , I will go with Lewis. I base this on the huge reach advantage of Lewis. Certainly though Mike Tyson has a great punch and could win.

Sabrina Quarry-Porter Sat Nov 18 06:19:41 PST 2000

in response to Angelo's comment about mike tyson and lennox lewis, i think that would be a great fight that would probably go the distance.but i think in the end lennox lewis would win that one.

Angelo Sat Nov 18 04:45:30 PST 2000

Paul: But even back then you had giants like Buster Mathis and he didn't beat the great heavyweights of his era. In fact, I'd say that a well conditioned and motivated Mike Tyson (5'10") will knock out "Giant" Lennox Lewis if he trains for the fight.


As I look back at the past , I kind of like the fact heavyweights back when Jerry was fighting were more normal size people. Now a days in all sports it's like the land of the giants. You see athletes that are so much bigger. Man I don't think it will ever stop. You make Jerry Quarry 6'5 240lbs with his skill , you got Jerry Quarry world champ! You can't go back to those Heavyweight Golden days without seeing Jerry. I know one thing I visit often. We love you Jerry!

Angelo Fri Nov 17 16:34:45 PST 2000

Kent/Everyone: I think Kenny Norton in his prime against Jerry in his prime would have been quite an interesting fight. If Jerry wasn't stopped on cuts, I think he could defeat Norton (again, a younger Quarry vs. a younger Norton) either by TKO or close decision. I believe Jimmy Young should have been awarded the decision against Norton. Norton was a good quality heavyweight who people put in the "great" category simply because he defeated Ali once and fought him close two other times. By the way, for the record, the 1976 Yankee Stadium Norton/Ali fight WAS close, but I don't think Norton did enough to take the title from a champion. I would have scored it for Ali---or at best, a draw. Speaking of which, Ernie Shavers hit Ali with punches that were so devestating, you could hear the thuds over the crowd noise. In several rounds, it was like Ali was being hit with a sledgehammer. He not only survived the punches during that fight, he also managed to collect himself and clown around with the crowd by making faces and wiggling his hips. This went on for 15 rounds. By contrast, one minute into the fight, Norton got hit with a lesser blow from Shavers and couldn't survive the first round. This speaks about heart more than anything else. Norton was a good, solid fighter but not a "great." I think he was/is an intelligent guy who had other options such as acting and broadcasting---this might have taken some of his fighting chops away.

Kent Appel Thu Nov 16 21:24:16 PST 2000

Sean, I disagree with what you said about Ken Norton not belonging in the hall of fame. Ken Norton was a great fighter. He had good power in both hands, an excellent left jab, better than average hand speed and an ackward style that was hard to figure out. Some people say that Ken never won his title in the ring but he did defeat Jimmy Young in the title elimination bout and I do believe he could have easily defeated Leon Spinks for the title. Also, many people think that he was robbed in the third Ali fight. I believe that prime againsnt prime versus Jerry Quarry would have been a toss up. Jerry's advantage agaisnt some of the bigger fighters he defeated (Lyle, Shavers, Foster, Spencer) was his hand speed. Against Norton, Jerry would not have that much of an advantage. People forget that if Norton didn't have fast hands, then there is no way he could have competed with Ali the way he did. Most of the fighters Jerry lost to had better than average hand speed. If Jerry belongs in the hall of fame ( and he does), then so does Ken Norton.

Joe Krause Thu Nov 16 15:22:41 PST 2000

Slade, that is why I started my website at I now have over 250 records of heavyweights from this period. It has almost every opponent Jerry faced in his whole career in the records database. All the Scrapiron Johnson and Mac Foster fans can go and see the records. I also am starting a weekly column on a particualr fighter or fight. This month I will be focusing on forgotten Canadian Champion Bob Cleroux who beat Chuvalo 2 out of 3 fights. I never really knew the quality of some of the opposition for the legends until researching their records as well. I also eventually will have a top 100 from the late 50's to early 80's time period. I am at about 20 now so that will take a while. Next month I will be focusing on a great fight involving Jerry, stay tuned!

Slade Thu Nov 16 03:28:46 PST 2000

It's nice to visit TJQF after being away for so long (literally)... Jerry, Joe, Mohamad, Kenny, George, Ron, Earnie, Larry, and Scrapiron were brilliant athletes (OK, George "Scrapiron" Johnson was in a lower tier of brilliance - remember him? more on him shortly...). It would be hard for me to ever describe one of these fighters or their challengers as "average". They were all great. Some won more than others. Think for a second and put your feet in the shoes of a champion or a top contender - can you imagine the physical and mental preporation you would have to endure in training for an upcoming fight? WOW! Take a look at some photo's from the J.Quarry-M.Foster fight - two superb athletes duking it out on a live telecast. In a way, it's too bad one had to loose and one win - but I guess that's what it's all about. At any rate, lets get back to Scrapiron and the likes. If you look at the list of names that Jerry and the other great fighters of the 60's and 70's fought, you'll find a trend of similar names. For example, you'll find that Jerry, Joe, & George Foreman all fight George "Scrapiron" Johnson. Other names like James Woody, Stamford Harris, Tony Doyle, Al Jones, Charley Polite and many others appear commonly. By putting their gloves on and giving there best effort, these "Other" guys made the "Great" ones great. Without them, there would be no Joe Frazier or Jerry Quarry (from a boxing image point of view of course). It sounds crazy, but in a way, it's too bad there's not a Hall-of-Fame category for these other fellas. Well that's my two cents for now - hope I'm not taken away on business again for another 12 months - I enjoy your site!

sean Wed Nov 15 21:35:32 PST 2000

hello i am going to write something that is just opinion from a very knowledgable fight fan . i am a very big jerry quarry fan , but i will write in a non partial way. lets start with jerry matching up with muhammad ali, like i said i am a very big jerry quarry, but jerry couldnt beat muhammad plane and simple, styles make fights and jerry was a counter puncher at best and the bottom line is i dont think any heavyweight in history is going to countet ali and win, and as far as jerry pressing and winning chances are not likely, for many reasons. 1 of the big reasons was jerry's so so conditioning, cut problems and ali's great heart and chin. second lets get the great joe fraizier debate out of the way. could jerry beat frazier. yes, but he would have to turn in a great performance, maybe his best by boxing the way he did against lyle and thad spencer. ther are many story's of jerry and joe sparring in cal. and jerry got the better of the session by boxing. bottom line is if jerry's skin holds up, and he is at his peak in great shape and boxes his ass off he can win, but the age old question is does jerry get hit a great shot and get his irish up and decide to go to war, in a war he would always lose against frazier. third the ken norton debacle. let me set the record straight ken norton was not a great fighter and does not belong in the hall of fame, before every one goes haywire thats a norton fan hear me out and doe your research and watch the tapes. i pose a couple of questions with great facts to back up the talk. name a great fighter norton beat with the exception of ali, you cant becouse he didnt beat one, the division at the time was packed with great talent instead kenny chose to fight such fighter as jose luis garcia twice in which he got ko'd on one of them fights, boone kirkman who wasnt much at all in his time and by the time norton, got to him he was way past his prime, ron stander another guy with not too much in his prime was well past it when norton did him in, duane bobick a never was. thse fighters where a far cry of who he could have fought frazier, lyle, bonavena and so on. lets look at his biggest win with the exception of ali , jimmy young a hot and cold fighter with very good boxing ability and no punch at all .lets now take a look at losses and close calls. george foreman killed norton who looked so scared before this fight he lost in the dressing room, ernie shavers, yes norton was old but shavers was way older and he destroyed norton, gerry cooney again norton past his prime maybe in with the best cooney that ever set in the ring, norton destroyed in one, scott ledoux norton gets the draw in wich most observers thought ledoux won including me. yes norton fought great against ali and holmes but he could have fought the best around instead he fought the second teir of a good division. yes he beat jerry and no i cant take that away from hime but lets point out the obvious. jerry was atleast three years removed from his prime, out of shape and at this point skin you could breath on and he would cut. jerry in his prime fought the better fighters, beat better fighters. jerry in his prime was a little to much of a punchers for kenny with a better chin, he would have stopped norton prob. around the 6 th. ok sorry for letting this drag on. jerry was a great fighter who had some tough breaks and some of the bad breaks he caused himself along the way by not being the best he could be, but overall this was a fighters fighter who could box and punch with the best of them and he had just as big a heart if not begger than many others. jerry quarry was a great fighter, no he didnt win the title but he gave it his all and came close to it.jerry quarry will live through people like me and all his fans forever becouse the only time people truly die is when they are forgotten about and as long as i live and the great fans of this page live jerry quarry will live forever. thank you very much for your time i hope you enjoyed.

JGaetano Elwill7847 Sat Nov 11 14:34:30 PST 2000

I was very disappointed to come in the site after being out for awhile and find that there was quite a bit of arguing and bashing going on.The reason for this site is to bring attention to pugilistic dementia and honor the memory of Jerry Quarry...NOTHING ELSE! Growing up Jerry was my favorite fighter and as a kid I thought he was the best. History reflects that he was an excellent and great, yes great,fighter who had the misfortune of being in the same era as Ali and Frazier. But, now that I am older and wiser, I recognize Jerry for something more than his fighting skills:his great heart and character. So let's honor this site and jerry's memory with dignity and respect.

Angelo Wed Nov 8 19:20:52 PST 2000

Interesting...and make such a big point about not using the forum to vent anger and frustration...but then USING the forum to vent anger and frustration! Let's just all take a step back, catch our breath, relax and regroup. We all know what this site is for. We also all enjoy using the message board to discuss fond memories of boxing. I for one enjoy reading other peoples' views and opinions---even if they don't agree with mine. Let's just all respect eachother and share our interest in boxing and our wishes to make the sport safer.

Paul Maduros PMAD12@MAILEXCITE.COM Wed Nov 8 15:38:24 PST 2000

It was not my intention to start something , but I found it hard to take when some people talk bad about Joe. I wiil from now on ignore these people just like I should have to begin with. You don'r have to worry Frazier fan I will never visit again.

Frazier Fan Wed Nov 8 10:26:33 PST 2000

Dear Quarry Foundation, When I invited you over to the Frazier site I did so with the intentions of sharing a common interest NOT as a forum to vent our anger and frustrations on. I'm directing this specifically at Paul Maduras. Though I have no idea who he is (or any one else for that matter) I'm sure he's a decent person. However I urge Maduros not to use the forum to start conflict with people. I'm sure Mr.James Quarry would agree to that. If this persist I may ask the webmaster to ban certain individuals from returning. Though I do not want it to come to this. When I came here I noticed that there's been some conflict here in the past as well. One particular individual (DKS) seems to be an ongoing issue. With all due respect if Paul, DKS and any other individual have problems please do not use the forum to resolve them. Contact one another personally or at least contact the webmasters (either Quarry Foundation or Frazier). But please do not use the forum for such a task. Paul I'm not sure why you wrote your post but after seeing it I found it provocative. You should not have attacked Ali. There's been so much tention because of this and it's sad that you would write that. Especially now. When things were just about to cool down. That DKS character can be very annoying but to his credit he was on the verge of cooling down and resolving the Frazier-Ali fiasco. Then you wrote that post and set him off again. He'll also be contacted and made to cool down so don't think I'm picking on you. I singled you out because Kent Apple had promissed that the Foundation didn't have an agenda against Ali. That they respected all fighters. That seems to be contradicted by Paul's untimely post. Again if there's any problems you have with a particular post or individual please let our webmaster know but DO NOT use the forum to counter-attack. Thank you. Hopefully we can unite to return the memory of all the past great heavyweights (Quarry,Frazier, Ali etc.) and unite to make boxing a safer sport for all REGARDLESS OF RACE, COLOUR OR CREED!!! PS:If you do intend to return (Paul) please "weigh" your words carefully. There are no "black" racists (or any racists) on the Frazier site. Just people with opinions (some strong but still). The wrong use of words can be very costly indeed.

James Quarry Sat Nov 4 09:53:21 PST 2000

UP-DATE; In January 2001 TJQF will have a marketing package together. It will include a T Shirt, CD, Magazine, and Video Tape along with a Quarterly News Letter. Purchasing thisnew package will automatically put your name on the list as a member of TJQF. This has been a long time in the making. We could not have done this with out our Webmaster, Carl Weingarten. From time to time we will have some auctions for memrobillia.


Kent is right , we must not lose focus on what this site's about. With the holidays coming up I hope that many of the people that visit this site will find it in their hearts to make a donation. Boxers must be protected from themselves , it's got to be harder to get licensed once you reach a certain age and had many fights. I know that most of us are always talking about Jerry , because he was involved in great many big fights. We should not lose sight of the fact that James has 2 more brothers Michael and Bobby who must not be forgotten. God Bless

Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) Tue Oct 31 09:00:36 PST 2000


Angelo Mon Oct 30 15:31:32 PST 2000

Kent: Yes, it's true that discussing the top ten isn't the primary objective of this site. You make a good point. But I think it's a positive thing that people are visiting and posting messages here, even if they aren't all about Pugilistic Dementia. The message board is getting people to come back and visit often---and while they're here, hopefully they'll pick up some information about what James and the Quarry family are doing to try to protect victims of head trauma in contact sports. I also think you made good points about Floyd Patterson in your last post. And I'm glad to see that you gave Larry Holmes his just due. Holmes was clearly the best Heavyweight of his era and just had the misfortune to immediately follow the best Heavyweight of ANY era, Muhammad Ali. Holmes not only defended his title often, and against all contenders (AND on network TV!), but he also conducted himself admirably outside of boxing. He seemed to be a family man with business interests in his home town----he stayed in Easton, PA and gave back to his community. Also, it's interesting to note that Holmes, who fought at the Scranton Pennsylvania Catholic Youth Center several times early in his career, staged a title fight there late in his championship reign. This brought lots of money into the local economy there and major media attention. Holmes said that "These people supported me when I had nothing---it might have been a long time ago, but when people are kind to me, I have an obligation to return the favor---now that I'm in a position to give something back, I will." I wonder if any of the current champions think that way?

J Pierce Mon Oct 30 07:30:07 PST 2000

Grrrrrrrrrrr Grumble Grumble.

Angelo Mon Oct 30 05:10:30 PST 2000

Kent: Yes, it's true that discussing the top ten isn't the primary objective of this site. You make a good point. But I think it's a positive thing that people are visiting and posting messages here, even if they aren't all about Pugilistic Dementia. The message board is getting people to come back and visit often---and while they're here, hopefully they'll pick up some information about what James and the Quarry family are doing to try to protect victims of head trauma in contact sports. I also think you made good points about Floyd Patterson in your last post. And I'm glad to see that you gave Larry Holmes his just due. Holmes was clearly the best Heavyweight of his era and just had the misfortune to immediately follow the best Heavyweight of ANY era, Muhammad Ali. Holmes not only defended his title often, and against all contenders (AND on network TV!), but he also conducted himself admirably outside of boxing. He seemed to be a family man with business interests in his home town----he stayed in Easton, PA and gave back to his community. Also, it's interesting to note that Holmes, who fought at the Scranton Pennsylvania Catholic Youth Center several times early in his career, staged a title fight there late in his championship reign. This brought lots of money into the local economy there and major media attention. Holmes said that "These people supported me when I had nothing---it might have been a long time ago, but when people are kind to me, I have an obligation to return the favor---now that I'm in a position to give something back, I will." I wonder if any of the current champions think that way?

