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George L. Otto Wed Dec 22 12:53:06 PST 1999

My best holiday and millennium wishes to all of you who have taken the time and interest to visit this site and support TJQF!! As the unpaid lobbyst for TJQF, I feel that the organization has made positive efforts to advocate on behalf of professional boxers and others who have suffered from head trauma injuries. Certainly special thanks go to James and Linda, Carl, Sal, the other Quarry family members, and their many friends for your unselfish and caring efforts on behalf of TJQF. The website in itself has been an outstanding source of information regarding the organization's efforts on behalf of others, as well as pertinent data concerning the special Quarry family. May all of you and TJQF have great new year and century!!! George

Linda Quarry Wed Dec 22 01:18:20 PST 1999


tina quarry Mon Dec 20 12:17:45 PST 1999

It has taking me almost a year to write this letter. I am very fortutate to have been married to Jerry. We have a 13 year old son by the name of Jonathan (Jerry Picked his name). Our son looks like his dad and misses him so very much. Just aboout everyday, He will sit in front of the t.v. and watch his father's fights. Jonathan says it makes him feel close to his father. I feel that jerry was taken away from all of us to soon. It is still hard for me to look and all our pictures together. There is so much I could tell you about Jerry but I am sure the family, friends, and fans know what I am talking bout. My son and Jerry was so close and now he is without his father, but he is taking it a day at a time and doing good. He will be going to the Quarry's to spend Xmas and visit his father's grave. I just want to say to all his family, friends, and fans, that I am so happy you were in Jerry's life. And Jerry left me with the greatest gift, and that is our son. I Will love Jerry forever...

Sabrina Quarry Thu Dec 16 18:58:00 PST 1999


James Quarry Wed Dec 15 19:14:10 PST 1999

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wife Linda who helped take care of Jerry for three years and her hard work on making The Jerry Quarry Foundation possible. Jerry and I could not have done this with out her. She deserves some of the recognition. She was and is dedicated to me and TJQF. Linda does all the record keeping. So heres to you Linda. A great job well done.

Dick Plumer (Dick Dial) Wed Dec 15 18:00:21 PST 1999

Jerry, I'll miss you. Thanks for everthing.

T.A. Taylor Wed Dec 15 16:31:56 PST 1999

James, I've been following Jerry's career for years and his life outside the ring. I was never able to obtain enough information on him. I don't understand why a book was never written about the Quarry Family? I suppose like everything else, it takes money to get an enterprise like that off the ground. You certainly have my condolences for his passing. I am Irish American and the same age as Jerry. I feel a strong sense of bonding even though I have never met any of you. If you could assist me in obtaining any information on Jerry I would appreciate it. I still think a book is in order.....Jerry helped make Boxing History. Sincerely, T.A. Taylor

James Quarry Sat Dec 4 06:51:09 PST 1999

We are working on a magazine publication for TJQF. We would like some feed back as to what you, Jerry's fans, would like to see. Paul Drolet a writer from Montreal, Canada is working on a human interest story about Jerry and his family for the publication.

George L. Otto Sun Nov 28 09:06:53 PST 1999

In providing all of you with an update, the Congress did not pass the Muhammed Ali Boxing Reform Act prior to its adjournment on November 19. After the House of Representatives amended and approved it on November 8, the Senate failed to act on it prior to the 19th. However, when the Senate reconvenes on January 24, it will again consider this extremely legislation. To all of you who have worked on securing its passage, thank you for your efforts !! The fight continues in the new millenium because just as there was no quit in Quarry, there's no quit in getting this bill passed !!!!!

Sal April WCHE-AM@AOL.COM Fri Nov 26 06:30:54 PST 1999

Just a short note to wish the Quarry family and all associated with TJQF a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. I'm very proud to be involved in whatever way possible with TJQF GOD BLESS YOU ALL Sal April WCHE West Chester Pa.

Paul T. Maduros Thu Nov 25 13:57:31 PST 1999

I just wanted to wish the Quarry family a happy Thanksgiving, may God bless each and every one of you.

James Quarry Wed Nov 24 16:41:18 PST 1999

I am proud to be associated with Carl Weingaten. Carl designed our web page. In my opinion our location is the best out there. We thank you very much Mr. Weingaten for your professional dedication to our cause, not to mention your talent. Thanks to you, we are now at another level.

SONIA HATHAWAY(QUARRY) SHATH82735@AOL.COM Mon Nov 22 19:11:39 PST 1999


Paul T. Maduros Sun Nov 21 18:14:18 PST 1999

I really believe that Robert Quarry could have gone farther than he did. Robert had a great right hand that hurt anyone. I just don't think that his training habits were that good. You can't take anything from Robert, he did have guts enough to try. It's getting close to 1yr. since Jerry's passing. I know that Jerry's in a better place.Jerry will not be remembered as a man who had an easy life. He is remembered as a man who overcame alot to become a 3 time no. 1 contender. James Quarry has shown the same type of determination in creating this foundation. There is a place reserved in my heart for only Jerry Quarry, may he rest in peace.

James Quarry Sun Nov 21 07:04:36 PST 1999

The youngest Quarry brother, Robert will soon have is own page on our web sight. We are proud to display his effort to become a fighter. If only he new how good he was or could have beem.

John Gaetano Elwill7847 Tue Nov 16 20:12:56 PST 1999

All Jerry Quarry fans should send a letter to the boxing hall of fame recommending Jerry be inducted.He deserves to be there!!!...Also, I'd like to see HBO or someone do a movie or documentary on Jerry's life. Just because he never won a championship does not mean he was not a GREAT FIGHTER. After viewing the recent rematch between Lewis + Holyfield i am again reminded of Jerry's talents and have no doubt he would be the undisputed Heavyweight Champion today.

GKIELIAN Sun Nov 7 19:43:32 PST 1999

In the mid-1970's Jerry visited a health club in Merriville, Indiana. He was visiting his wife's (second, I believe) family. Does anyone know what became of this woman after the divorce? Just curious.

George L. Otto GOSRSA@AOL.COM Wed Oct 27 17:27:48 PDT 1999

I spoke to Bob Foster, the Legislative Assistant for Representative Mike Oxley who handles boxing matters for the Congressman. He indicated that the Muhammed Ali Boxing Reform Act will probably be voted on by the U.S. House of Representatives next week. I asked him if the House would approve it, and he said "things look pretty good." It has been a long,hard struggle on the part of The Jerry Quarry Foundation and the American Association for the Improvement of Boxing to get this legislation thru Congress. If you care about the fighters today, what happened to Jerry, Michael, and Robert Quarry, and if you want to see a change in the way boxing is run, take a few moments to contact your House representive and ask him or her to support this legislation Thank you for your time and interest in this regard.

