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Post Your Letter Thu Dec 31 17:49:30 PST 1998

I am sorry to say that Jerry has taken a turn for the worse his pneumonia ad now clasped his right lung and they are un able to clear his lungs out.There will be mor info and another update sat. thank you and please keep praying love Brenda.

Paul T. Maduros Thu Dec 31 15:55:24 PST 1998

Dear Brenda, please update us on Jerry, may the Lord be with him and all of you.

Jerry Kielian Wed Dec 30 21:04:03 PST 1998

Dear Brenda, Sorry to hear about Jerry's most recent medical problem. Jerry is in our prayers. If you can find the time please keep us updated on his condition. Jerry Kielian

brenda quarry Wed Dec 30 14:55:01 PST 1998

This is brenda Quarry asking for jerry quarry fans and friends to pray for my brohter jerry he has contacted peneumonia and is in critical condion at the Temple hosiptal in the icu. We asking for prayers for at least the next 48 hours.Thank you for your prayers brenda quarryand quarry family

Sonia Tue Dec 29 09:51:55 PST 1998

We really hope and pray everything turns out ok.

Charles Anderson Fri Dec 25 20:34:37 PST 1998

Jerry was my favorite fighter of all time. Ihave always wondered what happened to him. Iam saddened to know that his health is is in the state it is in. I would like to know if there is any biographies avaiable on Jerry. Take care of him, he was the best. God Bless you all.

Patrick J. Gibbons Fri Dec 25 05:32:30 PST 1998

Best wishes to Jerry, Mike and the entire Quarry family during this holiday season. Keep up the "good" fight and may 1999 bring continued success with your foundation's efforts. Is it possible to get a new years update on how the brothers are doing???? I would certainly appreciate any update that can be made available Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Wisconsin.

george otto Tue Dec 22 10:38:08 PST 1998

To all members of the Quarry family, their significant others, and all supporters of TJQF: Best wishes for the holidays and the coming New Year !! Please make the effort to contact your local U.S. House of Representative member to support the Muhammed Ali Boxing Reform Act, which was passed by the U.S. Senate last October. The passage of this bill by the House and the approval by the President would accomplish many goals. These would include fairness of boxing ratings by the sanctioning bodies, the abolition of long term option contracts, automatic nationwide suspension of a fighter who severely fouls an opponent and is suspended by one state boxing commission, and the publishing of all contracts signed by fighters. If this bill had been in effect when Jerry, Michael, and Robert had fought, their financial, mental, and physical conditions would be much better today than they presently are. Thank you for your support of the Foundation !! GEORGE LOUIS OTTO

Paul T. Maduros Fri Dec 11 17:21:30 PST 1998

Boxing has always needed cleaning up. There are too many people in the business that are making big money off these fighters, but after their careers are over who cares about them. They need pension plans ,as far as I'm concerned free health care and many other things to much to list. In order for a boxer to be a top contender or champion he has to have the warrior mentality. Not quiting at anytime, believing he can win no matter what the odds. At the same time a boxer must be protected from himself. It is up to a boxers cheif cornerman to stop a fight in time. This person must care about the fighter. I don't blame Jerry for his condition, Jerry was doing what he did best. The american public will forever love Jerry for the courage he displayed. The champions of today could learn a lot about skill, courage and class by watching videos of Jerry Quarry. We love you Jerry, we always will!!!

BRENDA QUARRY@TCSN.COM Sat Dec 5 20:46:00 PST 1998


Paul T. Maduros Thu Dec 3 17:35:47 PST 1998

It's always nice to visit this site and see that Jerry had many fans that care about him. My question has always been why are boxers the black sheep of athletes? I always would hear stories about boxers ending up with nothing. James Quarry is doing somthing with this foundation that needed to be done years ago. When I first heard about Jerry's condition I coudn't believe it. When James started this organization he gave boxing fans a platform and a way to help. To me Jerry's career is just as real today as when it first happened. I thank James Quarry for starting this foundation. I wish Jerry and his family a very Merry Christmas, God bless all of you.

James M. Quarry <> Wed Nov 11 18:27:22 PST 1998

On Oct. 7, 1998 The Muhammad Ali Reform Act (S.2238) passed the Senate House Comity. Much of the credit goes to Senators McCain and Bryant. Now it is on the house for final passage. This is a clean up of boxing bill. We thank all who are involved. In 1997 The Professional Boxers Safety Act was passed. These bills are a very important steps in the rights direction. We here at TJQF and The AAIB are proud to have been a part of this. We also thank Mr. George Otto, a Board Member of Both Organizations.