Kent Appel Sun Oct 29 23:08:48 PST 2000

I have tried at times to steer the topic back to the real purpose of this web site, Pugilistic Dementia but I think I will put my two cents in regarding a top ten for 1960 to 1980 heavyweights. Here goes: 1. Muhammed Ali 2. Larry Holmes 3. George Foreman 4.Joe Frazier 5. Sonny Liston 6. Ken Norton 7. Jerry Quarry 8. Jimmy Young 9. Jimmy Ellis 10. Floyd Patterson. I tried to think of how good each of these fighters was at their best no matter how short of a period their prime was and if a fighter such as Patterson had peaked earlier, ( I believe he was better between 1956 to 1959),I took that into account also. So Patterson would probably be rated higher during a 1950's. ranking. So to some of you that think a Quarry fan can't be objective, use some objectivity and be critical of my rankings. Please do so without any subjective name calling please! We have all had enough of that!

Angelo Sun Oct 29 20:46:15 PST 2000

Norton made a career out of his first and only win against Ali. He had a style that gave Ali fits and that's what propelled him to his great career. Ali won the second fight and also, in my opinion, won the third fight in Yankee stadium (and hey, the judges agreed with me). Norton's awkward style made the fight close and it went the distance...but clearly, Norton did not do enough to take the title from a champion. In fact, a good strong case can be made that Jimmy Young defeated Norton and it should have been Young named as WBC champion (and Young to defend against Larry Holmes). Norton in his prime was easily knocked out by George Foreman. Shavers KOed Norton in one round and Norton wasn't too far out of his prime at that point (he was younger than Shavers). Cooney blasted him too, though that was when Norton was washed up. Norton's greatest fights were wins against Ali and Duane Bobick and losses against Ali (twice) and Larry Holmes. He was a quality heavyweight who fought in a tough era--- nothing more and nothing less. I think Quarry would have performed much better against Ken Norton had that fight been two years earlier. It would have been a war.


I would like to say that I'm not here to bash Ken Norton. I believe he was a tremendous athlete. His strengths were a fine jab , pretty good defense , great endurance , better than average power. His weaknesses were throwing arm punches at times , not fighting well backing up , very little footwork , a chin that would not hold up against big hitters. As far him against Shavers , he would have lost in any year he fought him. Matter of styles.

Joe Krause Sun Oct 29 19:15:47 PST 2000

Norton was a flawed fighter, but when he was on a roll he was great to watch, one of my favorites of all-time. Norton was a shell of himself by the Shavers fight, he even admits that in his book which is an excellent read. I must say though that Jerry could have beaten Norton. I think it is an almost even proposition prime vs prime. I would give the edge to Norton, but Jerry could hit hard enough to get Ken in trouble, and that is when Norton became stationary and very easy to hit. It even happened twice in their fight in Jerry's twilight in 1975. Norton admits to as much in his book while saying that it was best performance of his career. The Cooney loss can't even be considered in the big picture because Norton was already in semi-retirement mode fighting once a year. If anyone actually thinks the Ken Norton of the mid 70's would have drew with Scott Ledoux I would love to hear their rationale. The point is Norton got mauled against Cooney TWO YEARS after the draw with Ledoux. Norton is my 6th best of the '60-'80 fighters, Quarry my 8th. They both were great ones and I would love to have seen a match in 1972 or 1973 instead of 1975.

charles anderson Sun Oct 29 18:18:05 PST 2000

you know, the best thing is that as we grow up we all have our heroes. jerry quarry was one of mine. so was ali. so was jack nicklaus,arnold palmer,mickey mantle,and many others,but i will not take up this page for jerry sharing their accolades. lighten up a little norton fan, before i bring up gerry cooney's first round k.o. of ken.(sorry, i could not resist that.) thanks .

Norton Fan JP Sun Oct 29 17:51:10 PST 2000

A come on folks. Norton defeated a game Jimmy Young in an elimination match. With this victory he was to have a match with Leon Spinks for the title. It's not Norton's fault that Spinks backed away and opted intead for a rematch with Ali (where the money was).


You know I hear this all the time about how Ali was off 3 and one half years , however some people forget the fact that he was still only 28yrs. old. Plenty young to come back. As far as Norton goes what goes around comes around, He couldn't make it out of the first round with Shavers. My evaluation is Norton gave people trouble because he was a very akward fighter. Norton also was given a heavyweight without fighting for it. I didn't agree with that. As far as Jerry's memory declining , Jerry earned his respect long ago. NO EXCUSES NEEDED, LOOKS LIKE YOUR EVALUATOR MIGHT NEED FIXING.

Kent Appel Sat Oct 28 17:34:59 PDT 2000

Mr. Evaluator JP. I have recently wathced the tape of the second Ali/Quarry fight and the only thing I meant was that Jerry had rallied somewhat in the six round after doing almost nothing in the first five rounds. On the tape when Ali waves the ref in after hitting Jerry with a hard combination at the beginning of the seventh round, Ali proceeds to land some more hard shots and the ref stopped the fight. I feel that Jerry wasn't that badly hurt and that he could have (and he wanted to) continued. I don't think that he would have won the fight if it had continued but as a fan of Jerry's, I wanted him to have the chance. As far as having an agenda against Ali or any other fighter nothing could be further from the truth! IF ANYTHING, WE HAVE AN AGENDA FOR ALI TO HELP FIND OUT IF HIS CURRENT CONDITION MAY HAVE BEEN AGGRAVATED BY BOXING AND TO HELP HIM AND OTHERS WITH THESE AFFLICTIONS. Finally Jerry never made excuses when he lost a fight. If you listen to his own words, you will notice that all he says is that he tried his best. NO ONE CAN EVER QUESTION JERRY QUARRY'S HEART! Jerry came from the old school that said quitting was not an option. They don't make as many fighters with the heart of lion as they used to. Fighters like Frazier,Foreman, Norton, Holmes, Quarry and of course Muhammed Ali will always be a cut above the rest regardless who won particular fights.

Quarry Evaluator JP Sat Oct 28 15:08:14 PDT 2000

Please Paul, Kent and Chuck. I myself take excuses with a grain of salt. If you truly watched the fight you'd see just like in the first when Ali was at a tremendous disadvantage (for being off 31/2 years) that Ali's handspeed is just too much for Quarry. I honestly don't understand what fight you all watch. I wish we could sit down together and analyze the sport. Is there anybody out there that does this? Quarry was out on his feet by the end of the 6th. If I remember correctly Ali was at one point begging the ref to end it. It's been a while since I watched it so correct me if I'm wrong. With all due respect do you think any boxer ever just comes out and says "The other boxer was the better man this fight". I think you know the answer to that. Very rarily if ever. Just look at that bozo Angel Manfreddy today. It's always a bad back, a hurt hand, high blood pressure, not my day today blah blah blah. All the times he loses. Much like Quarry in the past. Never could just admit that the other fighter was better. That's the way boxing is. Boxers are a people with a lot of pride. It seems the fans are no better. Guess what Quarry would've said if Ali whipped him (which he would've done) before the Foster-Quarry fight? He would have said "I was worried about my brother's fight after mine. I had his upcoming fight on my mind". SEE WHAT I MEAN!!! You just can't win. There are reasons why Quarry "won" as well. I can produce a whole lot of "excuses" why he won but out of respect for his legacy I will decline. Though this is a Quarry site and we should definately respect his talents we shouldn't feel the need to to put down other boxers accomplishments in the process. We shouldn't say Quarry won because he was the best but others beat him only because of this and that (not talent). Other boxers also had problems. In fact Ali had to slap Quarry since he suffered from swollen hands which had to be injected with pain-killers before every fight. This started after the Ali-Frazier 1 fight. It's due to his years of in-activity. Frazier also had to overcome some obsticals. Same with Holyfield today and many other boxers. As a scrolled throughout the posts I noticed some great writtings from the DKS fellow. I think you all "missed the point" (as Kent likes to say) on his messages. He simply wanted Ali to get his deserved respect not to put down Quarry. I'm not sure if you all have an agenda against certain figthers or not (ie Ali) but I hope not. I myself have an advantage since I'm a huge Norton fan. I believe Norton deserves his due. But like Krouse I too believe that Ali was the best of his time. Beating Ali twice (officially and unofficially) is what makes Norton more deserving of his due. Of course Ali was washed-up by the 1976 fight. Still Norton gave Ali hell twice in in the 2 1973 matches when Ali was in his prime. See even I can admit that Ali was washed by the time my man Norton beat him in 76. I'll even accept your claims of Quarry being out of shape against my Norton (though I still think Norton would've beaten Quarry no matter how healthy he was). Could any of you admit the same thing about Patterson. The Patterson Quarry faced was a shell of the one who faced Johannson, Liston and Ali I (1965). Yet the old Patterson still gave the young Quarry a heck of a battle (2 battles actually). I feel that it's high time that we boxing fans take our heads out of our hero's butts and be a little more objective. Thank you.

Paul Maduros Fri Oct 27 17:23:41 PDT 2000

I like to know who was good enough to outbox Ali? Taking nothing away from Muhammad Ali , I believe that in his second fight with Ali , Jerry came into the fight so upset about his brother, that whatever fight plan he had went out the window. He did seem to tire very quickly in that fight. I've watched this fight many, many times and think that it was more Jerry looking bad than Ali looking good. If it had been the Jerry of the first fight , he would have had a good chance to go the distance. When 2 fighters step into the ring, you really never know what will happen. Also I like E.S.P.N. to show some of Jerry's wins , MATHIS, SPENCER LYLE,PATTERSON,FOSTER and don't forget the hardest hitter of all time ERNIE SHAVERS , very dangerous.

Joe Krause Fri Oct 27 14:02:26 PDT 2000

Here are the top 15 heavyweights from 1960-1980 in my opinion. Rating out of ten 1. Muhammad Ali- no one is even close- 10.0 2. George Foreman- Would have beaten Holmes in my opinion- 9.5 3. Joe Frazier- Head to Head losses to Foreman keep Joe here-9.4 4. Larry Holmes- Would not have dominated against 60' or 70's heavyweights the way he did against the weak 80's crop- 9.3 5. Sonny Liston- Ali beat him twice, Ali beats everyone. Liston was a GREAT fighter period- 9.2 6. Ken Norton- A half-step down from the top 5, had flaws but had special skills- 8.9 7. Floyd Patterson- A warrior who struggled as heavyweights got bigger- 8.8 8. Jerry Quarry- multi skilled fighter who had no real weakness besides cuts- 8.7 9. Ingemar Johansson- One punch dangerous puncher- 8.55 10. Ron Lyle- Lost best years to jail, might have been one of best ever if things were different. No kidding- 8.5 11. Jimmy Ellis- Many think he wasn't that good, he was very good. 8.4 12. Oscar Bonavena- A forgotten man that has the credentials of an all time great- 8.35 12. Jimmy Young- Had incredible wins, but time as contender was relativly short- 8.3 13. Earnie Shavers- Could NEVER be counted out of a fight because of huge power. 8.275 14. Zora Folley- Perrenial contender was never given his due. 8.0 15. Ernie Terrell- Good skills, not a huge banger- 7.9 Special Mention(No Particular Order)- Joe Bugner, Henry Cooper, Eddie Machen, Cleveland Williams, George Chuvalo, Karl Mildenberger Honarable Mention- Bob Cleroux, Doug Jones, Thad Spencer, (Florida) Al Jones, Mac Foster, Boone Kirkman, Buster Mathis, Leotis Martin, Gregorio Peralta, Howard Smith, Leon Spinks,

Kent Appel Thu Oct 26 21:45:44 PDT 2000

I just received my copy of the Jerry Quarry extended video. It is well worth the donation. I hope everyone who visits this page sends in for their copy of this tape or that they at least get the highlight video. When I got home today, I spent all afternoon watching the video. I can't remember when I spent a more enjoyable afternoon just kicking back in my apartment. I think all of you will enjoy these tapes. They show vintage boxing and the money raised goes to help boxers; some past,and others present and future.

charles anderson Thu Oct 26 19:13:07 PDT 2000

to mr. pierce please forgive me of my spelling. i thought this was a tribute page to jerry and not to ali or frazier. jerry had just seen mike knocked cold and then had to go out and fight ali. i bet he was just a little worried about his brother. i know ali and frazier were great but jerry fought them both . i think that jerry's emotions were his waterloo and not his ability to fight. anyway that is way i feel. have a nice day.

JO SAN Thu Oct 26 18:10:24 PDT 2000

I've seen both Ali and Quarry fight live and I've also watched them train. Quarry was an excellent all around fighter and particularily good counter puncher. But Jerry wasn't a good enough boxer to outbox Ali nor was he solid enough at an aggressive style to slug with Muhammad. Ali just had his number period. Quarry however was versitile and skilled enough to defeat most fighters. JO SAN.

Paul Maduros Thu Oct 26 18:06:04 PDT 2000

I believe that we all know that Ali, Frazier and Foreman were in a league of their own. When people laugh about Jerry losing fights they miss the point. Jerry Quarry proved more in losing athn some fighters do in winning. How many of us can say that we were a 3 time number 1 contender. The pressure Jerry was under had to be enormous Cus d'amado the famous trainer once said " Don't tell me about a guys jab or left hook, tell me about his character. Can you depend on him to give you 100%. Well whatever Jerry did in life he gave his all and thats all you can expect.

JP Thu Oct 26 14:14:20 PDT 2000

Please set up a spell check. Don't like all the typo's I made. I can spell better than that.