Carl Weingarten Sat Oct 23 14:30:56 PDT 1999

Dear Friends, Last week I came across this wonderful new book - "Brothers" published by Esquire. It features pictures and stories of many famous, and not so famous brothers. As you can see Mike and Jerry Quarry are on the cover. Aside from credit in the sleeve, there's nothing more about Jerry and Michael inside the book, but what a great honor to have them on the cover. This book is on my Christmas list! It's available through All The Best, --Carl

Calvin Modling Fri Oct 22 21:02:12 PDT 1999

i just happened on this page tonight and thought i would say a few words as jerry and mike was some of my favorites---jerry just amazed me at the top guys he could take out---the heavy punchers that others feared and the boxers as well---but jerry and mike like another of my favorites, floyd patterson, will never get their just due---the fact of the matter is that all three of them could and did beat everybody that was anybody with the exception of a handfull of fighters that probally are the best that has ever lived---could anybody today stand up to jerry quarry???? nah,don't kid yourself, he was a lot better than these---as much as i like holyfield i know that at this stage of his career he couldn't handle jerry and as for lenox lewis he is especially made to order for jerry---5 rounds or less and he'd be headed back to england---and mike? had he not fought the best light heavy that ever lived at only 21 who knows what he could have done---i'm just glad and feel honored to have witnessed these two young men fight in my lifetime---my heart goes out to the family on the loss of jerry---and yes, he should without a doubt be in the hall of fame---may God richley bless you all---calvin

Robert Thu Oct 21 13:27:46 PDT 1999

Circa 1969 - Cisco's, Manhattan Beach, CA A wild night at one of the most popular places at the beach, 60's music/dancing and partying..... and who walked in? The buzz was that Jerry Quarry was in the house .....He was not only at Cisco's, but could SING and did, and took in the revelry of the night. A most engaging night for me and rest of my friends. At the time, I was a recent college grad working on the Space Program (Apollo) for North American Rockwell(later Rockwell International), Downey/Seal Beach,CA. staying in Manhattan Beach with a friend and soon to be involved (drafted) into the Vietnam War. Little did I know that we were the same age (Born 1945). I followed Jerry's early bouts/career and other noted boxers of our era and was saddened to learn (only recently)of his passing. I was not aware of his failing health nor the nature of his health problem. As with many of our generation,our chosen occupations/careers took us in different directions. For me, after the war I returned to civilian life: Space Shuttle Program, marriage and family (2 daughters). The oldest (now at the old age of 21) attends a local university and lives only minutes from where CISCO's once existed. We recently shared lunch together just down the street, as I reminisced of earlier times here. However, it doesn't change that moment in time, a fond memory of that night at CISCO's ... and Manhattan Beach, CA. I salute you Jerry and those who have established the THE JERRY QUARRY FOUNDATION.

Paul T. Maduros Mon Oct 18 18:31:59 PDT 1999

It is true, Jerry use to handle big muscle bound guys all the time in the gym. Jerry had what I would call boxing muscles. Just being muscle bound does not mean you can fight. He was very different in many aspects. I think he was the best counterpuncher I ever saw. Jerry fought hard to win the national golden gloves championship. You have to beat a lot of fighters to do that. A lot of people don't believe in luck, but I think you have to have a certain amount. When judging his career, don't just look at the Ali and Frazier fights. Look at some of the great fighters he beat. Then you'll be able to see just how great he was. God bless you Jerry, we'll always love you.

John Gaetano Elwill7847 Sun Oct 17 08:01:19 PDT 1999

It has been awhile since I have visited Jerry's site but he is always in my thoughts. Whenever I watch a fight on T.V. I think back to the many great fights that Jerry had. He was undoubtably a "MADE FOR T.V. FIGHTER".... if he was fighting today he would be a perfect fighter for HBO because his fights were exciting and he would not duck anyone.Watching todays heavyweights has convinced me Jerry would be a champion today....I think he should be in the Boxing Hall Of Fame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peter hervias Wed Oct 13 19:50:08 PDT 1999

I have three regrets in my life, one of those is not attending Jerrys service. The second is not writing when I had a chance, the third and most painful is taking this wonderful person I never met for granted, he was truly my hero not just as an adolesent but even to this day. I find comfort in that hes in a better place, where God has taken the pain away and truly blessed him as a great human beign. As a kid growing up in the East coast I recalled staying up and listing for either the results or live broadcast of his fights three the come to mind are the Ernie Shavers,Mac Foster and Ron Lyle. My heart was broken a few times, but my love and loyalty for this man never wavered I took his disappointments hard. I could say a lot more, but I hope Jerry you forgive me and know what my heart feels I have a young son if he can accomplish a fraction of your achivements in this world he'll be a success. Jerry till we meet your friend for eternity. pfh

Bob Herrmann Jr. Fuzzy599 Sat Oct 9 15:02:15 PDT 1999

I am a big boxing fan, I have been following boxing since I was 10. I remember all of Jerry's classic fights, I feel if Jerry was in his prime today he would be world"s champ. I was sorry to here of his passing. Truly your"s Bob

Matt Gunther Tue Oct 5 06:10:21 PDT 1999

I think most of today's fighters would not have fared well against Jerry,Frazier,Ali etc...even though guys today are bigger. Today' fighters look like body builders...not boxers. Joe Louis was under 200lbs when he beat a lot of fighters. When Louis fought Schmeling the second time,he punched him so hard that he cracked a vertebrae in his neck! Marciano is another one.Rocky was such a tremendously hard puncher in that he would break blood vessels in his opponents arms!!!! Rocky's best weight was 190lbs. After a few rounds Marciano's opponents could not hold up their arms. Dempsey too, was under 200lbs for some of his best fights. Lookk at what Dempsey did to the 6'6" tall Jess Willard, who was well over 200 lBS. Dempsey beat him to a pulp!!! I believe that the fighters today are much bigger but their power is generated from their weight...not from "developing" a hard punch like the older fighters of the past did. If you ever watch some of the old fights like Marciano and Walcott you will truly see that these guys were brutal fighters who gave their all. You never see guys like Lennox Lewis today absorb a 14 round beating and then come back and win on a knock-out. Matt

Sabrina Quarry Sat Oct 2 08:59:29 PDT 1999

spend all your time waiting for that second chance,for a break that would make it okay,there's always one reason to feel not good enough and it's hard at the end of the day,i need some distraction,oh beautiful release,memory seeps through my veins,let me be empty and weightless and maybe i'll find some peace tonight,in the arms of an angel,fly away from here,from this dark cold hotel room,and the endlessness that you fear,you are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie,you're in the arms of the angel,may you find some comfort there,so tired of the straight line and everywhere you turn,there's vultures and thieves at your back and the storm keeps on twisting,you keep on building the lie,that you make up for all that you lack,it don't make no difference,escaping one last time,it's easier to believe in this sweet madness oh,this glorious sadness that brings me to my knees,you're in the arms of the angel,may you find some comfort here. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T KNOW THIS SONG WAS PLAYED AT JERRY'S FUNERAL.I LISTEN TO IT EVERYDAY AND IT FITS BECAUSE HE IS IN THE ARMS OF THE ANGELS.AND HE IS AT PEACE AND FOUND COMFORT THERE. I LOVE YOU UNCLE JERRY VERY MUCH.