Tommy O <CYM154@aol> Fri Nov 13 21:12:34 PST 1998

For all who have sought out, stumbled, or happened upon, this site: You are now, either by design or inadvertance, acknowledging Jerry Quarry, the most popular, reknowned, and financially successful non-champion in boxing history. Sadly, Jerry is now suffering the disasterous effects of a protracted career in professional fighting, as are Patterson, Ali, and many, many other lesser known fighters. With all respect due this consumate competitor and gentleman, he deserved a whole lot better than boxing had to offer. Read on, and confront the stark reality of the #1 contender, after the crowd's cheering fades. It is, tragically, a reality not unlike that of the ficticous Mountain Rivera. James Quarry (Jerry's older brother) and his family are doing what they can, but they need your help. If you can offer nothing else, at least say a prayer. Thank you.

Mike Stevens <> Sat Nov 14 14:05:28 PST 1998

Congratulations to James Quarry, his family and foundation associates. After a long four year struggle, it looks like the foundation is coming along very well. If your viewing this web site for the first time, I highly recommend ordering Jerry Quarry's highlight video which includes his outstanding victories over Thad Spencer, Patterson, Foster and Shavers,and the furious first two rounds of the first Frazier fight as well as many others. Just go back to the first page and click on videos for details. Thank you.

Patrick J. Gibbons <> Tue Nov 17 17:29:04 PST 1998

Thank you for the rush delivery of the videos for my brother and I. It brought back both good and bad memories for us. I will make it a point to keep Jerry, Mike and the whole Quarry family in my prayers and drop by this site periodically as well as keeping in personal touch through the snail mail from time to time. Keep up the much needed work, James. The word is getting out and your efforts will be rewarded.

John Mc Guire <> Tue Nov 17 17:35:47 PST 1998

Dear Quarry family, Thank you for sharing this information about the health problems you are struggling with.I hope you succeed in your efforts to help others , so they don't have to go through the pain you have endured.Jerry is my favorite fighter of all time. I saw Jerry fight Chuvalo at the Garden and also saw him fight Joe Alexander at the nasaau coliseum on long island in New York. I remember the courage he displayed in all his fights , especially the fights with Frazier. I now wish for his sake he had been less brave. Boxing was one of the biggest topics of conversations in my home growing up. Jerry s name was in many of those conversations I feel alot of emotion anytime the name Jerry Quarry comes up. I want him to know his life affected my family in a positive way. I hope that God comforts him and the entire Quarry family.. I will be sending an order for 2 videos shortly

Jim Chandler <> Tue Nov 17 20:47:48 PST 1998

I remember Jerry's great fights at the Olympic with comers like Joey Orbillo, Eddie Machen and George "Scrap Iron" Johnson. I recall one fight when Jerry and Johnson, who was built like a fireplug, rushed to the center of the ring at the opening bell. Scrap Iron was in his normal crouch and Jerry knocked him cold with the first punch of the fight, a perfect right uppercut. The Bellflower Bomber was a hell of a fighter and it's sad that things worked out for him as they did. He gave a lot of us boxing fans a lot of pleasure, but he paid a hell of a price for it in the long run. I wish him well, needless to say.

sheri <> Thu Nov 26 00:00:21 PST 1998

Hello Jerry fan's i wanted to write you a personal letter withing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are having dinner with some of your family, yet distance keeps the rest of us from being all together. So Happy Thanksgiving from Arwanda, Jerry, and Brenda Quarry, Robert, Wilma and Kandyce Pearson, and Sheri Coolbaugh. We really are greatfull for all for praying, and our support for The Jerry Quarry Foundation and the work that my Uncle James and Aunt Brandi do.

Gerald Kielian <> Thu Nov 26 17:35:56 PST 1998

I've been meaning to write this letter for several weeks. It seems appropriate to write it on Thanksgiving to give thanks to Jerry for all the thrills and excitement his career provided for me. I remember first hearing of Jerry when he won the national Golden Gloves title with five consective KO's. Knowing that he was a legitimate heavyweight threat when he was able to hold his own against seasoned veterans like Patterson and Machen. Rooting for him in his title fight with Jimmy Ellis when he fell just a little short in spite of a sub-par performance(by Jerry's standards). Cheering as the crowd went wild at a closed circuit telecast when Jerry and Joe Frazier went toe-to-toe in one of the most ferocious battles I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. The memories go on and on. I met Jerry at a fight card in Harvey, Illinois about a decade ago. Although his luck had taken a turn for the worse he was very obliging and pleasant to talk with. Incidentally, he sang the Star Spangled Banner that evening without any musical accompaniment and had a magnificent voice. Unfortunately, while Jerry was entertaing us with his couragous style he was suffering permanent brain damage. My contribution to the Foundation will be a small repayment for the excitement that Jerry provided when he was of sound mind and body. Very truly yours, Gerald G. Kielian