JP Thu Oct 26 14:11:11 PDT 2000

It was 30 years ago today when Ali was finally allowed back into the ring to face the #1 countender "Irish" Jerry Quarry. Ali was taking an enormous risk at the time. Though there's no doubt that Ali was the superior fighter the point is he had just come off of a 3 and a half year lay-off thus any fight was dangerous. Also the fight was taken on only 6 weeks notice. Giving Ali little time to train or study his apponant. So much going against him. This is why most media outlets favoured Quarry. Not that they though he was better (actually they made it clear they didn't) but through conditionning. Ali should've faught a couple of journeymen first to get into the groove. I guess this is what makes Ali one of the gretest heavies of all-time. Surprisinggly he handled Quarry quite well in the short fight. Peppering Quarry's face with jabs which he had trouble ducking from (like pistons according to the ringside commentary). Ali won all 3 rounds. The 2nd was the toughest but but Ali still did the better scoring. Then in the 3rd round a huge gash came over Quarry's eyes and Ali pounced on the opportunity like a vulture. Peppering Quarr's face. By the end of the round the referee with the advice from the corner doctor stopped the fight. The cut was so deep that the ref could see a bit of the bone (so he claims in a documentery). Contrary to some false reports there was no head butt. When Ali and Quarry entangled no butt occured. I wrote to Mike about his inacurate post. No "split glove" incident took place either. Mike must be confusing Quarry with the Ali-Cooper fight of 1963 where the fight was delayed due to an alleged split in Ali's glove. The delay in time helped Ali to victory. Anyways I feel the tremendous amount of jabs took effect on Quarry. Look at the fight closely. To be honest don't know what would've happened if the fight went the distance. Again Mike is extremly inaccurate when he claimed that Quarry would knock Ali out the next round. You have to hit Ali first and Quarry wasn't connecting enough. If Quarry were indeed to knock Ali out it would be in the later rounds (ie rnd 9). I seriously doubt Quarry would knock Ali out though. Ali had the greatest heavyweight chin of all. One of the greatest chins in boxing period. If Foreman, Shavers and Frazier couldn't do it then Quarry (who wasn't as powerfull a puncher) wouldn't either. It would go the distance. Anyways the issue was solved 2 years later when they met on even terms. And as is well known Ali beat the living "Irish" (he he he) out of Quarry. In less than 2 years this too will be a 30th aniversity fight. How the years go by so fast.

Ray Wed Oct 25 17:50:28 PDT 2000

The next fight I saw at the Garden was Jerry Quarry against Mac Foster, June of 1970. At that time like most people in N.Y.C., I never saw Mac Foster fight. His record at the time I believe was something like 24 wins and all by knockout. I did see Foster in training before the fight at the Felt Forum, and I noticed he seemed winded after 3 rounds of sparring, but other than that and all the hype surrounding Foster I had nothing else to go on. Foster was the favorite in the fight, and although I was rooting for Jerry, I felt he was probably on the way down and he was being fed to Foster to fatten up Foster's resume before Foster became Joe Frazier's next opponent. Well, early in the fight Foster connected with a right hand which stunned Jerry, and I felt it was only a matter of time before Foster knocked him out. Well, once again it shows everyone what a poor judgement I had when it came to Jerry Quarry. Jerry never lost his cool and fought a beautiful fight. Jerry was supremely confident throughout the fight and apparently he had a plan. Let Foster punch himself out and become tired and then open up on him. Which of course is what Jerry did and as a result he knocked Foster out in the 6th round. Reflecting back on that fight it reminds me of some of Jerry's strong points as a fighter which are sometimes overlooked. Jerry was extremely good as a counter puncher and he could hurt and knockout a man with either hand. And when Jerry was on a roll his combinations were a thing of beauty and he was a difficult man to beat. Well, this fight set up Jerry's next major fight which for those of you who are counting was 30 years ago tomorrow,Oct 26,1970 Muhammad Ali. Where did the years go?

Kent Appel Wed Oct 25 17:42:42 PDT 2000

As a fan I was always proud of Jerry win or lose. I am also proud of Mike, Bobby, and the rest of the Quarry family about how they have pulled together in the face of adversity. I am especially proud of James for all of his hard work for this foundation. I wish that I'd follow their example of "there is no quit in a Quarry" more in my own life. It is a good example to follow.

Joe Krause Wed Oct 25 11:21:55 PDT 2000

I got off on my post before. I meant that Jerry never was beaten except by real top notch fighters...Also my condolences to the family of Bobby Tomasello who died today as a result of trauma from a bout this weekend. I watched the fight and never really saw anything that would make me think something like that would happen. It is a painful reality of boxing that things like this happen.

Joe Krause Wed Oct 25 08:17:58 PDT 2000

Chuvalo was a good fighter. Not in Jerry's class, but just a half-step down. True greats never lose to average opposition. Jerry lost to Eddie Machen, who though faded was a legitmite star. He lost to Ali and Frazier twice. He lost to Norton, Ellis and Chuvalo. That's it. He drew with Tony Alongi and Tony Doyle. He beat some people thought he would lose to (Spencer, Foster, Mathis, Lyle, Shavers). He lost a couple I tought he would win (Machen, Chuvalo, Ellis). He always was poised for greatness (Title). I think he attined it without the title.

James Quarry Tue Oct 24 15:40:55 PDT 2000

The only chance Jerry ever had to get a win over Ali, was in the first fight. His only chance then was that Ali had not fought in almost three years. His condition was lacking. It turned out in Ali's favor when Jerry got cut. In the second fight Jerry never really had a chance, may be a punchers chance. Because of styles Jerry would never have been able to beat Ali. Just look back at the Alongi fight and Alongi was no Ali. He was tall, had a good jab and could move. I feel that Ali was the only fighter that Jerry could not whip. If Jerry would have fought Frazier like he did Ellis and Ellis like he did Frazier, he would have won both fights. You guys have to remember Jerry was a little heavyweight, with a very short reach. It's like Jerry said in his poem "The Best of All Time", he fought with his heart, but needed much more. "the bridesmaid but never the bride". What Jerry was proud of most of all was in his poem also. " I gave my all round after round and the world knows I tried. That's what I'm most proud of myself. He gave everything he had when he fought. It was the same way with his personal life. All Jerry ever wanted was to please his fans and be recognized when he walked down the street or into a place of business. I can say this, If it were not for my brother Jerry Quarry, no one would listen to us here at TJQF or for what we stand for.

Kent Appel Tue Oct 24 14:28:08 PDT 2000

As a Jerry Quarry fan for me Jerry's most gratifying fight was The Earnie Shavers fight. I remember being scared for Jerry's safety as I waited to hear the results of the fight. Shavers had knocked out something like 30 fighters in a row including a first round knockout over former champ Jimmy Ellis in his last fight. When I heard on the news that he had knocked Shavers out in the first round I was overjoyed! His most disappointing fight has to be the George Chavalo fight because it is a fight he should have won. When I look at the tape of this fight I feel nothing but frustration because Jerry wasn't badly hurt and I think that Jerry believed that he beat the count. On the tape after he is knocked down by Chavalo, he stands up at the count of 1 and then he kneels down at the count of 3 so he is on the canvas no more than 8 seconds. Was a protest ever filed or did everyone believe that Jerry's own carelessness cost him the fight? A close second for me is the second Ali fight. Ali had clearly won the first 5 rounds and in the six round Ali tried to step up the pace to get Jerry out of there. Near the end of the round Jerry fights back and during a fierce exchange he catches Ali with left hooks and right hands. It is the best action of the whole fight and I remember thinking at the close circuit live showing of the fight that maybe we had a fight after all. At the beginning of the seventh round Ali did catch Jerry with a hard right left combo but I don't believe Jerry was hurt that badly even after being nailed by a second Ali combo. I feel that this fight was stopped too soon and that Jerry could have fought back hard as he had in the previous round and that he was still in the fight when it was stopped.

Quarry Evaluator (JP) Mon Oct 23 21:23:45 PDT 2000

Lucky for Foreman that he was counted out fast. Did you see him in the 8th? He was out of it by then and being peppered with jabs from the end of the 5th till the 1-2 combo of the 8th. Ali never peppered someone so much since he last faught Quarry in Las Vagas in 1972. Quarry and Foreman were both "stand-up" boxers which is why they lost to Ali. Ali had the quickest hands of the heavyweight division. I agree with both Joe Krouse and Brother DKS in that I do not believe that Quarry could ever beat Ali at his best. This is no insult to Quarry since not many people could beat Ali at his best. Dempsey, Louis and Marciano perhaps? See what I mean? The other reason is that Quarry was "tailor-made" for Ali. Like DKS and Krouse pointed out "styles makes fights" and Quarry's style wasn't good against Ali's. You see Quarry was a flat footed "stand-up" fighter. Just like Foreman. Quarry stood up too much. Unlike Foreman or even Shavers however Quarry didn't have the devastating power-punch. This is why Foreman got away with his sloppy defence (until he met Ali of course). To beat Ali you have to have a "bob and weave" style like Frazier and Marciano. Make Ali miss or have to depend on an upper-cut. Also Quarry lacked the ability to counter Ali's fast jabs. Ali had the quickest and most accurate jabs at the time. Ken Norton was successful in his first fight with Ali because of his ability to do so. Perhaps if he had a trainer like Eddie Futch on his side he would've done better against Ali. Futch was one of the best trainers ever. Don't feel ashamed of Quarry's losses to Ali or Frazier. They were 2 of the best in the division at the time. Quarry was in a very tough division during his era. Not like the patsies of today. It's sad to see all of you being tough on Quarry because "He wasn't as great as Ali or Frazier". I'd like to remind you all that not many were. Chuvalo lost twice to Ali and was stopped in the 4th by Frazier. Ellis was kayoed by both Ali and Frazier. The power-house Foreman had his way with Frazier but couldn't handle Ali who both outhought as well as outfought him. Ali beat Foreman both "mentally" as well as physically. Only Ali and the slick crafty (though awckward) Jimmy Young were able to solve the Foreman menance. I'm sure you're all aware of Buster Mathis's performance at the hands of Frazier and Ali. Kindness on Ali's part allowed Mathis to finish the fight. Frazier kayoed Eddie Machen. Finally there is the epic Ali-Frazier wars. One of the best rivalries in boxing (not just heavyweight) history. Especially the 1st and 3rd. Frazier faught so hard in the Thrilla In Manila fight that I feel he would've beaten anyone else. Only Ali's superior hand speed (listen to Norton) and incredibly strong will prevented him from quitting or folding. He turned the tied for good in the 13th and 14th rounds. It took the 2 best to beat each other (in their primes). This fight eneded both their primes. The point in writting all this was to show you all that losing to Ali and Frazier isn't something that you "hang your head" over or "bash Quarry" for. Ali and Frazier were elite heavyweights who are in the Hall of Fame. They're in a class well above Tony Alongi, Mac Foster, Buster Mathis etc.etc. The same thing can be said about Mike Quarry's loss to Bob Foster. No need to feel ashamed of that. Mike faught galiently against one of the greates light-heavyweights ever. Sorry for the long post but I felt I had to clear some things up. Quarry was a great fighter indeed while Ali and Frazier were two of the best. I honestly believe that Quarry could've beaten any heavyweight during his time accept for Ali and perhaps Norton. Norton's style was also troublesome for Quarry. Of course by the time Quarry faught Norton he was finished as a legitimate contender. He should've quite after the Frazier fight. I agree with past posters on this one. I'm safe with my Ali position because Quarry lost badly to an Ali who himself was not at his best. I agree with DKS there. He makes a great point. If Quarry can't beat a faded Ali (who lost 31/2 yrs of his career) I doubt he would've beaten him during the years of 1967-1969 when he would've been at his peak. I'll end here before I go overboard. The next time I return I'll deal more with the "punch-drunk" sydrome which tragically took Quarry's life. I'm sure Mr.James Quarry would prefer that.

Ray Mon Oct 23 19:47:31 PDT 2000

The next fight I saw involving Jerry was against George Chuvalo in Dec. of 1969. Once again I was at the fight and once again I failed to pick the winner. I thought Jerry was going to beat Chuvalo pretty easily and maybe even stop him; which would have been a considerable feat because up until that fight only 1 fighter ever stopped Chuvalo, and that was the great Joe Frazier. Well, instead Jerry was knocked out in the 7th round. But there is more to this story than meets the eye. Jerry was beating Chuvalo pretty handily and it looked like the referee Zack Clayton might have to stop the fight, Chuvalo's face was badly broken up and his eyes were beginning to close. Toward the end of the 7th round Chuvalo caught Jerry high on the head with a left hook, and Jerry went down and then jumped up immediately, and then went down again to take a breather and clear his head. What happened next is amatter of opinion, and I will give you mine. Jerry was getting tired, he was punching Chuvalo around pretty well for almost 7 rounds. And not to be forgotten is the fact that Chuvalo was connecting pretty well against Jerry. George Chuvalo's best punch was a left to the groin. And in fairness to George, he always came to fight and he never quit, it may be said George was not a great fighter, but he always tried and fans got their money's worth (Hello Gullota). Well, while Jerry was catching a breather, he fell victim to a fast count by the referee Zack Clayton, the same Zack Clayton who counted awfully fast when George Foreman was knocked out by Ali. Before people start complaining I am not questioning Ali's knockout over Foreman, but look at the film Clayton gave Foreman a fast count. The simple truth of the matter is if Clayton was refereeing a fight and you were knocked down,you would were in danger of a fast count, if you did not jump up immediately. I am sorry but he was not a good referee. Well, Jerry lost a fight he should have won, but who knows, although Chuvalo was so far behind on points that he needed a knockout to win, if the fight continued maybe he would have won by knockout in the next round. In the long scheme of things the loss did not adversely effect Jerry's career to any extent. In fact, it made his next victory in the Garden over Mac Foster that much more sensational.

charles anderson Mon Oct 23 18:29:25 PDT 2000

out of all of jerry's fights,which was his most gratifying and which was his most disapointing? also do you think if he had hooked up with gil clancy earlier in his career jerry would have been the champ? i would like to think so. one last thing how do you get the cartoon that was mentioned some time ago? thanks for your time and God bless your mission.

ray joe Sun Oct 22 19:52:32 PDT 2000

I mentioned in my last letter the Quarry-Mathis fight. The next fight I saw at the Garden was Quarry-Frazier. Strangely enough I picked Mathis to win against Jerry(I was rooting for Jerry), in the next fight I picked Jerry to beat Frazier, wrong both times! As anyone will admit there was no shame losing to Joe Frazier, Joe was a great fighter,with tremendous heart. Styles make a fight and that night Jerry's style was made to order for Joe. In retrospect one has to marvel that Jerry went toe to toe with Joe for 6 rounds before the referee stopped the fight before the 7th round. Yes sir there was "no quit in a Quarry", that night. I've read letters in recent months attacking Jerry or attacking his opponents relative to their talents as fighters, this is unfortunate. The night Frazier beat Quarry few men could of stood up to Joe. Both men should be honored for their true grit. Their was no shame losing to Smoking Joe Frazier in the 1960's. Jerry's fans could be proud of their warrior.

Ray Sat Oct 21 15:31:25 PDT 2000

Hi Jim, thanks for your quick reply. I am sorry to learn that their is no film of the Mathis fight available. Fortunately for me I was at that fight. Jerry was great that night. Mathis was a much better fighter than people give him credit for, and that night he was a solid favorite over Jerry. I remember Jerry dropped Mathis in the 2nd round and won the fight easily, and Mathis was never again any good as a fighter,Jerry took away all his desire that night. What I also remember about that fight it was the 1st and last time I ever saw Rocky Marciano in person. He was introduced in the ring before the fight, sadly he died the following September in a plane crash. I saw a lot of Jerry's fights in the Garden, well more abuot those later

James Quarry Fri Oct 20 21:14:39 PDT 2000

Sorry, the film of the Mathis fight was lost. We have not been able to locate a copy of it either. Ray you are 100% correct, "All the Glitters is not Gold"

ray ray Fri Oct 20 14:15:34 PDT 2000

James, I've read a lot about the circumstances of Jerry's life on this site, much I was familiar with some I was not. Two questions, I've never been able to locate a tape of the Quarry-Mathis fight,is their a copy available, and I am curious about Jerry's 2nd wife "Charlie"; when Jerry was fighting she received such glowing write ups by the press, and I always felt that all that glitters is not gold. Can you help me these 2 questions.