George L. Otto Tue Sep 28 19:56:35 PDT 1999

The Muhammed Ali Boxing Reform Act has been approved by the House Commerce committee headed up by Michael Oxley. Now it is on to the full House for the final vote. In order to provide your input, please be advised that you can contact your House member online. Many internet services have access to those addresses. Also, James has and I ( my phone number is 202.547.2950 ) have a list of all the phone numbers and addresses of the nation's Congressmembers. So don't hesitate to try and contact your Representative to express your support for this important legislation !!!!

lll lll Tue Sep 28 19:47:35 PDT 1999


SABRINA QUARRY BEANER5240@AOL.COM Sat Sep 18 07:49:03 PDT 1999


Renate Koelbli Wed Sep 15 00:43:26 PDT 1999

Dear James, My thanks for accomodating my wishes concerning the donation to The Jerry Quarry Foundation. I hope that more visitors to the site will take advantage of the opportunity to do the same. From the impression I've gotten from your website, the work of your foundation has only just begun, and will need much public support. The long-term dangers of blunt force trauma for athletes other than boxers is an issue that has had no exposure to speak of, and is a highly worthwhile spin-off from your urgent immediate concerns for your own victims and their families. You told me in your response that Jerry considered boxing a one-on-one confrontation with life - one steady climb to the bottom. Well, I don't remember where, but I once heard something that takes his words a little further. "We are, ALL of us, born with a terminal illness: It's called LIFE." The way I see it, none of us can completely avoid pain during the course of that illness. It can come from anywhere, I suppose, but the source of the most intense pain almost always seems to be those we love the most, - family and friends. Disagreements and misunderstandings, jealousies, self-centeredness, pride, guilt, worry, lack of consideration and understanding, failure to communicate and dishonesty - are among some of the toxins that contribute to the dosages of pain experienced in a lifetime. And then, of course, there are the "biggies", - illness and death. The Quarry family is clearly a family in pain! However, James, I very much admire you and commend you for your way of handling that pain. Nothing is better for healing than service to one's community and to society at large. The satisfaction of working to affect change to potentially hurtful situations and circumstances is a powerful drug that cannot necessarily take away, but can nevertheless quite effectively mask the pain from time to time. Your work is, first and foremost, directed at the boxing community. You are clearly determined that no fighter and his family will ever suffer again to the extent that the Quarry family continues to suffer. And society in general will benefit once your information becomes more widespread. I know that, since visiting your website, I myself cannot see kids playing contact sports without some trepidation. There was a safety report on our local T.V. sports news last week. It warned that kids should be checked out for a possible concussion after a blow to the head - even if they don't pass out. Well, that was fine, but having been recently enlightened myself, I got so frustrated that there was no mention of long-term effects! Do you have literature that I could get my hands on to increase awareness in my area? I would welcome any recommendations you have along those lines. Finally, for you and your family and your continuing personal struggles with the tragedy of first Jerry's infirmity and death, and yours brothers Mike and Robert and the burden of their afflictions, - I wish you strength. The kinds of stresses and upheavals your family has suffered can't help but create tensions. It's only human. For those of you who are blessed with relatively good health, keep in mind that we are not all equal in how well we can deal with adversity. Some of us go down in the first round, and some of us have more staying power. Some of us take defeat less graciously than others. Some of us get back in the ring to fight again, others don't. Forgiveness and understanding are so important for those who are not as strong. Patience and reassurance of unconditional love inspite of periods of weakness often restores their strength with time. You will all need one another through these trials. You have an enormous task to accomplish in Jerry's memory! There's more than enough to allow all of you relief from your pain. Make the most of what Jerry and James have started. For what it's worth, I for one will be cheering you on! Bless you, James, and the entire Quarry family!!! Renate

Slade Kitchens Mon Sep 13 22:15:27 PDT 1999

I noticed on Mike Quarry's page, the listings of his fights after 1974 was incomplete (super information though, good job). So, I thought I'd share a couple excellent October 1976 (page 44) write-ups from Ring magazine on Mike: 1st write-up: "Mike Quarry, making only his second start in eight months, won his fourth straight bout and boosted his record to 55-7-3, one of the best in the division. The Californian native dazzled the Windy City (Orlando) with his speed of hand and foot, and at one point allowed Warfield to open up with both hands to his body without so much as a grimace or a flinch. The 25 year old Quarry, obviuosly enthused about his performance and responding well to the instructions of his new trainer, could once again become a leading challenger for the World Title by the year end." 2nd Write-up: "Mike Quarry, 177, showed off some recently developed punching power as he floored Sylvester Wilder, 184, six times en route to a 5th round TKO. A rapidly improving young veteran at age 25, Quarry seems to be a new fighter since coming under the wing of his new trainer. It was Mike's 5th straight win"

Paul T. Maduros Mon Sep 6 18:34:14 PDT 1999

Wow,it's so great to know that so many people cared about Jerry. Yes, the heavyweights of today are much bigger. Many times Jerry overcame that advantage in his fights. If I've said it once I've said it a million times. By todays standards Jerry would have been a cruiserweight. I look at some of the top contenders today if they could beat Jerry it is simply because heavyweights are bigger these days. I'm sure that in 20yrs that the heavyweight champion will most likely be 7ft. 300lbs. But you look at them pound for pound against Jerry, Jerry had much more skill then some of these bums. The fact is this, Jerry Quarry would have wiped out any cruiserweight champion ever since it was invented. We will forever love you Jerry and your name will never be forgotten.