James M. Quarry <> Fri Nov 27 17:13:35 PST 1998

The high-light video that is being sold by TJQF, is not of broadcast quality. The film that these fights were copied were very old. So please do not expect these videos to be of broadcast quality. Some day we will have better equipment and hope we can produce a better quality video. So please bare with us. Anyone who is not satisfied with the video, please except our opology and return the tape. We will refund you money, less the shipping charge.

Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) <> Tue Dec 1 09:45:18 PST 1998

I think you are doing a great job you make sure the information gets out there for future boxers, so maybe they can find a way to help others like Jerry Quarry, Mike Quarry, and Robert Quarry. Keep up the good work.

Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) <> Tue Dec 1 09:55:05 PST 1998

I would like to say I am very proud of my father James Quarry, I think he is doing a great job getting the information on Jerry Quarry Foundation and they are now working on a Mike Quarry site. Please keep up the good work Dad and Brandi Quarry. Way to go. The family is in all our prayers now and forever.

Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) <> Tue Dec 1 19:34:33 PST 1998

I would like to say I am very proud of what you are doing for Jerry and Mike. Also I think its great that you get all the facts and get them out for people to be aware of what really can happen to boxers. Keep up the good work you are doing Dad and Brandi,. I also think its great that you also have started "What about Mike?" Thank you for keeping us and the world informed.

Matt Johnson <> Fri Jun 12 17:55:38 PDT 1998

Thanks for a site for Jerry Quarry. Is this new? Jerry was such an exciting fighter, and the most underrated heavyweight of his time. Good luck with the foundation. I'll spread the word!

Paul T. Maduros <> Sat Jun 13 17:44:25 PDT 1998

Dear James, I've always wanted to tell a member of Jerrys family how much I admired Jerry. You don't have to know someone personally to care about them, as I've told you before James I care very deeply about Jerry and want to spread the word about the foundation and what its doing to help athletes with these problems. I ask that anyone that see's this post will please help. Jerrys place is secure in history and he will never be forgotten. James I would like to close by saying that although you don't know me personally and I'm a stranger, I do love Jerry. I hope you get this message Paul T. Maduros

Paul T. Maduros <PMAD1@MAILEXCITE.COM> Fri Jun 19 15:35:21 PDT 1998

Hi James, I am behind you 100% I think you know that. I have another order on the way to The foundation. These tapes are really action packed and people get to see Jerry at his best. I would also like to know if you sell photos of Jerry? Thank you Paul

James M. Quarry <> Wed Jun 24 12:12:38 PDT 1998

We are currently working on a tribute to Mike Quarry. He is a brother of Irish Jerry Quarry. Mike was rate #1 in the World, and fought Bob Foster for the light heavyweight championship at the age of 20.

Paul T. Maduros <PMAD1@MAILEXCITE.COM> Wed Jun 24 20:19:13 PDT 1998

Thats great James, I just saw Mikes fight with Bob Foster for the first time on E.S.P.N. in Feb this year. Seems to me that Mike was doing allright till that big punch. I know that this effected Jerrys performence that night. Jerry fought the greatest heavyweight ever and Mike fought the greatest lightheavy ever on the same night!!! James I don't know much about Bobby, I heard that he fought Tommy Morrison. The news about Mikes site is great, I'll visit often. I'm always interested in learning about your brothers and the family. Thanks James Paul

Paul T. Maduros <> Fri Jun 26 07:04:51 PDT 1998

Hi James, I just looked at the Ellis fight for the first time since it happened in 68" Even though Jerrys fight plan did not work, the judges should have deducted points for him not fighting. Then Jerry would have got the decision. It showed in the 13th round when Jerry hurt Ellis, that if his back was not injured he could have knocked out Ellis earlier. No way Ellis was the better fighter. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw Jerry looking up at the flag during the national anthem. Jerry was the picture of courage as he stood there. I'm going to go out on the limb and say that if Jerry used modern day methods in training, such as weights ect... he would been hitting as hard as Tyson, I have no doubt about this. He had great power as it was. James you answered a question for me on your interview. It was about Jerrys back before the Ellis fight. All these years I thought it was him and Mike that got in to it. I have a tape of the first Frazier fight, but i have parts that are missing in each round. My question is James, do you have the complete fight start to finish? My next order on the way soon. Thank you so much James.