Paul Maduros Wed Oct 18 18:01:09 PDT 2000

After trying boxing myself for a few years , it seems to me that most boxers when their young are having so much fun with it they really don't see it as doing brain damage. A lot of boxers think that if they are in prime condition nothing will happen to them , that is a mistake. The damage doesn't show up till after their careers are over. I believe that boxers should retire when they reach 35yrs. old. I'm sure with the research being done we will someday have the answers to why it happens to some boxers and not others. Keep up the good work James, we love you.

Mike Mon Oct 16 02:19:18 PDT 2000

Jerry was a legend. He was robbed in that first fight against Ali. If only Ali's glove didnt "split". Jerry would have easily knocked him out in the next round. Great site. Boxing is a sport that I have followed with a passion all my life. It is also a brilliant form of self defense.It is unfortunate that in pro boxing, head trauma is almost gauranteed. You have done a fantastic job with this web site. Check out my boxing and MMA website if you ever get a chance. Keep up the good work. Mike

James Quarry Fri Oct 6 13:43:32 PDT 2000

Once the Dementia has been detected it's to late. Even before. It can not be stopped. The Medical Profession is currently developing Drugs to try to slow the process down, however, these medications are designed for Alsheimers of Parkinsons Deseases. There is no actual study active as of today, on Dementia Pugilistica, to develope specific medications for this affliction. In 1997 it was discovered that genetically a gene, carrying the two above mention deseases,is passed from mother to child. We at TJQF believe that this gene can and is being triggered. Meaning that if you have this gene you are susceptible to have at one time in your life, to be sticken with Dementia. Blunt Force Trauma, regardless, of how it is accomplished, by auto, two by four, or punch. The damage is the same. The symptoms are the same as the diseases. We discovered this in taking care of Jerry. A simple blood test should be developed for our children, or anyone who wants to get into contact sports. The problem now is to decide who will pay for it. It is to expensive now. This is also where organizations such as TJQF and the AAIB can make a difference in this regard. This can only be expidited by your participation and donations. If you really want to help, please contact our Webmaster and Board Member, Carl Weingarten, George Otto (Board Member) or myself. Depending on your motivation, you can be directed on how you can help! We want to prevent dementia brought on by blunt force trauma. was passed down from mother to child.

Joe Krause Fri Oct 6 10:28:27 PDT 2000

I would love to see boxing cleaned up in so many ways. The fighter and their health should be first and foremost. Then we should worry about the terrible governing bodies and the way boxing is corrupted. I know boxing can once again be a sport for the majority not for the minority. Hopefully this site and others could be the start of cleaning up the sport I love.

George Otto Thu Oct 5 10:36:07 PDT 2000

In following up on James'recent comments regarding federal legislative efforts to assist fighters and other victims of head trauma injuries, TJQF, the American Association for the Improvement of Boxing, and the Brain Injury Association have all strongly supported HR 477, a bill in Congress entitled "Traumatic Brain Injury Amendments of 1999." Introduced by Rep. Patsy Mink of Hawaii, the passage of this bill would provide funding from the National Institute of Health to not-for-profit organizations such as TJQF to conduct badly needed research regarding the causes, evolution, and results of blunt force head trauma injuries to the brain. While it does not appear that this bill will pass before the end of this year, it could be introduced again next January. The passage of this bill and its implementation could significantly improve the lives of thousands of Americans who have been negatively impacted by head trauma injuries, as well as those who have attemped to care for them. I strongly encourage all those who visit this site to contact their Senator and House Representative and ask them to support this important piece of legislation this year. Finally, thank you for your interest regarding this topic.

Angelo Wed Oct 4 19:43:27 PDT 2000

James: I wonder if today's research information can save boxers/other athletes from progressive permanent damage if the condition is spotted early enough...or, is it too late once the symptoms are there? In other words, if a doctor sees the beginnings of Dementia Pugilistica and the boxer immediately stops, will the condition stablize? Or is degenerative damage already started that won't stop? I remember a receiver for the New York Jets, Al Toon, who retired because of too many concussions. He once said that after football, for between 1-2 years, he couldn't even expose his eyes to bright light or he would have terrible headaches. I think his condition improved after that though. Of course, Steve Young took the advice of his doctors and decided not to risk anymore head injuries. Maybe Troy Aikmen will be the next to quit.

James Quarry Wed Oct 4 18:12:15 PDT 2000

Shortly after TJQF was organized, the United States Government, via the Senators proposed three bills to be voted into law. Mostly by Senator John McCain. They were The Professional Boxers Safety Act. The Reciprocity Act. The last was the Muhammad Ali Reform Act. The Jerry Quarry Foundation endorsed all three of these bills, We are happy to say the all three have now passed into law. We would not have been involved with these issues if it were not for the efforts of Mr. George Otto in Washington, D. C. We are batting a 1000 to coin a phrase. The wheels are in motion. Soon research will tell us who is or who isn't susceptible to Dementia Pugilistica. So a warning system can be developed for our children who want to get involved in some kind of contact sport. That's what TJQF is really all about. We've also created a fund to go to the Assoc. of Boxing Commissioners Pention Fund. We will donate annually. This is being done through donations and the purchase of the videos. We thank you, remember there ain't no quit in a Quarry.

Kent Appel Mon Oct 2 00:28:43 PDT 2000

Is there any new legislation pending that we can write our senators and congressmen asking for their support? I am sure that we still have a long way to go to make contact sports safer.

Angelo Sat Sep 30 04:32:26 PDT 2000

Those prints would be good for an auction to raise funds.

James Quarry Fri Sep 29 18:38:38 PDT 2000

Angelo; We do have an artish rendering of Jerry. The picture was drawn off a cover of a magazine. We just have not put it up for sale. We have about 6 of them all signed by the artist. They were limited Additions, made four years ago for a fund raiser. I have one for our office in a real nice oak frame. The work was done by a century old technique off of a printing plate.

Angelo Fri Sep 29 17:30:48 PDT 2000

I think a good fund raiser might be a nice quality print--- either a photo or painting of Jerry, signed by the artist or photographer. I think it could simply be titled "The Fighter" and maybe it could be something like Jerry having his arm raised by the referee after a hard fought victory---or something like that. A limited edition print like this would really be great. Prints with the artist's signature could be limited and the other prints permanently available. Maybe someone in the Quarry family or this website's extended family has some artistic talent!

James Quarry Fri Sep 29 09:03:03 PDT 2000

Yes, there is now a pension fund for boxers. organized by "The Association of Boxing Commissioners". Profits from the new extended Jerry Quarry video, will be donated to that fund. This fund was introduced at last years meeting in Baltimore. TJQF was there and fully supported this.

Angelo Thu Sep 28 19:56:24 PDT 2000

Regarding boxing and the permanent injuries: It's interesting to think about health problems like Ali has... I wonder if his Parkinsons is a result of blount trauma or if it's genetic? For example, Michael J. Fox has the same affliction. I wonder if Ali would have developed this problem if he wasn't a boxer? It's interesting to note that other fighters of his era (like Joe Frazier) took many more blows to the head than Ali ever did, but they haven't yet showed the affects he has. Ali was never knocked unconscious---TKO'ed only by Larry Holmes. In his prime, he was almost impossible to hit in the face/head, so it surprises me that he has been slowed down while someone like Foreman (hit very hard by guys like Ron Lyle and Jimmy Young and knocked out by Ali) is apparently healthy as a horse, fresh and clear, selling small kitchen appliances! And one factor about boxers is that they don't (to my knowledge) have any kind of pension plan like other athletes in organized sports do. I think Gerry Cooney is doing some work in this area, trying to organize some sort of benefits packages for retired prize fighters.

Paul Maduros PMAD! Thu Sep 28 16:15:44 PDT 2000

I will also accept your apology DKS. Sometimes emotions get out of control. Jame and Kent is right not everyone is going to agree on how good Jerry was. I apologize to everyone on this board for losing my cool. God bless all

Sabrina Quarry-Porter Thu Sep 28 06:18:55 PDT 2000

Brother DKS. yes i accept your apology and i apologize also.i just don't like when people say things about my uncle Jerry.from now on i won't take things so personally everyone has a right to their own opinion.and you're right Ali is and always will be a great man.also THANK YOU DAD FOR YOUR HELP.

James Quarry Wed Sep 27 20:52:19 PDT 2000

Paul and Sabrina should except Brother DKS's opology! I know because they love Jerry and,Sabrina being Jerry's niece, felt she had to stand up for him. Paul is like a brother and was doing the same thing for the same reasons. I remember when Jerry was fighting and the family was there to cheer Jerry on. They could not stand it when he was boo'd. Often they would cause fights out side ther ring. I would hope in the future should anyone express an opinion, which they have a right to do, that the fans and family not take it so personally. By all means do not contact the individual. If anyone has a problem with things that might and will be said, please contact either myself or our Webmaster Carl Weingarten. We thank all of you for visiting and expressing your opinions, however please try to understand what "The Jerry Quarry Foundation" is all about. Protecting fighters and athletes regardless of race and not who's the best. Jerry wants it this way. He shall have it!

Kent Appel Wed Sep 27 20:49:33 PDT 2000

Brother DKS. I hope you continue to come to this site. We may not always agree with what you say but as James Quarry stated, we all have a right to express our opinons. I am also sorry if I added to the ill feelings in even the least way. The main thing I objected to was the name calling and from Bro. DKS's last posting, I believe this will stop. COME ON QUARRY FANS WE CAN TAKE A LITTLE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! As long as it is done in a respectful way. I hope people continue to debate about which figther was better than another even on this site.

Paul Maduros Wed Sep 27 20:31:53 PDT 2000

DKS can ramble all he wants , does anybodu really believe that he respects Jerry Quarry. Who is he trying to kid. He's been visiting people and calling them stupid and disrepecting Quarry family members. HIS POINT IS HE HAS NO POINT, OTHER THAN TO MAKE TROUBLE. James Quarry handled DKS with a lot of class and dignity. This is NOT the site to voice opinons about black or white. Jerry Quarry said that boxers were like a brotherhood. I'm sure he was tired of that white hope garbage.

Br.DKS Wed Sep 27 09:23:25 PDT 2000

When I had scrolled down the letters I saw some surprising messages from an unexpected source. I was very pleased to see that Mr.J Quarry himself didn't have a problem with my posts. "That was a surprise". The way others were vilifying me I was expecting Mr.Quarry to ban me. I also saw Angelo's and Joe Krouses posts for the first time (today) and was again pleased. As I wrote before I would never come to this site or any others to cause trouble. This is the ist time that that I've been involved in things that have gone too far. Not the 1st time that I've had heated debates but the first time there's been such genuine hatred towards me over something so trivial as my view of a boxers ability in the ring (which was not insulting BTW). Especially when I wrote some praise in his ability. Anyways I just wrote to express my apologies to the Foundation, family members and anyone else who may have found my posts in a negative light. As I've stated repeatedly it was never my intention to do so. I was simply writting my opinion on a particular issue. I now realize that I still was in the wrong in that this letter page is not for bringing up issues like this. As Kent Apple wrote a while back it's for issues such as support for retired boxers and other issues of the sort. Thus wether my posts were insulting or not is immaterial. They still were "innapropriate" for this particular section. Perhaps in the future the Foundation can set up an actual Message Forum whereby people can discuss various topics (ie greatest all-time heavies etc). Until that time all letters should be either ones of condolences to the family, dedications to the late (great) Jerry Quarry or about what can be done for retired boxers. Not for useless banter such as defending Ali against attacks or his status as an all-time great. Perhaps when I learn how to use a computer (yes I'm computer illitterate) I can set up my own site and dedicate it to one of the "Greatest" human beings on earth today (not to mention best heavyweight). In the end God will judge us all anyways thus how we feel in this life won't even matter. In the end only the Creator's judgement will matter. My following apologie was sincere so I hope it will be accepted. This apologie was directed specifically towards Kent, Sabrina and Paul. There's no need to fight anymore. There was never a reason to fight in the first place. I had to write this before leaving. Peace

Joe Krause Tue Sep 26 16:21:28 PDT 2000

I am the author and owner of one of this websites sparring partners, "Heavyweights of the 70's". I have just finished another huge update and now have more then 200 records in the database. The records are for heavyweights from 1960-1980 approx. For instance the Jerry Quarry page on my site has links to the records of the fighter he faced in 47 of the 63 bouts Jerry took part in up until 1976. There are also fight recaps, ring rankings and my own analysis of a fighters place in history. I am presently working on a page that deals with the top 100 heavyweights of the era, stay tuned.

Br.DKS Tue Sep 26 12:12:14 PDT 2000

It hurts that anyone would think that I would even consider writting derogatory remarks about the late Jerry Quarry. You seriously think that I would dare write negative things about a person I know nothing about (except his ring record of course) RUN BY HIS OWN FAMILY MEMBERS! You must think I'm really dumb. As dumb as Paul must look. All I did was state my own opinion about the status of Quarry in the all-time great area. For the umpteenth time he was great but not "THE GREATEST" (heavyweight boxer that is). Cuts or no cuts. Let's just say for arguments sake that at his best he could beat any heavyweight accept for Ali (whom he lost to twice anyways. An Ali that wasn't even at his best. That would've been between 1967-69). (and of course Joe Louis who's the best heavyweight ever). Before I drop this subject I'd just like to say that Ali as a human being is definately the greatest. He's been in the service of humanity for years. He's spoken out against oppression like when he spoke out against the former Soviet inavasion of Afganistan. He also contibuted money to free American hostages from Iran (all white I might add). They were incredibly greatful to him. Later in 1990 he tried (along with Rev. Jesse Jackson) to negotiate with Saddam Hussein (or is it Insane) and prevent the gulf war. Finally there are the countless times that Ali has given of his wealth towards the less fortunate. Even during his "bad" days of the 60's (which critics always seem to dwell on when evaluating him) he gave a great deal of charity. He's even given money to people on the streets or those who knock at his door. He's presently a member of an international Relief org. called Global Village (which has other spoert and entertainment icons as members. Celine Dionne as one of them). His last mission I think was in India. There he once again donated a lot of his wealth to the poor in that country. Boy is Ali ever bad! The world needs more "bad" people like him. As for him being a draft dodger Pleeeaaaase! Ali was a rightfully conciencious objector like the many others (such as pres.Bill Clinton). He refused to get drafted for mainly religious reasons. Also you musn't forget about the climate of 1960's America. It was at near fascist levels at the time. Black's had little rights. Only ignorant people forget about the racial inequality between the races at the time (we witnessed some of this in the writters of the past which all Quarry fans have no problem with posting). Do you think I would want to serve a country that said "Nigger you can't do this, nigger you can't do that, nigger you can't go here, nigger you can't get that job, oh but nigger you can definately go abraod and die for this unfair nation at the hands of people who never called you nigger or lynched you like we do." HELL NO! As Ali said "Ain't no Vietcong ever called me nigger". Right on Bro Ali, you tell em. My point is the 60's were a most stressfull time. Many Blacks had different ways of expressing their frustration. Ali chose this method. Ali a draft dodger? I think NOT! Mr.Jim Quarry is from that period. He'd know what it was like. I assume that most of you were either not born or just children during the 60's. Go get yourself some books and study. Remember what happened to Martin Luther King Jr. and who did it to him? There I've gotten this off my chest (a la TOM O and others). I'm done with this topic. This Brother is out. In the words of the late President Nixon (who because he's white will most likely be forgiven for his past wrongs) You won't have this "Brother" to kick around anymore (he he he). PS:Don't bother with the bs e-mail attacks. I'll just delete them as usual (without reading them) Not to mention slam your behinds as usual. Just read and learn. You don't have to agree. It's not written in stone, steel, granite or any other substance. As for me personally I've written esays against spousal assault (which I got an A- on only due to lateness) and am an advocate against child abuse. I'm presently in the process of forming an anti-abuse org here in Ottawa (capital of Canada for you american yahoo's who don't know). I'm also in the process of writting a speach against Female Genitle Mutilation (so-called female circumcission) and Honour (more like dishonerable) Killings (the murders of women at the hands of relatives and/or friends for suspicion of sexual or moral misconduct. Like Ali I'm also a "bad" person (right Paul and Sabrina). I'm not writting this in order to gain some sort of praise or something (I have no idea who you all are anyways thus it would be useless) just to show that this is the internet and you don't know me. It's foolish to judge someone on the basis of a boxing subject. Until next time, the unfairly portrayed and contreversial (through public misunderstanding) Brother DKS.