Renate Koelbli Mon Sep 6 15:15:56 PDT 1999

I was introduced to the name Jerry Quarry last year when I made a friend who'd spent some time in his youth in amateur boxing. Although the circumstances of life dictated that he forsake active participation, his love for the sport never waned. He apologetically exposed me to hours and hours of fight footage on video, and patiently taught me some rudimentary understanding, appreciation, and respect for the talent and courage of the men who exposed themselves to such cruel battering for the sake of their self-esteem, and the entertainment of their audiences. I was reluctant to accept that one would choose this path, squeamish female that I am, no matter how large the potential financial gains. It was largely my trust in this intelligent, sensitive friend, whose own devotion was so keen, that encouraged me little by little to leave myself open to this gradual education. Not coincidentally, the fighter we watched most often on the T.V. screen was Jerry Quarry. I soon realized why he was one of my friend's heros. His determination, his strength and dexterity, and his just plain "smarts" made an impression even on me, - a very unlikely boxing fan. His bravery and effectiveness against other men of much greater stature, and with an enormous "reach" advantage, were to be noted and admired. But what I liked most about what I saw, even though it was difficult for me in the context of a violent sport, was another quality which I suppose you call HEART. It was also the thing that was saddest, because it was that quality that probably drove him, among too many others, to take far too much punishment in the long-run. It was soon obvious that my friend singled out Jerry Quarry, among some other "greats", because of his affection and empathy for the fighter as a human being who had sacrificed too much for the sport for which they shared such passion. I knew that for certain when he showed me some of Jerry's poetry he'd just acquired. My friend is a writer, and those poems just brought his hero's humanity too close to home! The tragedy of Jerry's fate became even more personal after that. When Jerry Quarry died in January, I was unavailable to my friend to help mourn his passing, due to another of life's unfortunate circumstances. He was coping, at the same time, with his father's battle with a terminal illness. My friend's cherished Dad died very recently, and I was thankfully back in touch by that time. There were several causes suggested for possible donations in his memory, but I'm hoping to personalize my tribute to his father to my friend and educator on the sport of boxing and its heros, fallen and otherwise. I see here the opportunity to include in the tribute, a man he never had the thrill of meeting, but also counts strongly among his mentors. Therefore, I would like to know if I can make a donation to The Jerry Quarry Foundation in the memory of the deceased, and have the acknowledgement sent to my friend. I believe that would be the most meaningful gesture I could make to honour the memory of two men my friend held in high esteem. I'll look forward to your reply. Thank you. Renate

Slade Mon Sep 6 14:49:07 PDT 1999

James, I've been curious about a topic the last few years that you may have some insight on. I suppose it's not a "Big Deal" among fight fans, historians or boxing organizations, but it's been interesting to me to see the increase in the average weight of Heavyweights over the last 20 years. I recall watching a well conditioned/fine tuned Jerry take apart world class fighters that were 10 or 20 lbs heavier (Ron Lyle, Mac Foster,..). Looking at Ring magazines from the late 1960's and early 1970's, most of the great heavyweights fought in their 190's or low 200's (Joe Frazier fought 1/2 dozen fights in his 190's in the late sixties). Today, I would guest the average heavyweight is about 235 lbs, with a few approaching the 250 lbs mark that are in the top ten. Today, when I watch heavyweight fights, it reminds me of the awsome growth over the last 20 years. Occasionally, the ringside analysts will touch on this issue, but never give any explanation. I tend to believe it's primarily do to better diet and training techniques, and possibly a small part due to steroid use. I guess I would say that being bigger is probably not neccessarily better. Just a few years ago Holyfield (in his then 204 lb frame), did well moving up the heavyweight ladder and becoming the champion. Do you have any insite, pros & cons, or why and how's on the topic of the increasing weight of heavyweights? Sincerely, Slade.

Sean M. Caddle Mon Sep 6 13:46:32 PDT 1999

Hello James, you are doing are great job with the foundation. This question is for Mike. Do you remember fightinging Kivin Smith in New Jesey and if you do what do you recall about the fight? Thank You for your time. SEAN

James Quarry Sat Sep 4 11:22:14 PDT 1999

Bill O'Neil was not correct when he said that our mother came to California with nothing but the clothes she had on her. She came to California at the age 15 and she came here with here parents. They had a new car and her dad worked all through the depression.

Bill O'Neill Tue Aug 24 22:57:28 PDT 1999

Hey, I wasn't finished yet! As a rookie on the computer, I must've punched the wrong button. Anyway, like I was saying, before I so RUDELY interrupted myself: Had he been a movie actor instead of a prize fighter, the gregarious kid from Bakersfield would have gone for the part of the cowboy in the white hat, who rode a white horse and thumped the bully, saved the ranch, and rescued the pretty girl. The fact that he came along in the age of the anti-hero, when people looked up to young men who dressed sloppily, spoke in obscenities, smoked dope, and disrespected our nation's flag did not deter Jerry from his personal idealism. He went his own way, always in search of that Holy Grail (in his case, the heavyweight championship of the world), knowing in his heart that his choices were the right ones. Officially, Irish Jerry Quarry died on January 3. But in reality, he left us a few years earlier--a victim of the Alzeimer's-like disorder known as dementia pugilistica, brought on by the many thousands of blows to the head he absorbed during his ring career. An ill-advised comeback attempt in 1992 left him badly damaged. To those who knew him, Jerry will be remembered as a good and decent man--a loyal friend, a bright and cheerful personality, a man who would not back down from man nor beast, but was God-fearing and would not allow any person to speak the Lord's name in vain in his presence. He loved poetry and song, and the company of family and friends. The scene at Jerry's funeral in Bakersfield was a poignant one. Both parents and all seven of his siblings were there, along with his three former wives, his three children, and his five grandchildren. They were joined by numerous other family members and hundreds of other mourners: childhood friends, former neighbors, and luminaries from the world of boxing. The guest list included three vanquished opponents from long ago (Joey Orbillo, Mac Foster, and Big Dave Centi), along with Mando Ramos, Armando Muniz, Randy Shields, Dub Huntley, Ray "Boom-Boom" Mancini, Schoolboy Pete Vital, and actor Mickey Rourke. Jerry's first trainer, Bill Slayton, was there, as was former World Boxing Hall of Fame President Charles Casas. In the end, as a cold, damp fog hovered over the great valley of his birth and bagpipes wailed out the mournful strains of "Danny Boy," strong men and women wept as the bronze casket bearing the body of the Last of the Irish Heavyweights was lowered gently int its final resting place.