Gregg T <> Sun Jun 28 12:21:27 PDT 1998

Finally, a site for Jerry. Thank you! I heard he was ill, but I hope he's soing well. How is Mike, and what's he doing now?

sheri <> Fri Jul 3 18:24:33 PDT 1998

I just wanted to let every one that has written, that my uncle Jerry Quarry is doing well and loves his family and fans very much. I believe that there needs to be more help for athletes with head injuries, and that my Uncle James is doing his best to provide that well needed help. Thank you Uncle James.


Hello James, I hope you are doing well. It was wonderful to look at Jerry and the family on my latest tape. I know that you love your brothers, I have no doubt. What you are doing is such a great thing and I want you to know that you and your family will always have my support. Your brothers careers touched many lives, I know they touched mine. I will continue to donate all I can to this cause. I have only began to work on this. James, please let me know how your doing. It means more than you know.

Mike Stevens <> Mon Jul 6 09:53:56 PDT 1998

Jerry Quarry has always been my favorite fighter, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find this web site. Like others, I will spread the word about the foundation, and hope for the best for Jerry. Do you have his fights on video for sale to the general public?

George L. Otto <GOTTO@MHCDO.ORG> Sat Jul 11 10:26:54 PDT 1998

As a member of the Board of Directors of The Jerry Quarry Foundation for Dementia Pugilistica (TJQF) and the Washington, DC representative for the organization, I strongly urge you to join TJQF in supporting the passage and implementation of proposed federal law HR 2354, The State Reciporcity Act in Professional Boxing Act of 1997. Introduced by Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton into Congress, the passage of this bill (HR 2354) would ensure that a fighter suspended for violating the boxing safety rules and thus suspended for his/her actions in one state, would automatically be prevented from fighting in all states. Thus, if this bill had been in effect in June of 1997 when the State of Nevada suspended Mike Tyson for biting Evander Holyfield, all of the other forty-nine states would have automatically prevented Mike Tyson from fighting in their commonwealths. Another way of putting this is as follows: a suspension in one state automatically suspends a fighter in all states. To help with this effort, please contact your local U.S. Congressional representative and ask him or her to co-sponsor HR 2354. Thank you for reading this site and supporting the Foundation!!!!

PAUL T. MADUROS <PMAD1@MAILEXCITE> Sat Jul 11 15:00:32 PDT 1998

I think that after what Mike Tyson did he should never be allowed to fight. Opponents of Tyson in the future would never be able to trust what he's going to do in the ring. When Jerry fought and hit someone low he would apologize, if you look at the tapes of his fights you see this. He had true class in the ring, not like some of the heavyweights of today. My donations to this cause will never stop! Jerry will never be forgotten!!!

sheri < > Sat Jul 11 21:36:17 PDT 1998

as Jerry Quarry's niece, I also strongly support any any laws that will help keep boxers safe. An unpredictable boxer is a danger to all boxers that step in the ring with him. I was not told by my family about this bill I read it on this page, and I will call all of my U.S. reprsentative, both in the House and Senate, to tell them about HR2354.

Richard Butler <> Mon Jul 13 01:04:11 PDT 1998

Other than an occasional sports article on retired boxers it's been many years since I've read anything about Jerry Quarry. I remember watching the Foster fight and how much a fan I was of Jerry. As I review his fight record and the quality of the fighters, I come to the conclusion todays heavweights should be arrested for impersonating boxers. God bless Jerry Quarry and his family.


You would be surprised that a lot of boxing fans still don't know about Jerrys or his brothers condition. Thats why as fans we must continue to spread the word about this foundation. James has been working very hard the last 4yrs to bring this problem to the publics attention.Please help with your donation.

brenda <> Wed Jul 15 23:50:27 PDT 1998

i would like to say thanks to my brother james for what he is trying to do. i hope he keeps up the good work.if ther is anything i can do for you please let me know. also i can give you up dates on jerry if you would like. he seems to be doing pretty well of course he has had troulbe ajusting to his knew home but he also is getting out a lot more.i even got him to wear a pair of shorts today because of the heat. i have a picture of you james on his wall and he ask about you often.i tell him you are taking care of bussiness for him well must leave now but thank all you people who still care enough to ask and read my brothers web site