Just Another Fan TAT8227@AOL.COM Tue Sep 26 05:01:24 PDT 2000

Win,lose or draw Jerry fought them all. And anytime you saw him fight you knew you'd see a brawl Jerry fought the good fight, in the ring as well as life, he struggled and he fought to win and he fought with all his might. Never mind the draws and losses the bloodfests and the scars, or the fading cheers from the drunken sports fan bars. Never mind his setbacks or the carp of sporting hacks or bad luck that seemed to plague him or his tries at coming back. As any fan will tell you and very often does.... he went out a winner - loved for the way he was. To us he was a Champion from the very start, and to those who loved and knew him most...... he was the Champion of our Hearts. "Irish Jerry Quarry" May you rest in peace.

Joe Krause Mon Sep 25 20:11:30 PDT 2000

A lot of people have strong opinions about boxing. That is what makes it a great sport. The reality of it is that all we have is opinions. Who was better, who would win what fight, who is the greatest. It's in everyone's own judgement and everyone has the right to those opinions. God Bless

Angelo Sun Sep 24 10:22:07 PDT 2000

And the truth is that I've met people of ALL races who enjoyed Jerry's fights and respected and liked his image. And of course there are millions of Ali fans who are white. Athletics/boxing should be colorblind. Sure, it's natural to buy into the "white hope" challenge, but I guarantee you, once the fight starts, a boxer doesn't care what color his opponent is. And usually, once the fight ends, there is mutual respect. In terms of the work of this foundation, it's important---literally a matter of life and death. As boxing/football/hockey/sports fans, we have to walk a fine line here---we don't want the sports to be changed and made less competetive through too many safety measures, but at the same time, we must lobby the respective governing bodies of sports to be prudent in protecting participants and also we must work to take care of those who have been injured like Jerry was. I'm sure Jerry was an exception in that he had a brother (and the brother's family) who were loyal until the end---who made sacrafices themselves to take care of Jerry. I'm sure many athletes who have been victims of brain trauma did not have this support.

James Quarry Sat Sep 23 23:24:21 PDT 2000

I almost forgot. Bro. DK, please do not take it upon yourself to express your opinion by forcing your opinion by e-mailing and calling names to the people who visit this web sight. You have a right to express yourself, however it is wrong to takes these e-mail address and force your opinion. As long as you do not bring up the black/white matter. How about giving your opinion on how we can help athletes who suffer from blunt force trauma.

James Quarry Sat Sep 23 23:12:55 PDT 2000

Angelo is right. Bro. DK has a right to his opinion. I feel that at not anytime has he degraded Jerry. He has a right to say what he feels, with out some of these readers taking it personally. This man doesn't feel Jerry should be rated in the top 10 of all time. KO Magazine, in the November addition, Rates Jerry in the above mentioned top ten. That's their opinion. However this web page was intended to bring attention to some of the problems in contact sports. Never has TJQF intended this to be a black or white matter. I don't care if a black fight won over a white fighter, or just the other way around. Both are susceptible to permanent brain damage. This is what TJQF is all about. Not who was the best. Think about it. When fans boo'd Jerry when he was boxing. We did not like it, but that person paid his money to see the fight. Just like Bro. DK. Nothing that he says should be taken in disrespect. We live in a free country for all to have a say. We all have a right to disagree. That's what makes the world go round.

Angelo Sat Sep 23 22:40:58 PDT 2000

This board is a great way to pay tribute to Jerry Quarry and show support for his family. Thank you for having it. I received my video today and really enjoyed it. I'd like to say that everyone is entitled to their opinion and Brother DKS is no exception. He's obviously a very well informed boxing fan and I've read his posts...he has honored Jerry's memory and has just stated his opinions about how Jerry ranks all time. I don't think he is disrespecting the Quarry family or memory of Jerry. I'd like to say that at 37 years old, I was very young when Jerry was at his peak...the fights I remember were from the mid-70's. Watching the video showed me the younger and faster Jerry---he really was a dynamic boxer with hand and foot speed and very good fundamental boxing skills. It seems clear to me that if it were not for his problem with cuts around his eyes, he would have performed even better. In an era with Ali, Frazier and Foreman, I'm not saying he would have been a Champion...but he would have been even more competetive than he already was. The great boxers had their hands full with Jerry, that's for sure. It seems clear to me also that Jerry was a quality individual and a friendly man---and in the end, these are the mark of a great person as much as wins and losses. His courage in those heavyweight battles is reflected today in James and the Quarry family's courage in overseeing this foundation. Jerry's family was by his side until the end and is now carrying on his memory. God Bless.


Just ignore him , maybe we'll get lucky and he'll go away. Anyway most of the people that visit this site show a lot of class. Brandi, I hope that you make a full and complete recovery from your surgery. God Bless

Sabrina Porter Sat Sep 23 07:32:28 PDT 2000

boy that brother dks really has a big chip on his shoulder.we all know that jerry was a great man with a big heart.and that's all that matters to us fans. whatever dks has to say is out of jealousy and nothing he has to say matters to any of we shouldn't let his comments bother us.we know the truth.

Frazier Fan Fri Sep 22 20:16:31 PDT 2000

Hello Quarry fans, Check this site out. Perhaps you can all get together since Frazier and the late Quarry had some things in common. Well they met each other in the ring. Interesting site. Perhaps you'll find Fraziers interesting as well. Later

Br.DKS Fri Sep 22 19:37:15 PDT 2000

Paul Murauder, you're cheap. And pathetic too. Only you would sit 24/7's at the JQ site. My busy schedual leaves me with only a couple of times a week at the web. Who needs a life? Loser

Paul Maduros Fri Sep 22 17:30:59 PDT 2000

A great karate master once said " Good or bad if people talk about me than I must be important " Jerry's career speaks for itself. Talk is cheap , this man has nothing better to do than try to slam Jerry. 99.9 % of the people that visit this site don't agree with DKS. Looks like he needs a life. Name calling and trash talk have no place on this site. I reject your words and the memory of them. Please leave

Br.DKS Fri Sep 22 16:26:52 PDT 2000

Man you people sure are IGNORANT. I was simply showing the other side. There's nothing inconsistant in what I wrote. Quarry was a great fighter but just not "the greatest" or the best like a lot of you are trying to hype him up to be. You can be great without being "the best" or a top-10. Holyfield, Ken Norton, George Chuvalo and many more are great or at least very competetive boxers without bieng the best. That's how I view Quarry as a boxer. Great but not "the best" or a top-10 all-time. Hopefully even a Nimrods like Kent Apple-Head and Paul Murauder understand this. Since this topic is bothering you all so much I'll just have to drop it. I was going to compare Quarry to the fighters of his era but I see analytical discussion is beneath thee. Thus I'll just say that I believe Foreman would've creamed Quarry. Don't take what Foreman says too literally. All boxers praise each other over the years. Foreman also praises Frazier and Ali despite the fact that he whipped Frazier. Check out his website closer. Infact he has a whole section on Ali. Don't just "conviniently" focus on the Quarry quote (of him being the best non-champion). As for Fraizer he already beat Quarry in his prime (the 1969 not 74 fight) thus there`s nothing much to discuss. As for Norton well that's a toss-up. What many of you don't know and what both Ali and Quarry had the misfortune of finding out was that Norton was already a well established athlete in both high School and College (foot-ball, soccer, baseball track etc.). He later established himself in the marines. Finally he won the Pan-Am gold. Norton was no wuss. Ali and Quarry didn't realize who they were dealing with when they got into the ring with him. It cost them both. There, I've finished my point. Still don't know what set you all off? First off I never did nor could write anything negative about Quarry personally since I don`t even know him. Even if he did do wrong in the past SO WHAT, SINCE we're all human.Of course yo jabroni's would have a field day vilifying Ali despite the fact that he is NOTHING like he used to be in the past. In fact he's been a changed man for many years. Those of you who keep bringing up wrongs of his past (or allowing others to post mean-spirited things about Ali) are just ungodly, unforgiving frauds. I even made it clear that Quarry was better than Ellis and Chuvalo (despite his losses to both) as well as other fighters. He's just not as great as Ali nor a top-10 all-time greatest. During the missing years of 1967 to 1970 Ali would've been a total packaged fighting machine. He would've combined the unmatched speed and footwork of the earlier years with the stronger punches and granite chin (one of the best in boxing history). WOW! Until next time, a most dissapointed (at the negative attitude and response) Brother DKS. Cherio chaps. Or is it chumps?

Paul Maduros Fri Sep 22 15:23:18 PDT 2000

Boxing is and always will be a matter of styles. Norton beats Quarry , Shavers beats Norton , Quarry beats Shavers. I will say this on the night he fought Ron Lyle who's style is so close to Sonny Liston's. I think Jerry might have beat Norton. Norton did not have a great chin and he had trouble with big punchers. Muhammad Ali might have been the great boxer ever , but Jerry was a way cooler person.

Kent Appel Fri Sep 22 12:28:54 PDT 2000

Once again Brother DKS misses the point. It seems that some of his rantings may have been directed at my last posting. When I said that the Jerry Quarry that was soundly defeated by Fraizer in their second fight and by Ken Norton wasn't the real Jerry Quarry, I wasn't making excuses for Jerry. I was trying to make a point that maybe if he had retired earlier, he might not have been as severly damaged. I don't know if Jerry in his prime could have beaten Fraizer, Norton, or Ali for that matter. I just know that he would have had a better chance on winning. I agree with Sabrina Quarry-Porter. If Bro DKS has nothing positive to say, then he should not come to this site. But if he does come to this site, at least he could send a nice donation and then it would be worth the rest of us putting up with his illogic. I am going to send another donation.

SabrinaQuarry-Porter Fri Sep 22 06:59:53 PDT 2000

TO Bro DKS if you don't like Jerry Quarry or this website then you shouldn't bother to come here and talk trash about someone you don't know.Go talk trash somewhere else.

Paul Maduros Thu Sep 21 17:51:47 PDT 2000

I wish this guy would make up his mind, on one hand Jerry's pretty good on the other he' not. I think that through the years Muhammad Ali has recieved enough attention. Jerry is just now be noticed by a lot of boxing fan's. But look what happens, some Ali fan is jeolous. Comparing the greats of the past to now , man people could aurgue that forever. I can see why the bro is an Ali fan, they both have a big mouth. Enough of this

schoonersgang Thu Sep 21 16:55:53 PDT 2000

we love you jerry

Bro DKS Thu Sep 21 09:07:51 PDT 2000

For God's sakes will everyone stop! I understand that you all are Quarry fans but be a little realistic. The late Quarry was NOT a top 10 all-time heavyweight. There are too many Black boxers who would've whipped him. Ali and Frazier already did (though you all will always try and come up with excuses). Jack Johnson, Sam Langford, Joe Jeanette, Sam McVeigh and many more from the early 20th century to the teens (ie Harry Wills) would've beaten him. We musn't forget that many Black heavyweights will never be known because of the cowardly actions of whites during that time. If Jack Johnson hadn't chased down that cowardly Burns we may never had heard of him. From the later years we have Joe Louis (greatest heavyweight of all), who would've had no problem with Quarry. Louis at his best is in a league of his own (I agree with Foreman there). Even my man Ali would've met his match (as painful as it is for me to admit). There was also the tough (though overated) Sonny Liston and the very skillfull Floyd Patterson. The Patterson who faught Quarry in his 2 matches was not the Quarry at his very best or peak condition. Later we have Larry Holmes whom I feel is one of the all-time greats. He's very underated. He was one of the best all-around boxers around. Size, power, great combinations, one of the best jabs in heavyweight boxing (he learned this from the greatest Ali) and movement (only Ali moved better than Holmes). He would've been too much for Quarry to handle. Blood or no blood. Then we move to the present time with the powerhouse Tyson, Holyfield and Lewis. There's also the southpaw Moorer to consider. Tyson and Holyfield vs Quarry is a toss-up. They could go either way. When Tyson was at his peak in 1988-89 he was an unstoppable force. But to be honest Quarry may have been able to find a way. Anyone can beat anyone in boxing on any given day. As good as Holyfield is by today's standards I don't think he's as great as the boxers of the past. A past which Quarry was a part of. I give Quarry the edge though it could go either way. My least favorite is Lewis. Though I like him as a person I'm not impressed with him as a boxer. The only reason I pick him over Quarry is his overwhelming size advantage. His weight and reach would've been overwhelming for Quarry. I do believe that Quarry P4P is the better boxer though. Quarry by today's standards is really a crusirweight. I feel that only Joe Louis could've overcame this obstacle to whip Lewis. Ali, Norton and Foreman wouldn't have to worry about this. Quarry at his best would've had no problem with Moorer or that joke named John Ruiz (who could never beat any great heavyweight at their best). The Moorer is a great boxer by today's standards (which are weak indeed) he is not in Quarry's league. As for Quarry being an all-time white heavyweight I have him at 7th. Behind Dempsey (Greates W Heavyweight), Marciano, Tunney, Jeffries (only because of his record) Baer and Schmeling. I have him ahead of Fitzimmons, Golata and Chuvalo (despite the fact he lost to Chuvalo). The men I left for last were Ali, Frazier, Foreman and Norton. I purposely did this since they were infact from Quarry's era. They need further assessment. I consider his loss to Ellis an off night. It should never have happened. I do believe that Quarry was the better fighter thus there's no need for further discussion. I'll just say that Quarry at his best could never beat Ali at his best. The fact is Quarry lost twice to an Ali WHO WASN'T EVEN AT HIS BEST. Those missing years from 1967 to 1969 are crucial in Ali's career. This is something that is often forgotten by critics who evaluate Ali's greatness. Fact is we never ever saw Ali at his best and that's sad. The Ali before the layoff was the fastest heavyweight ever in history who had the ability to stay away from big punches (most of the time) and could keep his movement up for most of the fight. He would then pepper his apponants with his quick jabs and combinations. The problem is the young Ali often made criticle mistakes (like all young up and comers) and didn't have the strongests chin or punches. The Ali after the lay-off lost virtually all his speed but gained strength. He was a stronger puncher and had one of the greates chins P4P in boxing history. He could take punches that made others crumble (Ali-Frazier I and III prove this). No one else could've withstood the punishment dished out by Frazier in the Thrilla in Manila (not to mention the deadly heat) and still come back to win the way Ali did. Not Quarry, Norton, Foreman, Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis, Johnson, Jeffries, Tunney, Baer, Schleming, Golata or even the tough Marciano. Only Louis and maybe Dempsey could've pulled it off. That's just the greatness of Ali. It's time people (or critics) respect that. As you can see though Quarry was a great competetive fighter putting him as the one of the greates is doubtful at best. It's also disingenuous to the other great heavyweights throughout history. PS: I'll deal with Foreman, Frazier and Norton later on. Don't want to make this post too much longer than it already is. until next time. The opinionated Brother DKS.

Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) Sun Sep 17 20:55:24 PDT 2000

I just have to say "Ya Gotta Love This Site." Keep up the good work, "It's Awesome." Uncle Jerry, you would be proud. We love & miss you!

Kent Appel Sun Sep 17 07:44:11 PDT 2000

It is hard to tell when a fighter has had too many fights. The fighter that was soundly beaten in the second Frazier fight and the Norton fight wasn't the true Jerry Quarry. His heart was still there but by this time his skills had faded. The image that some of the general public has centers on these beatings and this is too bad because they can't understand what those of us that are true fans see and that is Jerry was a great exciting fighter with a lot of skills both physical and mental. Jerry should have retired after the second Frazier fight because of the bad beating he received. It would have been hard to predict that this would occur after Jerry had just won 6 fights in a row including wins over tough contenders Ron Lyle and Earnie Shavers and also because the first Frazier/Quarry fight had been so close. The fight against Ken Norton on the other hand should never have happened and to think he had six fights after this is hard to imagine! I am just happy that I had a chance to meet a fine gentleman like Jerry on a couple of occasions. I have not followed another fighter's carrer quite like I have Jerry's

James Quarry Sat Sep 16 15:03:49 PDT 2000

Temporally we have lost our e-mail address. Please at this time write to


Thank you Mr. Foreman for visiting this site. Being the man of God that you are, I know that you have spoken the truth. Even if Jerry had never been a boxer there were many things that were special about him. He could have been anything he wanted to be, somehow I don't see Jerry carrying a brief case. That wouldn't be him. I too saw the E.S.P.N. program the night before Jerry passed. It was the saddest night in my life. James keep doing what your doing. WE LOVE YOU JERRY AND ALWAYS WILL

GKelly Wed Sep 6 06:07:42 PDT 2000

George Foreman captured it perfectly. You could talk to Jerry like he was your next door neighbor. He gave the impression that he was happy to be speaking to you, not that you were bothering him or that you were not worthy to speak to him. It's probably difficult retaining your humility when you're young, handsome, intelligent as well as one of the best athletes on the face of the earth. One common thread that runs through all of the letters on the web page is Jerry's graciousness. That's why Jerry will be remembered far longer than some athletes of equal or greater ability. He was not only a super boxer, but more importantly a super human being. GKelly

George Foreman bgfuzzt2 Tue Sep 5 19:48:07 PDT 2000

What a great page, and nothing less should be expected for such a great man.Of all the men who had their" Day in the sun" none were as gracious, as Jerry Quarry; I can say this because I was there, I knew him. He beat all the same guys coming up as Ali did, and he never said " I am the greatest" Believe me there were days he looked that good in the ring. Any young boy could walk up to Jerry and say" Hi Jerry" not so in the 60s with the others; I know I was one of them. I am proud some one has done a good page for my friend. And he was my friend;because I was there I knew him. Thanks George Foreman

James Quarry Tue Sep 5 15:21:08 PDT 2000

We are sorry for the delay with the up date of the home page. Our webmaster's computer crashed. It is in the shop for repairs. Coming soon will be Jerry's induction to his home town of Bakersfied's Hall of Fame. CBS did the video.

Joe Krause Mon Sep 4 12:24:00 PDT 2000

James, I saw the ESPN show and taped it a couple months ago thinking I would get some real interesting footage or something. It was boring and showed the same fights we always see on ESPN. With their huge boxing library they should have showed round 6 against Mac Foster and the Earnie Shavers fight. I also would include round 12 from the Spencer fight and round 7 from the Lyle fight as you did on this website. On a fuuny note- I have one of the funniest things on tape from before the third Ali, Norton fight. Muhammad Ali acted like Jerry doing the interview and Jerry acted like he was Muhammad Ali and kept saying he was the greatest of all time in a fairly good impersonation. At the end of the little interview Muhammad said "Muhammad you must be really scared, beacuse you turned white." Then they both laughed loudly as it ended. Jerry then was the broadcaster for that great fight.

James Quarry Sun Sep 3 22:48:53 PDT 2000

ESPN show a re-run of thier program of Jerry Quarry, "The Forgotten Heavyweight" I say this now, the first time this program was on the air, was January 2nd 1999, the night before Jerry died. It was in bad taste then, and it is in bad taste now. They only showed Jerry loses. If this was a tribute to Jerry, Why didn't ESPN show some of his wins. He had 53 of them with 33 knock outs. Some of his wins were over Spencer, Foster, Lyle, Patterson, Shavers, Mathis. At the time he fought Spencer, Lyle, and Foster they were rated #1 in the world. Foster and Spencer were both knock out, anf Lyle was completely out classed. Even now Jerry is not given full credit.

Phyllis Stassi Mon Aug 28 17:10:42 PDT 2000

I am really glad that this website has been founded. It is nice to be able to sign on and see my family and memories and read the notes of encouragement and support. Thanks Uncle Jimmy. Thanks to everyone who cares and cared about such a genuine, good man. Your memory, laughter and good times live on Uncle Jerry!

Joe Krause Sun Aug 27 12:30:35 PDT 2000

The fighter Jerry drew twice early in his career was Tony Alongi. Tony was from Paterson N.J and had a 36-2-1 record with 21 konckouts going into the first Quarry fight. Tony also drew with George Chuvalo once. His losses came against Billy Daniels and Rodolfo Diaz. Daniels also fought Ali in Muhammad's 14th fight and the fight was pretty close before Daniels was cut and the fight was stopped in the 7th. Later in his career Daniels fought Jerry Quarry and Jerry knocked him out in one round. Styles make fights, and through all my research I have found one thing. Muhammad Ali was the greatest fighter in boxing history and Jerry Quarry was one tough cookie who I have the greatest respect for. In my opinion Muhammad and Jerry could have fought 10 times and Ali would have won every time. This is no knock on Jerry, Ali was the greatest and the styles didn't match up well for Jerry. I still love popping the Quarry vs Shavers fight tape in though to see Jerry at his best. I have a large website that deals with the heavyweights of this era. It is called Heavyweights of the 70's. The address is at This website deals with Ali, Frazier, Quarry, Norton, Lyle, Shavers, Ellis, Holmes and Foreman. It has complete records of the fighters as well as recaps of specific fights which I have on tape. I also have the ring rankings from 1960-1980 listed and a cross-reference chart that includes many records. I am currently updating a database that will include records for other heavyweights of this era. I haven't uploaded any of this yet, but currently have fight by fight records for 100 other heavyweights of this era done by using my Ring Record books. I am focusing on 1960-1980 and am enjoying looking at all the records. Thank you for this website, I enjoy it very much.

James Quarry Sat Aug 26 20:40:21 PDT 2000

We finally received the tribute video done by CBS, for Jerry's induction to the Bakersfield Hall of Fame. I will forward it to Carl Weingarten our Web Master. We should have it on TJQF's home page very soon. Pat Goosen stated that Jerry was the best White Heavyweight in the history of boxing. You will also see an interview with Joe Frazier. Joe says, Jerry would have been a champion if he would have had tuffer skin, for most of his big fights were stopped on cuts. No one ever knocked him out.

Franny Gillon Fri Aug 25 17:01:57 PDT 2000

Jerry Quarry was my inspiration and hero as a kid. Jerry was a tremendous counter puncher always dangerous and had an ability to win when everyone thought he was in over his head . He could move on his feet slip punches and counter he was a very well schooled fighter with good Head movement and balance and the ability to outhink the other fighter .He was a very powerful puncher. He was THE most exciting fighter of a great era . Jerry Quarry was a great fighter but He was an even greater Hero to a kid like me.Thanks for giving him his long overdue credit we all know he deserves it .

James Quarry Wed Aug 23 09:04:25 PDT 2000

We here at TJQF were sorry to read of the passing of Las Vegas Referee Mitch Halpern. He was a supporter of our cause and made contributions.

ThomasJess Tue Aug 22 20:40:18 PDT 2000

I'm a friend of Jimmy Young, the former heavyweight contender and one of 5 men to beat George Foreman. I once asked Jimmy if he was afraid to fight Foreman, after watching big George knock everyone out in his path. Jimmy said he was never afraid of George Foreman, but he was afraid to fight Jerry Quarry because of his speed and power. I thought it was a nice tribute to Jerry I wanted to share with you. Also, anyone know where I can contact Mac Foster?

James Quarry Mon Aug 21 21:34:56 PDT 2000

Sorry for the e-mail address mistake in the previous message. It is

James Quarry Mon Aug 21 21:08:18 PDT 2000

Most of you can remember Thad Spencer. In the WBA tournament Jerry had his biggest win over him. Thad ask me to do him a favor, He wanted copies of his fight with Jerry and his fight with Terrell. Thanks to a Quarry fan Vinney Mayola, I was able to get them. Being that Thad is a boxing promoter, I asked only for a couple of tickets to his next promotion. By the way, if you e-mail TJQF at the above e-mail address, you will get an auto matic responce along with a cartoon drawing of The Irisman Jerry Quarry

Jack E. McLean Thu Aug 10 17:53:08 PDT 2000

It seems that many people have an opinion about Jerry that stops at "the best". I had the opportunity, no, the priviledge, to meet Jerry in the middle 1970's. I found myself watching a gentleman move in life towards goals that most only dream of. Others simply watched and judged. It is difficult for me to see the world judge a man because he "didn't beat Ali". Jerry respected Ali as a man and as an opponent. In a discussion with Ali after the "cut" fight Ali said to Jerry that he was "glad for the cut", because Ali said he didn't know what he was going to do with Jerry. Jerry was relentless. Whether this was Ali's true feelings or just a common respect for his opponent who knows. What it does show is the respect they had for each other. When we judge men by the standards "of only the best" we miss 99.99 per cent of the world. I heard a friend say "in his time Jerry was undisputed number four". It matters not. I would love to be in the top ten in the world of anything. The top four would be even better. Jerry was not only in the top ten in the world as a boxer he was probably in the top ten gentlemen I have ever met. So all you boxing fans when you are of the mind to think of Jerry Quarry or judge his achievements I invite you to decide how you will be number one in the world in anything. Think about putting yourself in front of the public and matching yourlself with the very best. I would also invite you to look at how people love him then compare yourself in that kind of light and hope to God you might measure up. I hope that I do some day. Jerry you are missed.

James Quarry Tue Aug 8 22:03:58 PDT 2000

Anyone who has a story to tell about Jerry and what he was to them, please e-mail us. We will sort through the information and possibly use it in an up coming book on Jerry's life.

Bill Kimmey Mon Jul 31 10:48:11 PDT 2000

I am a fan of Jerrys. As I watched a tribute to him today on espn classics, the memories of him came flooding back.I remember his great fights. I remember his great heart,it brings a tear to my eye that such a great old warrior has passed on.God bless Jerry Quarry.May he rest in peace.

G Kelly Sun Jul 30 16:48:31 PDT 2000

Re: Kent Appel's Letter A letter so nice You printed it twice The purpose of the foundation is to help impaired fighters and take measures to prevent impairment in present and future fighters.

Kent Appel Sat Jul 29 22:13:07 PDT 2000

In response to Brother DKS's comments about Jerry Quarry's skills as a boxer. I think he misses the point about what this web site is all about. By going back through the achrives to find some negative comments about Muhammed Ali, he stirs up trouble where it is not needed ( by the way, this is also not the place to "trash talk" any fighter--including Ali). this site is here to help boxers and athletes of all races pursue their carrers safer. Let's all try and stay mature here!

Kent Appel Sat Jul 29 22:02:20 PDT 2000

In reponse to Brother DKS's comments about Jerry Quarry's skills in the ring I would have to say that he misses the point about what this site is all about. By going back into the archives to find some negative comments about Muhammed Ali ( by the way,this is not the place to "trash talk" any fighter--including Ali), he does harm to the real purpose of why we support this site. We support it to help keep fighters and other athletes of all colors and races safer as they pursue their carrers

Paul T. Maduros Sat Jul 29 15:45:27 PDT 2000

Dear brother d.k.s. I didn't know that anyone was disrepecting Muhammad Ali. What you fail to see is that no one said Jerry was greater than Ali. Having said that, by today's standards Jerry is a crusierweight. Yes, reach makes a difference. Ask Evander Holyfield. As for as who Jerry beat everyone fights their share of bums. THe second Patterson fight was won by Jerry, how does anyone give the fight to Patterson after being dropped twice? Patterson would have to beat Jerry from pillar to post to get the decision after 2 knockdowns. Remember that Jerry never got a rematch with Ellis or Chuvalo. As far as the first fight with Ali, Jerry was holding his own till the cut when he was blinded by blood in his eye. The fight against Ken Norton , Jerry was not even close to being in shape for this fight. I don't know to this day why he entered the ring this way , sooner or later I knew someone would show up to bash Jerry. Why in 1973 did George Foreman not accept a fight with Jerry. Foreman admits that he did not want to fight Jerry. Many people don't know this but Jerry dislocated Foreman's jaw in a sparring session. THAT IS A FACT! So don't come on here disrepecting Jerry Quarry because Jerry Quarry earned as much respect as any man that has ever stepped into the ring. Nuff said

James Quarry Thu Jul 27 13:46:47 PDT 2000

We welcome all opinions. We may not like some of them, however we want to hear from you. We respect all opinions, this is what makes the world go round.