Bill O'Neill Tue Aug 24 22:34:16 PDT 1999

As a retired boxing writer and long-time friend of the Quarry family, I was delighted to find this web page devoted to the memory of Irish Jerry Quarry. If you will bear with me, I would like to post a rather lengthy tribute that I wrote in the wake of Jerry's untimely passing. I hope that it will bring comfort to his family, and to those fans who may visit this website: When bold Jerry Quarry was laid to rest in a quiet cemetary a few miles north of his hometown of Bakersfield a week ago Saturday, it marked the end of an almost-forgotten era in American sport. Jerry will be remembered by boxing purists as the Last of the Irish Heavyweights--a proud lineage that began with Peter Corcoran back in 1771, and was carried down through the years by such fighting men as Duggan Fearns, James "Deaf" Burke, Yankee Sullivan, Tom Morrissey, John C. Heenan, Paddy Ryan, John L. Sullivan, Jake Killrain, James J. Corbett, Sailor Tom Sharkey, Tommy Burns, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Tommy Loughran, Jimmy Braddock, and Billy Conn. Each, in his time, was a dominant figure in the sport. And each carried a special quality: whenever an Irish heavyweight entered the ring there was a charge of electricity in the air. No mauling, no clowning, no run-and grab, no biting of an opponents ears. Just prize fighting, at its purest and best. Jerry Quarry was at his best in the late Sixties and early Seventies. Had he came along ten years earlier or ten year later, he almost certainly would have been champion of the world. As it was, he had to beat either Joe Frazier or Muhammad Ali to win the title; and try though he did, with every fibre of his being, he could not come up with a victory in four blood-splattered meetings with those two all-time greats. It is part of the Jerry Quarry legacy that he is remembered more for his heartbreaking losses to Frazier and Ali than for his many wins over other outstanding fighters of his era: Floyd Patterson, Thad Spencer, Joey Orbillo, Alex Miteff, Buster Mathis, Ron Lyle, Mac Foster, Earnie Shavers, Tony Doyle, and Brian London, among others. He was always billed as "Irish" Jerry during his ring years; it made for good copy, and good box office. But Jerry let it be know from the beginning that while he was proud of his Irish name and his share of Irish blood, he wasn't exactly your standard-issue, big-city Roman Catholic type Irishman. He had some German and some Dutch and some Scotch-Irish mixed in, along with some Chocktaw and/or Cherokee. He was a Christian, of the non-denominational variety; not a Catholic. "We are Dust Bowl people," he said matter-of-factly when I interviewed him for a magazine article shortly after his electrifying performance (five quick knockouts in five bouts) in the 1965 National Golden Gloves at Kansas City. "You might say that we descended from the people John Steinbeck wrote about in The Grapes of Wrath." Indeed, there were parallels between the stories of the Quarrys and the fictional Joad family of the Steinbeck novel. When the Quarrys and the Tolberts (Jerry's mother's family) landed in the San Joaquin Valley in the late 1930's, there was no Welcome Wagon there to greet them. They came hungry and desperate, from Oklahoma and Arkansas, respectively, bringing little more with them than the clothes on their back and a willingness to work hard, every day of their lives. They were people who followed the crops, picking fruit and chopping cotton. They split and delivered firewood; they cleaned other people's houses; they waited tables, washed dishes, pumped gas, and--yes, changed bus tires, which is what Jerry was doing at the time of his debut as a professional boxer. They didn't take no bullcrap from nobody. And they survived. At age 19, Jerry was a remarkably intelligent and introspective young man. He was a "people person," even then. His fascination with The Grapes of Wrath probably was due to some identification with the character of Tom Joad, the idealistic hero of the story. And he no doubt saw in Ma Joad, the embattled earth mother whose great love for her children and unshakable faith in God kept her family together through even the worst of times, more than just a little bit of his own mother, Arwanda. Jack and Arwanda Quarry never had much in the way os material things to pass along to their eight children. But they did give them strong, healthy bodies, an abundance of physical courage, and a massive helping of grit in their craw. The Quarry clan was (and still is) bound by an impressive list of don'ts. If you're a Quarry, you don't beg; you don't lie; you don't cheat; you don't steal; and most importantly of all, you don't quit. You survive. "There's no quit in a Quarry," Arwanda is fond of saying. That's the family creed--and it has carried her eight children through times of tragedy and heartbreak and abandonment that would have broken a lesser family. Jack Quarry, a rough-and-tumble brawler in his youth, wanted his sons to grow up tough. He strapped boxing gloves on the two eldest, Jimmy and Jerry, as soon as they were out of diapers. Both showed pugliistic promise early on, but Jerry was stricken with the dread disease Nephritis when he was in the first grade. For many months, Jerry hovered close to death. Weak and frail, he became a shut-in. Doctors confided to his parents that even if he survived, he would probably never be able to run and play like other children. It was during that period of his life that there developed an intense, almost mystical relationship between the future heavyweight contender and his mother. During those long months of confinement, Jerry found in Arwanda a protector, a source of endless love and encouragement, and a soulmate. Inspired by her, he eventually regained his health and strength. While Arwanda surely loved all of her children equally, there was only one Jerry Lee. He was her hero, and her confidante; and he proudly owned up to being a "mama's boy," even when he was being hailed as the toughest man on earth. The other children recognized the special bond between the two of them, and accepted it. During his big-money years as a world-class athlete and celebrity, Jerry was Arwanda's primary source of strength and support, financial and otherwise. In more recent times, their relationship had gone full-circle, and he was again dependent on his mother as his mental and physical health declined. Unlike those sports stars of today who avoid their fans and want money for their autograph, Jerry gave his freely and cheerfully. And he would toss in a firm handshake, a friendly, smile, or even a gentle hug, at no extra charge.

Paul T. Maduros Mon Aug 9 07:49:17 PDT 1999

I've been a fan of Jerry's since 1967 when I first saw him. I'm just as impressed today as I was then. I'm always proud to say that Jerry Quarry was my hero. Even in daily conversation with people I always look for the opportunity to bring Jerry up and tell people about Jerry. As far as his career, Jerry did fight many major fights with injuries. That night in 1968 against Jimmy Ellis, Jerry should have become champion. He fought 15rds with a broken back. I don't know how he did this. I will say this to all boxing fans, if your interested in helping boxers and the sport of boxing as a whole. Please help support TJQF. God Bless the Quarry Family!