Tom O'Connell <eoc815@aol> Sun Jul 19 09:46:43 PDT 1998

I would be interested in updates on Jerry's condition from sister Brenda. I met Jerry several times in New York during his career. He was always as kind as could be to myself and my friends, in our late teens at the time. I have several photos of a bunch of us with Jerry at the Island Inn Motel in Westbury, LI, where he was training for a bout with local heavyweight Joe Alexander (just before his rematch with Joe Frazier). A couple of years ago I sent James a donation and a copy of a scrapbook I kept consisting primarily of New York clippings. I hope Jerry enjoyed it, and I hope he is comfortable. He was a great fighter and a heck of a nice guy.

brenda <> Mon Jul 20 10:18:43 PDT 1998

well today jerry is doing much better today he got to go see his mom this week-end and that makes him very happy. he will soon be starting with a speech therphist. to help with his memory we also recieved a new computer program that also helps him to remember more .jerry's dr. says he is in 3rd stage aliz. his breathing is starting to effect him and has a hard time with it. he is still a very kind person. he still loves it when people come up to him and talks about his fights. thanks to james we have his fight films and loves to watch them. so once again thanks to you james for making things better for him . bye now

Paul T. Maduros <PMAD1@MAILEXCITE.COM> Mon Jul 20 12:19:06 PDT 1998

There is not one day that goes by that I don't think of Jerry. I watch his fights almost everyday, just like it was happening for the first time. Like a lot of fans I have great memories of him. I have nothing but the highest respect for the Quarry family and what James is trying to do. I pray that maybe they can come up with something through this research. It our turn as fans to fight for Jerry and this cause. Brenda please continue to keep us posted. Thank you

brenda <> Mon Jul 20 14:41:57 PDT 1998

i am sorry for any confution. by mistake i hve been putting my daughter's email address insted of mine please note the corrections thank you.

Marv Brown <> Tue Jul 21 09:20:28 PDT 1998

Thanks for putting the effort into the memory of Jerry's career.I'm a 40 year old professor in Cleveland in the final stages of my own boxing endeavers, and never forget listening to Jerry's fights (or flash updates every two rounds)of his fights from the early '70's. I've followed Jerry's career from the '68 elimination tournament to his ill-fated combacks, but would like to obtain any video tapes from his or Mike's) career (Norton, Lyle, Spencer, Patterson, Ellis, Foster, Chuvalo, Etc.). Any help? Thanks a million. Marv Brown

Carl W. <> Sat Jul 25 11:48:03 PDT 1998

Hello! I am the Web Administrator for The Jerry Quarry Foundation site. TJQF would like to devote a page to Jerry's fans. Perhaps you met Jerry, or saw him fight during the 60s and 70s? If so, and if you have any photos and/or footage of Jerry during this period, please contact me at: Thank you! --Carl

Mike Stevens <> Mon Jul 27 13:55:45 PDT 1998

I just finished watching Jerry KO Thad Spencer. I want all to know the video is of very good quality, my order was processed quickly and the money goes to a good cause. I am 42 years old and the video helps me remember Jerry in his prime(late 1960's, early 1970's). The current cost is $25 plus $5 for shipping. Write a check or money order to James M. Quarry ( a money order allows for faster processing). Mail to: The Jerry Quarry Foundation, 3412 Yolanda Ave. Springfield, Oregon 97477 Indicate which of Jerry's big fights you want. Thank you.

James M. Quarry <> Mon Jul 27 19:05:55 PDT 1998

We just completed a high-light vedio of most of Jerry's big fights. Patterson 2,Spencer, Ellis, Frazier 1&2.Ali 1 & 2, Chuvalo,Norton,Lyle,Foster,Shavers,plus induction to Hall of Fame. Almost two hours.

Jack Reeves <> Thu Aug 6 17:36:09 PDT 1998

Brother Jim I want to let you know that I am so proud that my dear friend Jerry has a web page and it does my heart good to be able to share with others the friendship I have known with Jerry and with brother James. I met Jimmy first back in 74 or 75 and awhile later met Jerry. They reminded me of my three brothers and myself so because we always tried to be honest and fair but don't cross and they live their lives the same way. God knows best but it seems a little unfair what has happened to Jerry.I remember one of Jerry's last fights and Frank Sanatra was saying why is he still fighting he don't have a chance and about that time Jerry knocked his man cold. SO DON'T COUNT JERRY QUARRY OUT, HE'LL GET UP EVERYTIME. ILOVE YOU JERRY. JACK REEVES