G Kelly Thu Jul 27 05:32:58 PDT 2000

Boxing fans were blessed in the 60'sand 70's with a Golden era of heavyweights. Ali was the greatest, but Frazier was a close second. Then some other gifted fighters like Jerry, Foreman, Norton, Chuvalo,Lyle,and Ellis. Each of these fighters owes gratitude to the others for the great competition they provided. Each of these fighters was allowed to shine brightly for a moment or two in this galaxy of stars. Without this fierce competition these gallant warriors would not have been able to exhibit their mettle. Another era of great heavyweights will come again but it may be a while. I just feel privileged to have been a boxing fan 30 years ago to witness these fighters and their wars. GKelly

Brother DKS Tue Jul 25 19:20:48 PDT 2000

Hello Quarry's and others, Firstly I'd like to send my condolences to the Quarry family for the tragic loss they sufferred when Jerry passed away in early 1999. I myself didn't know about this until late that year. That being said and done there's a few issues that I'd like to deal with. They're directed towards the other readers in particular and not the Quarry family. Thus I hope that the Quarry family is not offended by what I write. It won't be all positive. While there's no doubt that Quarry was a great fighter I do not consider him one of the best. Quarry was a very inconsistant fighter who lacked motivation. Let's not forget that he lost to some no-names early in his career. I think he drew twice to some guy named Tony Aoli (or something like that). Who's that? Quarry also lost to the not so great Jimmy Ellis. Ellis has to be one of the biggest wimps of heavyweight boxing. Everybody beat Ellis. Frazier,Ali,Lyle and even Patterson if the judges weren't blind. Everybody that is accept for Quarry. Believe me Ellis was not that good. Ellis had a very weak chin. Tom O and others seem to have this extreem and perverse obsession with Ali bashing. Why exactly I do not know. Perhaps it's because he's a great Black athlete. Being that most of you are white I guess that still bothers you. Quarry was not as talented as Ali. Quarry lost to an Ali that wasn't even at his best. The Ali before his 3 1/2 year lay-off would've run circles around Quarry. Quarry would have been out-classed (and of course out-boxed) by a mile. Now that I mentioned this here's something to think about. ALI WAS ABLE TO BEAT THE #1 COUNTENDER AFTER A 3 1/2 YEAR LAY-OFF. HE DID THIS WITHOUT EVEN FIGHTING ANY WARM-UP MATCHES. ALI COULD HAVE FAUGHT TOMATO CANS IF HE WANTED TO BUT ELECTED TO GO TO THE TOP. THAT ALI WAS ABLE TO EASILY OUTBOX QUARRY AFTER A 3 1/2 YEAR LAY-OFF PROVES THAT ALI IS FAR SUPERIOR TO QUARRY. AS FOR THE FIGHT ITSELF ALI CLEARLY OUTBOXED QUARRY. THOSE OF YOU WHO CLAIM THAT QUARRY WOULD HAVE WON IF NOT CUT ARE ONLY DREAMING. YOU'RE ALL JUST A BUNCH OF IGNORAMUSES!!! WATCH THE FIGHT AGAIN. aLI WAS BOXING QUARRY SILLY. QUARRY JUST COULD'T AVOID ALI'S JABS. ALI HAD ONE OF THE FASTEST AND BEST JABS IN HEAVYWEIGHT HISTORY. A FREIND OF MINE WHO DOESN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT BOXERS FROM THE PAST HAD A HARD TIME BELIEVING THAT QUARRY WAS ANY GOOD. I HAD TO CONVINCE HIM THAT QUARRY WAS INDEED A GOOD BOXER. THAT'S HOW THOROUGHLY OUT-BOXED QUARRY WAS. QUARRY IS LUCKY HE GOT CUT IN THE 3RD. IT SAVED HIM FURTHER HARM AND EMBARRESSMENT. I never saw the 2nd Ali/Quarry match but read that Ali was literrally begging the ref to stop the fight since he was hurting Quarry bad. The ref finally came to his senses when he stopped it in the 7th. The same came 2 years later when Frazier came close to killing him. The legendary Louis finally came to his senses and stopped it in the 5th. Quarry should have beaten Ellis. There's no excuses for that accept that he's not as great as you're all trying to hype him up to be. Quarry also lost to the rugged Canadian George Chuvalo by 7th round ko. Chuvalo never beat a great accept for Quarry. He fell shorts on all his attempts. Ali twice, Foreman, Frazier, Ellis and the list goes on. What does that tell us about Quarry? I too agree that Quarry could've beaten Frazier if he had faught his way instead of Fraziers. He should never have slugged it out with him. He should've boxed him like Ali did. Ali beat Frazier twice that way. The fact that Ali beat Frazier twice while Quarry lost twice (and got destroyed the 2nd time) to Frazier further proves Ali's superiority. Ali was one of only two fighters to beat Frazier. The other of course was Foreman. There have been some debate about Frazier-Bonavena I but that's another story. Quarry finally had the sense to back it in when he came close to death at the hands of the versitile Kenny Norton. He should never have taken on Ken Norton in the first place. Especially at that point in his career. Fighting Norton was a big mistake. In the midts of defeats to great boxers (Ali,Frazier,Norton) came some surprising good victories. Thad Spencer and especially Ron Lyle and the power-puncher Earnie Shavers. He beat both Lyle and Shavers after his two Ali losses which make them that more better. Shavers was not that experienced at that time however. THOSE OF YOU WHO PICK ON ALI (IE ANDREW) ABOUT TAINTED VICTORIES ARE ABSOLUTE HYPOCRITES!!!!!Quarry isn't free from contreversial victories either. HIS ALLEDGED VICTORY OVER PATTERSON (in the 2ND MATCH) WAS A CLEAR ROBERRY. A FARCE!!! A GIFT DECISION. QUARRY CLEARLY LOST. WHERE WAS ALL HONESTY AND "INTEGRETY" THEN (HMMMMM ANDREW)??? ALMOST AS BAD AS ELLIS'S DISPUTED VICTORY OVER PATTERSON. Ali on the other hand clearly and convincingly beat Patterson twice. I'll end the post hear. I'll discuss Ali the man later. PS:Foreman is not the best fight anilyzer around. Infact he sucks. He's the worst ringside observer around (maybe Boom Boom Mancini is worse). Thus you shouldn't take all what he says or writes at face value (such as Quarry being the greatest challengers in history). Ali is one of the most beautiful human beings on earth. All that negative garbage you people write is just bs. As a Black man I'm proud that Ali came along when he did. As a human being I'm even more happy that all people have been fortunate enough to be touched by his love for humanity. By the way Ali had great respect for Quarry so you jabroni's should just lay off. We love you Muhammad. You're truly the "Greatest" of all times. Both in and out of the ring. May God continue to bless you.

Tom Ferraro Tue Jul 25 00:03:19 PDT 2000

Jerry and family, growing up next door to and your family was fun and i have lots of great memories. I will never forget you or you family. God bless you Jerry, you and your family were always good to me.

Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) Thu Jul 20 10:53:18 PDT 2000

Just wanted to say keep up the great work on this site. I love & miss you Uncle Jerry.

Sabrina Quarry-Porter Thu Jul 20 06:53:27 PDT 2000


Joe Krause Wed Jul 19 21:32:02 PDT 2000

I really enjoyed Jerry's courage in the ring. His win over Ron Lyle still makes me smile. I remember my dad saying Jerry didn't have a chance against Lyle, that Lyle was a monster in the ring. I told him that Quarry was going to figure out how to pull it off. Jerry not only pulled it off, he staggered big Ron a couple times. Well, this one of the few times I was right I guess

James Quarry Sat Jul 15 07:01:44 PDT 2000

On behalf of TJQF, I am attending the Veteran Boxers Assoc. of Oregon Pic-NicK next week end on the 22nd. They are honoring Thad Spencer. We will post the results again this year.

adolph feldstein Sat Jul 8 14:47:47 PDT 2000

hane very rare footage on jerry quarry from the early seventies.i loved jerry quarry.

Sabrina Quarry-Porter Tue Jun 27 08:06:48 PDT 2000


Paul T. Maduros Sat Jun 24 16:27:29 PDT 2000

I just wanted to make a couple of comments, first of all I read in some materials I have about Jerry's career that if he didn't win the fight against Mac Foster the Boxing writers were calling for Jerry to retire. Can you believe it? Even though he was only 25yrs old! Wow man, their ready to pounce on you anytime you lose. Jerry surprised the hell out of them. As far as the 1st Frazier fight, thinking about after all these years , I think that Jerry did the right thing in trying to take Frazier out quick. Frazier is a slow starter and can be hurt early. I know that he was made to feel that it was the wrong strategy. The critics will say that Jerry could not beat Ali and Frazier, I say who could.

James Quarry Wed Jun 14 19:40:40 PDT 2000

We have added a link to the Jack Reeves web page. Jack is a long time friend of our family. Last year he held a benefit for TJQF. Please visit his web page. He is a very good Country Western Intertainer. Jerry used to sing with him and his band. The link is on our home page.

Paul Drolet Wed Jun 7 09:35:58 PDT 2000

The much anticipated Oscar De LaHoya-Shane Mosley bout will be held June 17th in Los Angeles. (For what it's worth, I have a hunch that Mosley is going to take the Golden Boy out). The date will also mark the 30th anniversary of Jerry's stunning 6th-round knockout victory of previously undefeated Mac Foster in New-York's famed Madison Square Garden. In the words of the legendary announcer, Don Dunphee, "Quarry came from way back" for the win. Jerry had difficulty getting inside Foster's prohibitive reach in the early going and got caught with a wicked right hand midway through the third round. His comeback began in the fourth. The bell saved Foster from Jerry's assault in the fifth. The reprieve was short-lived, however. Midway through the 6th, Jerry lured Foster into a right hand lead, then caught him with a brilliant right hand counter. Foster's legs buckled and Jerry pounced on his wounded foe, battering him around the ring. The coup de grace, a short right hand sent Foster down for the count. Foster would pursue his career for several years after Jerry so crudely introduced him to the big leagues.But he suffered a worse fate at Jerry's hands than he did with Muhammad Ali, who could only beat the ex-Marine on points James, did you get my e-mail?.

George Otto Tue Jun 6 17:36:51 PDT 2000

On 26 May, the President signed the Muhammed Ali Boxing Reform Act into law. Actually, he also approved a law within a law because, contained within the Muhammed Ali bill, was the State Reciprocity Safety Act of 1997. As you may recall, this legislation extended the suspension of a fighter who had been banned in one state for committing wrongful and dangerous acts to all states. Hence TJQF has now advocated for the successful passage of three laws written to protect and assist fighters in the past six years. When you consider that only six percent of all the bills introduced in Congress ever become laws, and that TJQF backed three, all of which were passed, that is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations to all of you who helped out, and especially to James !!!

Karl Hegman Fri May 26 13:47:03 PDT 2000

Jerry was one of my boxing idols as a teenager and he still is today. I used to try to mirror his left hook to the body and right hand over the jab when I was fighting myself. I'm 39 now, and one of the few real regrets that I do have at this point in my life is that I never had the opportunity to meet my hero as I lived in Houston. I have a wall in my house devoted to Jerry-mainly boxing magazine covers-and I have started to work with my son Zachary who just turned three in April with the 16 oz. gloves and I have bought him a small set of gloves and I get on my knees and let him punch away. These nightly lessons have bonded us closer together and I think of Jerry and Mr. Quarry doing the same thing that we did. I think boxing is the greatest sport ever, and it should be included in every P.E. curriculum from primary school on up. The Great Jerry Quarry may be gone from the planet-but the impact that he had on people, people whom he never even met or knew about-that impact will never subside or be forgotten, and it will be passed down on future generations. Karl

George Otto Tue May 23 04:50:14 PDT 2000

To all the wonderful people who visit this site, and especially those members of the Quarry family who do so, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed the Muahammed Ali Boxing Reform Act last evening. As you may know, TJQF has fought hard for the approval of this legislation for almost three years because it promotes fair business practices and safety in professional boxing. Thank you for all of your efforts so far. However, the struggle continues because we must next secure the signature of President William Clinton in order for this bill to become law. Please contact the President on the phone, on the internet, and in writing to influence him to do the right thing. Finally, I thank all of you for your generous efforts in securing the passage of this legislation. I especially thank Jerry, James, Brandi, and Carl for creating TJQF and its website, and thus bringing people together for important causes such as the passage of the Professional Boxing Safety At of 1996 and this legislation.

wylie stilwell Sun May 21 16:16:35 PDT 2000

I met big jerry through his son who is to this day a great freind and my brother I share his sadness and also his joy for his father I miss him with all my heart the greatest of champions to me love allways.

Paul T. Maduros Wed May 17 20:27:18 PDT 2000

Happy Bithday Jerry, you will always be my biggest hero. Forever in my thoughts and prayers, God bless you.

jonathan quarry Tue May 16 14:37:00 PDT 2000

Iwish you could have waited,But death came to you by surprise.Itreally wasn't your choice.Ihave to grow up now without you dad,my children you will never see,But through my life and through my heart,You will always live in me,Even though you are not here Iam still part of you I just wanted you to know i love you so Happy birthday dad

Tina Quarry Mon May 15 19:33:33 PDT 2000

Happy Birthday Jerry, We love and miss you so much. All our love your son Jonathan & Tina

BIG TRAIN BERGMAN angelsunchained@hotmail Mon May 15 15:40:51 PDT 2000

I had the great pleasure to meet Jerry when he was at the 5th street gym in Miam,i Beach, Fl training for a bout against a fellow named Carrol(If I remember correctly). I was just starting out in amatuer boxing and Jerry was kind enough to give me some points on how to throw a left hook. Jerry went on to KO Carrol in 1. And thanks to Jerry, I went out and TKO'd my foe also in one. Jerry will always be the greatest to me. He was the nicest guy ever to step into the ring.

SABRINA QUARRY BEANER5240@AOL.COM Mon May 15 09:15:55 PDT 2000


James Quarry Mon May 15 06:03:02 PDT 2000

Jerry would have turned 54 today. May 15th. On this day is when Jerry and I started TJQF. I know your watching over us. Happy Birthday Jerry

John Gaetano Elwill7847 Sun May 14 17:25:33 PDT 2000

I would really like to see either a movie or documentary on Jerry's life. There is no doubt that his story is interest- ing enough to warrant a movie or documentary. How about HBO doing a documentary on Jerry? Maybe if they recieved enough requests from Jerry's fans they would consider it. Quarry fans let's write or call HBO and request they do a documentary on Jerry's would not only be a testament to the quality individual Jerry was but would shed light on the problems that can plague fighters who go on too far in the game. I will write and call HBO...who else will join me?