Brenda Quarry Sat Aug 7 15:31:06 PDT 1999

Hi Just a short note to let Jerry's fans know, that the family is now starting to heal. We miss Jerry very much. However he lives on in our hearts. Mike is doing well, please keep him in prayer. Once again thank you, to their fans for all the nice thoughts and feelings, they are sharing with us. It really hepls to read the nice things people say about my brothers. God Bless Brenda

George Otto GOSRSA@AOL.COM Sat Aug 7 08:48:54 PDT 1999


James Quarry Sun Aug 1 13:56:30 PDT 1999

I was thinking about Former #1 heavyweight contender Thad Spencer today. Last week end, as I stated in a letter earlier, I attended the Veteran Boxers Association Picnic. I was able to talk to Thad Spencer up close and personal. I was told that after he beat Ernie Terrell. He Started partying. You've heard the old saying "Wine,Women and Song". He even added drugs to this long time bash. Thad Spencer, just like most of us, did not know how to handle all the attention or temptation. He was like Jimmy Cagney when he said, "Look Ma I'm on Top of the world". Except in this case, like Jimmy Cagney, The fame did not kill him. However, during all that excitement, he stepped into the ring, in the middle of that party again my brother Irish Jerry Quarry. This was a chance for Thad Spencer to prove he was the #1 contender. The Promoter, new he was not ready. He wasn't in shape to fight in the simi-final of the WBA championship tournament. Even his trainer, the late Willie Ketchem, new his fighter wasn't ready. Again, temptation got the beast of Thad Spencer. They offered him $50,000 on top of the $75,000 contracted. I feel that Thad at his best, that day, Jerry would have distroy any in his path. I'm not taking anything away from Thad Spencer. It's like George Foreman quotes on his web page. "Jerry Quarry was the best heavyweight to never when the title" George says "He intentionally dodged Jerry while he was chanpion". I agree, if Jerry would have slugged it out with Jimmy Ellis and boxed Joe Frazier, he would have been champion in both cases. Even the first fight with Ali. Jerry lives on through this web site. I gained a lot of repect for Thad Spencer. he was honest with me. He has turned his life around and taken responcibility for himself. He is a successful father and boxing promoter. Most of all he is successful as a human being. I feel that one day soon that Thad spencer will be inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame. I would vote for him.

SAL APRIL WCHE@AOL.COM Fri Jul 30 10:51:40 PDT 1999


SAL APRIL WCHE@AOL.COM Fri Jul 30 10:50:38 PDT 1999


GEORGE L. OTTO GORSRA@AOL.COM Thu Jul 29 17:06:04 PDT 1999


Benjamin B. Crisp Tue Jul 27 17:08:15 PDT 1999

I hated to hear of the passing of Jerry Quarry in early '99. I also hated to hear of his illness leading up to his death. I have watched him fight several times on Classic Sports. This is a man who could have in all honesty been one of the greatest heavyweight champs of all time. I saw him against Ron lyle, Earnie Shavers, Joe Frazier,& Muhammad Ali. And if he had fought the last 2 the right way I feel that he could have won. When Foreman was champ I, along with alot of other people feel that he along with Muhammad Ali,may have been the only heavyweights that were capable of beating George Foreman. It is just to bad that he never got that chance. I have read of how things turned out for Jerry throughout his life. And it made me so sad. Out of all the heavyweight life stories that I have ever read.I believe that Jerry's is the most tragic. With his successes I think we all saw something that we all wanted for ourselves. To come from the fruit fields of California. To be the #1 heavyweight contender. And then to stay in the top 5 for 10 years. To endure the White Hope Cries. And then to prove them all wrong. To any one who is reading this Jerry Quarry was no white hope. White Hope's can't fight. Jerry Quarry proved his ability To every opponent. Jerry you may have lost a few fights but no one ever beat you. To the Quarry family. I say again that I am sorry to hear about Jerrys death. I always wanted to meet him. signed Benjamin B. Crisp

jonathan quarry kemper military school Mon Jul 26 09:55:17 PDT 1999

I thank all of you that have written to the jerry quarry foundation talking about how great of a man my father was i look at this page every day and it makes me think about all the good times i had with my father.If you don't know me i'm Jerry's youngest son and to all of my family I'll be home August7,1999 love you

Tom O CYM@AOL.COM Sat Jul 24 15:39:32 PDT 1999

As always, I am amazed at the attention and adultion Mr. Ali receives, most recently at the NYC memorial service for John Kennedy Jr. Here was a middle class kid who evaded service to his country; joined, and promoted, a hate-group which embraces the most absurd racist myths; and lost several fights, while also being awarded a number of questionable decisions. ESPN has seen fit to name him the top athlete of the century, when he was hardly even the best fighter (a number of names come to mind - let's start with Sugar Ray Robinson, and if you want to talk heavys, the undefeated Rocky Marciano). All of which begs the question: why has Jerry, a kid who fought his way out of poverty, never received the credit he is due? The comparison of the treatment by the media of Ali and Quarry is remarkable. (Moreover, I have often wondered why the second or third best boxer in the world is referred to by the ignorant as a "bum", when the top 30 or 40 baseball and football players are "All Stars" or "All Pros"). Jerry has been recognized neither as the best small heavyweight in an era of darn good big heavyweights, nor as one of the top boxers, weight class aside, of his era. This website establishes via firsthand anecdotes that in addition to his athletic ability he was a decent guy. I submit that he should be similarly acknowledged as one of the top athletes of his time. I remember the old "Superstars" show, where Jerry won the homerun derby as well as the bowling competition, as I recall. An accomplished athlete and a good guy. How many of today's "superstars" warrant that description? I just have to wonder, will Jerry ever get his due? Keep on keepin' on.

Tom O CYM@AOL.COM Sat Jul 24 15:39:29 PDT 1999

As always, I am amazed at the attention and adultion Mr. Ali receives, most recently at the NYC memorial service for John Kennedy Jr. Here was a middle class kid who evaded service to his country; joined, and promoted, a hate-group which embraces the most absurd racist myths; and lost several fights, while also being awarded a number of questionable decisions. ESPN has seen fit to name him the top athlete of the century, when he was hardly even the best fighter (a number of names come to mind - let's start with Sugar Ray Robinson, and if you want to talk heavys, the undefeated Rocky Marciano). All of which begs the question: why has Jerry, a kid who fought his way out of poverty, never received the credit he is due? The comparison of the treatment by the media of Ali and Quarry is remarkable. (Moreover, I have often wondered why the second or third best boxer in the world is referred to by the ignorant as a "bum", when the top 30 or 40 baseball and football players are "All Stars" or "All Pros"). Jerry has been recognized neither as the best small heavyweight in an era of darn good big heavyweights, nor as one of the top boxers, weight class aside, of his era. This website establishes via firsthand anecdotes that in addition to his athletic ability he was a decent guy. I submit that he should be similarly acknowledged as one of the top athletes of his time. I remember the old "Superstars" show, where Jerry won the homerun derby as well as the bowling competition, as I recall. An accomplished athlete and a good guy. How many of today's "superstars" warrant that description? I just have to wonder, will Jerry ever get his due? Keep on keepin' on.