Brenda <> Sat Aug 8 09:57:58 PDT 1998

Here's a little update on Jerry.He is having a very good day today.Jerry is getting worse in these last days of this dementia. I pray that they find a cure soon or at least something to slow it down. Then I ask myself is that what he would want? I just have to remember there is no quit in a Quarry. I know that if you fans keep helping that other boxers will get help even if it is to late for my brothers, there will be others in the future that we will need to help, because boxing will never be banned. Bye Brenda and Jerry

Paul T. Maduros <PMAD1@MAIL EXCITE.COM> Sat Aug 8 16:09:29 PDT 1998

I'd like to think that Jerry still has a chance if they could come up with something soon. I always think of Jerry as a the young heavyweight contender fighting his way up through the ranks. Jerry is still fighting and so is his brother James. I know that it takes thousands of dollars for this research. We must all pass the word about the foundation. The american public must be made aware of this and what a great fighter Jerry was and still is. We'll never forget you Jerry we love you!! Quarry stands for courage

Mike Stevens <> Sun Aug 9 19:33:44 PDT 1998

Once again I am asking all viewers of this website and fans of Jerry Quarry to please consider ordering a video or videos of some of Jerry's fights. Ordering information can be found in a previous letter of mine. The videos bring back great memories not only of Jerry, but that whole era of sports. Thank you for your consideration.

Tom O'Connell <> Fri Aug 14 06:45:21 PDT 1998

Brenda deserves all our support and much credit. It must be difficult, in many ways, to care for Jerry as this tragic affliction takes its toll, but particularly emotionally. Brenda, you and Jerry are in our prayers. There is obviously no quit in you as you stand by your brother in these most difficult times.

Mike Stevens <> Fri Aug 14 14:40:30 PDT 1998

From time to time I scroll down this letter page to once again read the sincere and heartfelt letters from fans like Mr. Maduros, Mr. Reeves and Mr. O'Connell, to name a few. I hope the Quarry family can take some comfort during these difficult times from the letters sent to this page. Most of us obviously don't know Jerry personally but we followed his career closely and rooted hard for him. We are still rooting for him.

Marv Brown <> Sat Aug 15 11:46:55 PDT 1998

If you are reading this, then you are obviously a fan of Jerry Quarry's or at least a follower of the sport of boxing. In either case, then I highly recommend ordering a copy of the hi-lite video described by James Quarry earlier on this page (well worth the price!!). James (and his wife) responded quickly to my questions and I recieved a copy in just a few days (in Ohio). For any fan of boxing, and Jerry in particular, it was full of great boxing scenes from the past. I threw a little party with some boxing friends and had a fantastic evening reviewing fights we had only heard or read about over the years. Watching great fighters in their prime (Spencer, Ellis, Foster, Lyle, Shavers [and, of course, Jerry Quarry]) was a flash-back to an era of great athletes when we were young. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. James Quarry!! My only question now is: What other clips/complete fights do you have available? Sincerely, Marv Brown

phil cronin <> Tue Aug 18 20:29:54 PDT 1998

It's nice to see someone doing something for great athletes like Jerry. Hope to see and here more good news and information about your site. Thanks again.

Byron W. Jones <> Tue Aug 18 20:42:49 PDT 1998

Hello Brandi and James! Thank you for the letter and info you sent me Brandi.It was good to hear from you.I am sharing everything with my friends here in cenral Oregon. Thanks again and Iwill be in touch. Byron W. Jones

Paul T. Maduros <PMAD1@MAILEXCITE.COM> Mon Aug 24 10:38:44 PDT 1998

To all Jerry Quarry fans, please keep up the good work. Jerry and the Quarry family are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. James has shown that he loves his brothers more then we can imagine. What he is doing will change the sport of boxing for the good of all fighters in the future. James when my nephew was born in Feb. I told my brother that he's going to know the name of Jerry Quarry. Jerry will never be forgotten!!!

Kathleen (Quarry)Mauger <> Sun Aug 30 21:48:52 PDT 1998

Jerry was and still is one of the most gentle people you could ever want to know...his poetry not only inspires your heart, but show's pride in his life and his family..and if you look up the word "Hero"'ll see that it discribes Jerry to a tea. For all the fans who've seen and read this web page..give a prayer to god to give the "big guy" grace here on earth.