George Otto Sun May 7 08:45:03 PDT 2000

As the Washington, DC representative and a board member of TJQF, I contacted staffers from two Congressional offices regarding two pending bills strongly supported by the Foundation. I spoke last Monday with Tim Brennan of Representative Patsy Mink of Hawaii’s office regarding her bill, HR 477 (Traumatic Head Injuries Amendments of 1999)—a bill which, if passed and implemented, would increase research efforts regarding head injuries. Mr. Brennan indicated that interest is growing in getting this legislation through Congress. I, in turn, explained TJQF and its support for the bill’s passage. Also, I met last Friday with Mr. Bing Yee of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton’s office to discuss the status of both HR 477 and HR 1832 (The Muhammed Ali Boxing Reform Act). I thought that this was important because Ms. Holmes represents my district and strongly supports reform in professional boxing. Mr. Yee stated that he knew nothing about HR 477, and that no vote is scheduled for HR 1832. I also am attempting to speak to Mr. Bob Foster of Representative Mike Oxley’s office, as he holds the power in terms of getting the House to vote on these measures. Please express your support for HR 477 and HR 1832 to your Representatives, and Mr. David Wu of Oregon. TJQF is in Mr. Wu’s district. Keep in mind that all representatives have email addresses, and that they like to hear from their constituents. James, Brandi, and Carl, keep up those left hands and the good work !! Thanks to all of you who support TJQF, especially the family members and friends of the Quarry family !!

George Otto Sun May 7 08:33:01 PDT 2000

As the Washington, DC representative and a board member of TJQF, I contacted staffers from two Congressional offices regarding two pending bills strongly supported by the Foundation. I spoke last Monday with Tim Brennan of Representative Patsy Mink of Hawaii’s office regarding her bill, HR 477 (Traumatic Head Injuries Amendments of 1999)—a bill which, if passed and implemented, would increase research efforts regarding head injuries. Mr. Brennan indicated that interest is growing in getting this legislation through Congress. I, in turn, explained TJQF and its support for the bill’s passage. Also, I met last Friday with Mr. Bing Yee of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton’s office to discuss the status of both HR 477 and HR 1832 (The Muhammed Ali Boxing Reform Act). I thought that this was important because Ms. Holmes represents my district and strongly supports reform in professional boxing. Mr. Yee stated that he knew nothing about HR 477, and that no vote is scheduled for HR 1832. I also am attempting to speak to Mr. Bob Foster of Representative Mike Oxley’s office, as he holds the power in terms of getting the House to vote on these measures. Please express your support for HR 477 and HR 1832 to your Representatives, and Mr. David Wu of Oregon. TJQF is in Mr. Wu’s district. Keep in mind that all representatives have email addresses, and that they like to hear from their constituents. James, Brandi, and Carl, keep up those left hands and the good work !! Thanks to all of you who support TJQF, especially the family members and friends of the Quarry family !!

Sabrina Quarry Sat Apr 29 19:34:14 PDT 2000

hello there.just wanted to say i miss you Jerry very much and i know you will be with me the day of my wedding in June.Dad/Brandi keep up the good work with this website.Jerry would be proud!!!! GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!!!

Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) Tue Apr 25 06:59:14 PDT 2000

Hope you all had a "Happy Easter". Uncle Jerry, we love & miss you very much. Dad/Brandi, we are very proud of what you are doing, keep up the good work.

Paul T. Maduros Sun Apr 23 13:43:08 PDT 2000

Happy Easter to all of the Quarry family May God bless you

Paul T. Maduros Sun Apr 23 13:43:03 PDT 2000

Happy Easter to all of the Quarry family May God bless you

James Quarry Sun Apr 23 07:42:47 PDT 2000

We wish all a "Happy Easter" We have finally received some newspaper coverage of Jerry's induction to the Bakersfield Hall of Fame. We will have them posted soon. We also have most of the material for the TJQf magazine publication, hopefully coming out this summer. We are working on a CD-ROM to go along with the magazine.

Jerry Hooser Thu Apr 13 03:46:35 PDT 2000

I read about Jerry in magazine and news articles but never knew how to contact anyone until I found this webstie. I met Jerry briefly on a couple of occasions. I was introduced to him by his sister Diana. The first time I met him was sometime in 1963 before his boxing career. The next time I saw him was at the Neutral Corner in Norwalk around 1968. It was amazing that he still remembered me from our initial brief introduction. If he didn't remember, he certainly was gracious with his act. I will always remember those occassions with fond memories.

keri pryor afekshenit Tue Mar 28 11:36:56 PST 2000

To my family, I miss you all and love you all very much. Daddy, I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.

Paul T. Maduros Sat Mar 25 13:59:16 PST 2000

As a fan of Jerry's for more than 30yrs I would like to thank all of the wonderful people that support and visit this site. The Quarry family exemplify what it means to be family. Just like his brothers James Quarry has won the love of many people. We must all rally behind James in his quest to make all sports safer. God bless the Quarry family.

Kent Appel Mon Mar 20 17:21:39 PST 2000

James, I had the opportnuity to meet Jerry on a couple of occasions when he was visiting friends in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area. He went to a bar called Patrick's Pub and he would play darts with his friends. I remember on one occasion I was talking about boxing with a couple of other men the bar. The subject of Muhammed Ali's opponets came up and someone mentioned Jerry's name. One of the men said that Jerry was a bum. Jerry happened to be waiting for his friends to come in and he was sitting a couple of stools away at the bar. I said to the man 'would you recognize Quarry if you saw him?' The man said that he would know that bum anywhere. I said to the man 'why don't you go tell him he's a bum? He's sitting a few bar stools down?' The man shut up very fast and Jerry just shook his head with the knowledge who the real bum was. Oh by the way, this happened in the early 1980's On a couple of times when I got to speak to Jerry, He and I spoke about music. He seemed moved that I knew that he was a singer. I am also a singer and I even kidded with him that he would probably get a bigger break because of his sports carrer and that I was a better singer than him. He just laughed and said that I was probably right---he was a real class act!

James Quarry Sat Mar 18 09:12:37 PST 2000

Irish Jerry Quarry was inducted into the Bakersfield Hall of Fame. Bakersfield, Calif., of course is Jerry's home town. The date was Feb. 17th, 2000. CBS put together a tribute video of Jerry. I have been told that we would have a copy it it real soon. As soon as we receive it, it will be posted on our web page.

SAL APRIL WCHEAM@AOL,COM Thu Mar 16 06:49:07 PST 2000

James, just thought I'd liet you know about the state of a star hockey player for the Philadelphia Flyers. You may have heard of him, Eric Lindros. The reason I'm bringing it to your attention is that he is out for about ten days due to a concussion he suffered from a hit he took on March 4th. The doctors yesterday that when he complained of headaches, that they were just migraines, and they even went to the press with that mis information. FINALLY THEY ADMITTED THAT HE HAD ANOTHER CONCUSSION. He is in the hospital now for observation. This marks the second concussion in a short period of time, and the FOURTH in an eight year career. It just seems strange that the doctors tried to down play this event as NOT being a concussion when they KNOW that Eric's younger brother was forced to retire from hockey at a young age for suffering too many concussions. Just another point for the obvious IMPORTANCE of the JERRY QUARRY FOUNDATION. Many people need to be educated even DOCTORS. Thanks...Talk to you again soon, Sal

kim matthews rambaud Mon Mar 13 02:13:17 PST 2000

I was too young to know about Jerry Quarry until I went out with Bobby. I remember late one night at 2:00am I heard a honk in my driveway that woke my dad, my dad replied with "who is that?" I told him it's Jerry Quarry's younger brother. "He said I don't care if its the Pope" The next day he told me all about Jerry's boxing stats and what a great fighter he was. LOL You Are Real Gem Jerry!! God Bless you

Clyde Kauffman Mon Feb 28 02:04:05 PST 2000

As a teenager I loved following Jerry's career and still remember how shocked the boxing world was when he decisively outpointed Ron Lyle. The beauty of videotape is that one can slow it down to frame-by-frame, doing this clearly shows Ali caught Jerry with an elbow which opened the cut which stopped their first fight. Ali was quoted mere months later in Jose Torres now-out-of-print 1971 book on Ali, "Sting Like A Bee", that he was tired and winded by the third round in that Atlanta fight with Jerry. Thus, the first Ali fight should have been declared a no-contest. Three months after knocking out Frazier to win the title back in 73, George Foreman turned down a million bucks to fight Jerry. In early 74 Ali backed out of a tentative agreement to fight Jerry a third time. I always had the impression that Jerry's second marriage, to Charlene, was not good for him, she seemed too flashy. I wish Gil Clancy had been with Jerry from the start. Best wishes to the foundation. Now even Floyd Patterson is suffering from significant brain damage.

John SHANNON Sat Feb 26 13:28:19 PST 2000

I greatly enjoyed the Jerry Quarry Foundation, especially the video portion of some of Jerry"s most memorable fights. As a middle aged, former amateur boxer, I drew much inspiration from fighters such as Jerry who always brought 100% into the ring. I greatly admired the dignity Jerry displayed as he grew older and dealt with the phyisical problems associated with his prizfighting days. It is of great comfort to know that Jerry knew Jesus and is now in heaven. Again, thanks and God bless you.

Barry Corrigan Sat Feb 26 11:08:25 PST 2000

Dear James, About five years ago I ordered the Jerry Quarry highlight tape and spoke to you on the phone a couple of times. My father was a huge Quarry fan but I was very young at the time so the only fight I saw was the Zanone fight in 1977. I was very depressed when I heard on ESPN sportscenter that Jerry had passed away last January. I immediately sent a letter, a great tribute from Wallace Mathews in the NY Post and a donation to the foundation. Unfortunately, it never reached you and was returned to me as undeliverable to the address on the package. What is the new address of the foundation? Are you still in Hemet,CA?

Rena-Marie Kyler Tue Feb 22 08:15:49 PST 2000

Hello James - have been in Vancouver for a bit working on a book project with an illustrator, and couldn't help but think of you, as the distance that is usually between us is so much reduced here. Wanted to know how the Hall of Fame induction for Jerry went, and when we'll see something on your site about that. I'm also waiting for word from George concerning a hyperlink to the TJQF site from mine. Be in touch. I'm ever in your corner, as you know ... Go get'em, Tiger. Rena.

Mike Valle Mon Feb 21 13:56:57 PST 2000

Jerry was and will always be my favorite. I followed his fights from the time I was about 12 or 13 years old. Being from the east, when he fought a bout on tv I would pace around the room between rounds and talk to him, root him on as if I was in his corner. I saw him beat Lyle and Spencer, waited for the 11 o'clock sports to find he kayoed Shavers and wept when he lost. I had the same passion when Mike fought as well. I watched him beat Tom Bethea on tv and thought he beat Billy Kelly Wagner narrowly instead of a draw. I hope that since I never had the opportunity to meet Jerry, one day I could shake Mike's hand and let him know how much I really admire them both. Many people who weren't schooled in Jerry's early career, his golden glove days and the Mac Foster, Thad Spencer and other talents he faced thought less of him because he bled in fights with Joe and Clay, but I knew better. He was a contender if ever there was one! I treasure the fight video I purchased from the foundation.

Charlie Silva Sun Feb 20 15:10:55 PST 2000

It is with sadness and fond memories of a FIGHTER so many people looked up to,at a time when we needed heroes.Jerry Quarry was mine,I began following his career at age 12 in 1968,It was a hell of a ride ,from the first Joe Frazier fight ,to the unfortunate comeback fight against Lorenzo Zenon. It should have ended there,as all true fans know.I will always remember his fighting spirit and comeback ability when everyone else thought he was finished.Jerry always gave 110% effort no matter what the odds were against him.It was truly unfortunate that he never won a title,coming up in arguably the toughest era in heavyweight boxing history.To his family and friends,my deepest sympathy and prayers for all of you. To the leeches who set up his last fight in Denver,may you get what you truly deserve.

Bill Dreisbach Sun Jan 30 18:58:10 PST 2000

I would like to know more about the Jerry Quarrys fight vidows and how I can buy one

James Quarry Sun Jan 30 09:34:52 PST 2000

Jerry and I used to be very competitive in everything we did. he used to tease me all the time about being a Ram football fan. he would always say that the Rams would never win the Super Bowl in his life time. Jerry, I hope your watching the game.

Bennie G Brown Sun Jan 23 18:21:53 PST 2000

A gentle man, a great boxer and a heartfelt loss.

James M. Quarry Wed Jan 19 14:52:28 PST 2000

Just thought all of Jerry's fans would like to know that Jerry is being inducted to the Hall of Fame for the city of Bakersfield on Feb.17,2000. We have contributed all kinds of information and videos. They have promised to send us a copy of the finished product. We will post it on our page as soon as it becomes available.

Randy Smith Wed Jan 19 11:22:36 PST 2000

testing form

Brenda Quarry Fri Jan 14 09:54:07 PST 2000

Thank you all for you kind words of confort. This was a very hard Christmas for the Quarry family. We are all still hurting over the loss we feel. However we all do know he spent Christmas with Jesus the best place to be. We did spend the holidays together and that helped too. Thank you James and Brandi for giving us someplace to go to express these feelings and hope for the future. Brenda

Tilton W. Denson Wed Jan 12 12:24:35 PST 2000

I can't begin to tell you how saddened it made me to learn that my favorite heavyweight fighter of the 60's and 70's had passed away. Jerry Quarry was an exciting fighter and I was awed by his fighting spirit, and his heart. I was never disappointed when I watched him fight. He gave one hundred and ten percent in every outing. I wish his family the good Lord's rich blessing at their time of need.Thanks for the memories Jerry...I'll miss you.

George L. Otto Tue Jan 11 15:15:23 PST 2000

On 10 January and 11 January, I spent more than six hours visiting the offices of various U.S. Senators on Capitol Hill here in Washington, D.C. Accompanying me was Steve Acunto, Sr., co-founder of the American Association for the Improvement of Boxing. We met with representatives from the offices of Senators Daniel Patrick Moynihan, William Roth, John McCain, and Edward Kennedy. While in these meetings I provided updates regarding The Jerry Quarry Foundation and indicated that TJQF strongly supported the passage of The Muhammed Ali Boxing Reform Act.

Mary Elena Altomare Tue Jan 11 12:17:01 PST 2000

I can recall the very first time I saw Jerry fight at Madison Square Garden. I was a young teen at the time and my older brother, Georgie, was a BIG fan of Jerry's and decided to take his little sister to the fight. Jerry was an excellent fighter and I can't tell you how saddened I was to learn of his death. My brother is a poet and I remember reading some beatiful poetry he had written about Jerry. I wish I could share with you some of the poetry, but it has been about 5 years since I last heard from Georgie and have no idea where to contact him. Perhaps he has already sent you some of the poems he had written about Jerry. Anyway, since Jerry's anniversary is approaching (may he rest in peace!), I wanted to share with you my feelings about this great, down to earth fighter. I feel honored that I was fortunate enough to witness at least one of his fights (loved those bright green trunks!) Good bless Jerry and the Quarry family!

Sabrina Quarry Sun Jan 9 17:40:59 PST 2000


Carl Weingarten Fri Jan 7 18:12:01 PST 2000

My apologies to everyone for the technical problems with the Letters page. Our service provider has finally reactivated this page after taking it offline without informing us. You should be able to post messages again. Hope you all had a great holiday season and best of luck to TJQF for a successful 2000!

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