Sabrina Quarry Thu Jul 22 19:01:33 PDT 1999

Thank you for the information. I'm glad things went well for you in Baltimore. I have faith that you will accomplish your goals for The Foundation and Boxing.. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

James Quarry Mon Jul 19 19:09:36 PDT 1999

The meeting in Baltimore was a complete success. Many rules are changing for the safety of the boxer. We are currently working on the results and will be posted ASAP. Plus the way fights will be judged. Even the judging officials are be carefully looked at to we will not have the bad decissions like the Holifield vs Lewis fight. I'm so excited. I can hardly wait to share all this with all the fans. Please bare with us.

Dave Myers Sun Jul 11 19:11:53 PDT 1999

I was a big fan of Jerry Quarry as I was growing up in Southern California in the 1960's. When I had a journalism class at Walker Jr. High in La Palma I was amazed to discover that Jerry Quarry also lived in La Palma and in fact was listed in the phone book! I brazenly picked up the phone one day, dialed his number and actually got to talk to him! It was one of the most exciting times of my life and Jerry couldn't have been nicer and more understanding. I felt like he knew what it was like to be a big fan of someone and finally get to meet (or in this case talk) to your hero. I also could tell right away that he loved talking about boxing. What I always admired most about Jerry Quarry was his heart. I know it takes a great heart just to step through the ropes, but Jerry Quarry's heart was amazing as he demonstrated not only during his fantastic ring career but especially during his infirmity. He was an inspiration to me as a kid and as an adult. I will always remember him. I hope the Quarry family will take condolence in the fact that Jerry lives on in the people he inspired.

James Quarry Sat Jul 10 07:44:07 PDT 1999

I am leaving to attend the American Association of Boxing Commissioners meeting in Baltimore. The meeting is from the 14th to the 17th. I will bring back and post all the information on our web page. I'm excited about this. We will finally be hear by all 50 State officials. Believe me, they will get an ear full.

Sonia Hathaway (Quarry) Fri Jul 2 21:59:52 PDT 1999

Keep up the good work.

Mike Bennett Wed Jun 30 08:36:22 PDT 1999

Dear Sirs, Recently I read an article regarding the final years of Jerry's life, a very sad story. I have been a fight fan for over 40 years and I am interested in some fight memorbilia. Is there any chance I could pick up a poster from one of Jerry's fights. If you could provide avaiablity and price I would greastly appreciate it. If you don't provide this type of thing maybe you could advise me where I could go for this item. How can I donate to the Foundation? Best regards, Mike Bennett

James Quarry Sat Jun 26 09:02:39 PDT 1999

June 27th, 1972 28 year ago a boxing contest billed as the Quarry Brothers against the Soul Brothers. Muhammad Ali and Bob Foster fought Mike and Jerry Quarry. The Quarry Brothers lost that night. Mike was knocked out as the bell rang ending the 4th round. Jerry Quarry was stopped in the middle rounds. Some of the family members were fighting in the stands.

Mike Stevens Wed Jun 23 10:02:59 PDT 1999

Until June 1 of this year, the television show "Biography" was allowing people to vote as to who they would like to see profiled on the show. Of course we would like to see Jerry Quarry profiled but does anyone know where that stands? Congratulations on the fantastic web site and the steady progress of the foundation.

Paul T. Maduros Tue Jun 22 18:23:02 PDT 1999

Just to let the members of the Quarry family know that I'm still visiting the site. I love Jerry more then anyone will ever know. I looked up to him all my life. The Quarry family is always in my prayers. There is much for us as fan's that we must do. James you know I love you for what you have done. God bless all the Quarry family.

keri Mon Jun 21 12:00:16 PDT 1999

Happy late fathers day dad. I love you and miss you so much. love keri

Tony Robles Fri Jun 11 10:47:31 PDT 1999

Was saddened when I heard the news that Jerry Quarry had passed. Grew up in that great era of heavyweights and Jerry was always right up at the top, taking them all on, never dodging anyone. I always remember the 2nd Frazier fight. Even though Jerry lost, he showed a great deal of courage going toe to toe with Joe Frazier. But I have a suggestion: Why not add some of Jerry's poetry to this website or maybe build a website devoted to his poetry. I know there are a lot of people out there who'd love to read what Jerry had in his heart. Peace, love and understanding Tony Robles

Slade Tue Jun 8 14:32:04 PDT 1999

I visit this site often, and I want to tell you, it is one of the best developed WEB sites I've seen. Lots of good features that are organized together very well. Super Job!

Stephen R. Strosser Wed Jun 2 13:42:05 PDT 1999

To: Jim Quarry John Martino asked me to write you and let you know he his promoting an amateur boxing card in Atascadero, June 5th. As a part of the event John will present a tribute to you brother, Jerry. Best of Luck Stephen R. Strosser

arwanda, brenda, & kids Sat May 29 15:37:47 PDT 1999

first time I am trying to send an email on my friends computor, so bear with me. my thoughts were with Jerry and all of you on May 15th but I was out of the country at the time. There wasn't a time when we didn't call each other to wish each other a happy birthday, merry christmas or just to say hi how you doing....I will miss him forever too. He has and always will be in my prayers every day. I sent mom a card for Mothers day and hope she received it. I send my love to all of you and hopefully I will get an email address of my own soon . much love Charlie

Brenda Quarry Sun May 23 10:36:30 PDT 1999

Hi just wanted to say that some of us made it out to Jerry's graveside to spend his birthday with him. Although it was sad it made us feel a little better, we put flowers and James put one of his favorite candy bars out there too. Jerry we will never forget you how could we you were a great man in our eyes. Mike is doing ok he has just moved so it is taking a little time for him to get used to his new home. Love you family very much and may the Angels be watching over you all. Love Brenda

keri quarry Sun May 16 12:42:48 PDT 1999

Happy late birthday dad. I wasn't able to get to see you at the graveside yesterday but my heart was thinking of you. I miss you daddy and know that you had the best birthday ever with Jesus. I LOVE YOU! TO ALL MY FAMILY HOPE YOU HAD A BLESSED DAY AND KNOW THAT I WAS WITH YOU IN SPIRIT AT HIS GRAVESIDE. LOVE YOU ALL. LOVE KERI

Paul T.Maduros Sat May 15 14:26:37 PDT 1999

I hope that we as Jerry's fans can push this thing about a bio about Jerry or better, a movie. Jerry was everything that a person growing up could ever want to be. I want to wish you a happy birthday Jerry, you know now how much I've loved you through the years. Your name will live on! God bless all