Matthew Higgins <> Fri Sep 4 10:05:03 PDT 1998

James,I would like to thank you for the taking the time to e-mail me the information concerning Jerry's video. I can only imagine how busy you are with all of the work you're doing with TJQF, and it definitely shows your dedication to your brothers. I also would like to thank the rest of your family for taking the time to update all of Jerry's fans on his condition.

brianmspedding <> Fri Sep 11 07:39:01 PDT 1998

By chance I came across the Jerry Quarry foundation page and was shocked to learn of his problems. I can remember the memorable fights and Jerry's 100 per cent heart and effort that he brought into the ring. Boxing is truly a cruel sport. In the beginning it gives many guys the opportunity to make something of themselves. Without boxing they may have landed on the wrong side of the track. Their dedication to the sport and the willingnbess to win and entertain is quickly forgotten when the times comes to retire. Unfortunately many have that one-fight too many and the damage is done. Then it is too late. I wish Jerry, his brothers and family all the very best for their futures. Unfortunately words do not heal, and sometimes are superfluous. I will pass on the message of the Foundation on this side of the channel(the Netherlands).

James M. Quarry <> Thu Sep 17 13:33:04 PDT 1998

I would like to thank our sister Wilma far her contribution of Michael Quarry's Biography. Some time in the very near future we will post it so everyone can read it.

Sean Caddle <> Thu Sep 17 19:45:39 PDT 1998

To James, I think you are doing a great job. I am one of your brothers biggest fans I was wondering do you sell complete fights and memorabilia. Than You for this page it is great.

sheri <> Thu Sep 17 21:13:54 PDT 1998

Hello and a great big thank you for all your prayers for Jerry and my family. Jerry is my uncle (brenda is my mother), and i am his part time home health aide. I can tell you that my mother however, does most of the work with Jerry. i have been a Certified Home Health Aide for a long time, and i specialize in taking care of the terminally ill. Yet my mother needed no specialized training, just love in her heart and the desire to take care of her brother. i have seen families go through things like this, and fall apart. yet the Quarry's are sticking together until the end and beyond. thank you Uncle James for the foundation and thank you board members, fans, and friends for you belief, love, support, and prayers. with out you, all of this would not be possible sheri coolbaugh

James M. Quarry <> Wed Sep 23 20:11:44 PDT 1998

We are getting closer to further developement of "What About Mike ?" I am looking forword to thi segment.

James M. Quarry <> Wed Sep 30 17:04:34 PDT 1998

Over the last month we have been in communication with the IRS. Initually they had 17 question regarding our intention. The answers took 5 pages. In return we were asked to furnish more information. The last question was regarding the highlight tape of some of Jerry's fights. So I thought I would clarify what is happening with this highlight tape. Big Fights Inc., Bill Cayton has granted us a license to sell one tape of Jerry's fights to raise funds for the foundation. I am selling these tapes and donating all the profits to TJQF. This is why when a tape is ordered the checks are made out to me. The cost of the tape as we have stated inside this page, are $25+5 shipping. After the cost of the tape itself and the box for shipping and postage, that leaves $22.00 which will be put into TJQF. I do not take any funds for myself. I produce the tape and do the shipping. It is just part of my dedication for this cause, that I do this. As soon as we get our exemption status with the IRS we will open trust account for TJQF. This kind of a organization has never been done before. However it has been needed for a long long time

Paul T. Maduros <> Mon Oct 5 08:54:34 PDT 1998

To all boxing fans, I do not question the motives of James Quarry. He is a man who loves his brothers dearly. It was about time someone did something like this. We should not forget fighters just because their careers are over. This was the greatest fighting family in history. Jerry Quarry had a huge impact on my life. He should be made an honorary cruiserweight champion. Could you imagine what he would have done if they had the division back when he fought! If I could have talked to Jerry while he was fighting I would have told him how much I admire him and careed about him. I'd give my last dime to help this foundation and Jerry. I will continue to help. I want to thank Brenda,Sheri and James for helping Jerry and starting this foundation.

Dennis Dillard jr <dillardd@HUB.oftheNET> Sat Oct 10 02:39:29 PDT 1998

I have been a Jerry Quarry fan for many years. I saw him fight several times (TV) He may be one of Heavyweights most under rated fighters ever. I did however see Mike fight in Oklahoma City. Just before his bout with Foster. That night he soundly defeated my hero Brian Kelly in a 10 rd decision. As soon as I finish here. I am going to purchase Jerry's video. This is a tragedy.

brenda quarry <> Wed Oct 14 10:58:29 PDT 1998

Hi I just thought I would put a little up date on Jerry he is doing well he has started to eat again even through his weight is at 199 we do hope that when his teeth are out he will put some back on.Also now James has put pictures of Mike we think this is great. Mike is such a good guy and you can't help but love him because that is what he puts out.I wish prayers for all of my brothers because when you see Jerry you know that they will be there sometime soon.May the Lord bless all of you who are reaching out to help with this foundation it is badly needed.I cry almost every day as does the rest of my family it is very hard to watchwhat is happening to my brothers.Once again James thanks for having the guts to step out and do something.I wish it wouldn't be to late for our family. Brenda and Jerry

Charles A. Pineros <> Sun Oct 18 09:37:09 PDT 1998

I am shocked to learn of the condition of Jerry Quarry. I used to follow Jerry Quarry when I was a boy. Besides Jerry's fights, the thing I most remember about him was his very good commentary during the best fight that I ever saw in my life. It was on ABC's Wide World of Sports, the fight between Roberto Duran and Ray Lampkin. Jerry Quarry's comments were excellent and showed that Jerry could have and should have become a boxing commentator. I live in Bogota, Colombia therefore right now I can't purchase the Video on Jerry's fights; however, I will purchase it soon. Do you ship to South America? How much would the shipping be? What credit cards do you accept? I hope that Jerry Quarry's condition improves and that your foundation will help to make Jerry's life as well as other athletes who have given so much to fans a little better.

Tom O'Connell <CYM154> Tue Oct 20 07:10:00 PDT 1998

Brenda and Sheri, All of Jerry and Mike's fans support you in the late rounds of this very tough fight. Sadly, it doesn't sound like Jerry has been doing very well lately. After a career full of bad breaks, he's at least been lucky to have the family he does. Brenda spoke of what a great guy Mike is. The first time I met Jerry was at the Felt Forum in New York, where he and Mac Foster were holding public workouts to publicize their June 17, 1970 fight. James and Mike were also there. I spent some time talking to Mike, and he was as friendly as could be. I still have a Ring magazine that both Jerry and Mike autographed that day. I saw Mike fight live on a couple of Jerry's undercards at the Garden, and also in a main event downstairs at the Forum. He was fast and had terrific boxing skills, and was always a pleasure to watch. To the extent it helps, the Quarry family remains in the prayers of their many supporters. Keep on keepin' on.

Paul T. Maduros <> Sat Oct 24 17:20:37 PDT 1998

Any boxing fan that I ever knew, when I've mentioned the name Jerry Quarry had a lot of respect for him. Jerry fought everyone when he was coming up. Theres no such thing these days as a heavyweight tournament, like they had in the late 60's.Everyday I think about Jerry and what the family has to go through. It breaks my heart to see Jerry like this. I pray that god will perform a miracle for Jerry, we as fans must do our absolute best to help. I've looked up to Jerry all my life, I'm not about to forget him now.

brenda <> Tue Oct 27 13:28:45 PST 1998

Jerry had his teeth done and is doing well he seems happy and is eating. My brother would like to thank all who prayed for him.He is smiling and very happy his weight is staying the same at 199. Thank you all brenda

James M. Quarry <> Sun Nov 1 09:45:48 PST 1998

We have finally completed all required paper work for our application to the IRS. We were told that we would get thier decision in three to four weeks. It has been four years to get to this point. Soon we will be able to get more aggressive with fund raising funds. We want to hire a telemarketing firm and a CEO. Then we can solicit the US Government and other non-profit organizations.

James m. Quarry <> Mon Nov 2 21:02:43 PST 1998

Jerry was rated by Ring mag. 23rd on the best of all time boxing ratings.

Paul T. Maduros <PMAD1@MAILEXCITE.COM> Wed Nov 4 18:13:31 PST 1998

There's no doubt in my mind that Jerry was the best white heavyweight of all time. Jerry fought people that were extremely dangerous, big hitters such Joe Frazier Mac Foster and the most dangerous Ernie Shavers. Jerry had some bad breaks in his career. He fought injured many times, I admire many things about Jerry his courage, class in and out of the ring. If you look at interviews they did with Jerry you see a very humble person. I'm more than a fan of Jerry Quarry the fighter, I'm also a fan of Jerry Quarry the person. God Bless you Jerry, we love you!!!

Patrick Gibbons <> Thu Nov 5 19:57:12 PST 1998

I cannot believe that I am finally able to find a site dedicated to "Irish" Jerry.He provided a lot of inspiration to me as a kid and I have been searching for quite awhile now for his whereabouts. Thank you very much for providing an opportunity to keep in touch with a true "legend". I hope and pray that the whole Quarry family is strong and moving forward. I will definitely keep in touch. It's really strange, I happened to be taking an Internet class for work and I stumble accross this site. Best wishes to you all.

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