Sonia Hathaway Sat May 15 06:01:49 PDT 1999


Billy Gray Thu May 13 09:20:31 PDT 1999

Jerry Quarry. Where does a true friend begin to express their feeling for knowing someone as truly special as this man will always be to anyone that knew him as the Real Man JERRY QUARRY is? Jerry was such a sensitive man-of-God, a poet, that the profession of his sport was really an anomaly, a dichotomy that was really only genuinely revealed to anyone that ever came to know Jerry outside of the limelight or the glare of ringside! Jerry Quarry had many "best friends". He was that kind of man. He was my best friend for thirty years. And, in that time we never had an unfavorable moment. Disagreements, yes. But, there was always - always - that mutual brotherly love. Even in the darkest hours of mistakes I had made, as a young man, Jerry Quarry and even his entire family were always there to comfort and support me in my times of trouble. Out of Jerry's own pocket, he once spent more than ten-thousand dollars to do what was necessary to gain the approval of California's Governor Ronald Reagan and Nevada's Governor to allow me to be release from prison to go to Las Vegas to attend Jerry's fight with Ali and Michael's fight with Bob Foster! Jerry and the entire family particated in two outside the prison boxing events I had promoted to raise more than fifteen-thousand dollars for three youth-oriented charities in Bakersfield and Tehachapi! Jerry and his family did all this without remuneration of any kind and, of course, without the media's attention. To everyone that ever spent more than a few moments with Jerry Quarry he lives forever in our hearts!

Sal April Tue May 11 06:20:34 PDT 1999

Hello everyone: Just a note to let you know I think it's a great idea to contact to suggest that they produce a feature on JERRY QUARRY. A fantastic idea! I would like to encourage all frinds and fans of JERRY QUARRY to contact and request they do so. thanks and to all "keep up the good work" ....Sal April

James M. Quarry Mon May 10 20:12:50 PDT 1999

I sure most of you have seen the television show "Biography" They are advertising to the public and requesting to the public to send in which people they want to see on the show. The E-mail address is Tell everyone you know to send them an E-Mail requesting you want to see the Biography of Irish Jerry Quarry. This promotion is over June 1, 1999. Let's see how many requests we can send. If all of Jerry's fans would do this, just may be, they will do a story of his life. Thanks for your support!!!

James O, cONNOR Scipio Sphinx Sun May 9 17:07:59 PDT 1999

Heart OF A Lion title jerry my favorite fighter as kid growing up took my lumps too as I rish kid in predominatly italian black school 16 yr vet NYPD now i think this kid Eddie BYRNE film maker could pull it off i have ideas to i like to write and have feel for the fistic art and Jerry Quarry WILL ALWAYS BE MY HERE

George L. Otto Mon May 3 03:44:35 PDT 1999

In an update to a previous message, there are numerous articles on the web regarding the results of the 22 April 1999 U. S. Senate Boxing Hearing which covered the Muhammed Ali Boxing Reform Act ( S. 305 ). I attended this event, and felt that Muhammed Ali, Greg Sirb of the ABC, former referee Mills Lane, writer Wallace Mathews, promoter Dan Goosen, and New York State Attorney General Eliott Spitzer all supported the passage of this important legislation which has to go through the U.S. House and Senate this year. In conjunction with that, U.S. Senator Daniel Moynihan ( D, NY ) has announced that he will introduce a bill which, if implemented, would require all professional fighters to undergo a CAT brain exam at least twice each year. I'll give you more on that later. Please contact your U.S. Senator and ask him or her to support S.305 !!!!!!!

James M. Quarry Sat May 1 07:45:10 PDT 1999

In the month of July The Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) is holding a meeting from the 15th to the 17th. It will be held at the Holiday Inn-Inner Harber Hotel, in Baltimore, Maryland. I plan on attending this meeting as a representative for T.J.Q.F. It is my understanding the agenda will be covering The Muhammad Ali Reform Act. This proposed bill is presented to clean up the sport of boxing. We feel that cleaning up the sport of boxing will make the sport safer for the athlete. This is why I will be attending. I would like to take this opportunity to explain that our main focus has been on the sport of boxing, because, it is the only sport that is directed toward blows to the head. Once we bring enought attention and education to governing agencies and the general public, we will focus on other sports which involve blunt force trauma to the head, such as football, soccer, or any other activity where an athlete can be permanently damaged in the brain. This kind of injury often shows up many years after the initual injury. We have to educate the parents with children who participate in these kinds of sports, that there could be a danger in the future. Please join us in our quest. Be it by sending tax deductable donations, holding fund raising events or volunteering you time. Several events are scheduled towards the end of this year. If you hear about them in your local news, please join in with the activities. Thank you for visiting our web page! We are holding our second annual board of directors meeting on May 22, 1999

Paul T. Maduros Mon Apr 26 09:34:22 PDT 1999

This message is for Jerry's mother Arwanda. I wanted to tell you how much your son Jerry's life affected mine. From the age of 9yrs old I tryed to lead my life in a way that somehow would make me more like Jerry. Jerry had all the things that a person growing up would admire. Heart,courage,kindness, a sense of humor. In the interviews that saw of Jerry he always seemed very humble, I guess you could add class to the list also. I will always mourn the loss of Jerry. I wanted to thank you for being the wonderful mother that you were to Jerry, my hero in life.

Charles Anderson Sun Apr 25 18:32:49 PDT 1999

Jerry is missed by every one very much. Any knowledge of any up coming movies or books about Jerry will be much appreciated. Take care and best wishes to the family and especially the children.

andrew lindsay Fri Apr 23 10:22:11 PDT 1999

Having been a Jerry Quarry fan since watching him KO Mac Foster in 1970, I feel the loss of a childhood hero and all the sadness that comes with it. It has always bothered me that the sporting media's portrayal of Jerry ranged from dismissive to cynical. No heavyweight champion has ever showed more courage in the face of pain than Jerry, not even Marciano, Frazier or Ali. Why the California media was so negative about Quarry will always be a mystery, knowledgeable fans who recognized a crowd pleaser when they saw one, know otherwise. Jerry did not win 53 fights by accident or luck, he earned every one of them the hard way. His sportsmanship also shines brightly compared to what we see today in crybaby millionaire athletes who can never lose gracefully. After the first Ali, fight, Jerry specifically emphasized that he was not the victim of a butt as so many observers wrongly assumed when they saw the unusual size of the cut along his eyebrow. After the Ellis bout, Jerry openly admitted he did not deserve the decision, saying that if he had been given the decision, he would have given it back. A far cry from Ali quietly reaping gift decisions over Frazier, Young, and Norton. As a doctoral student specializing in Sports History at the University of Toledo, I will someday soon be writing a dissertation on the experience of White heavyweight contenders in recent years, so Jerry of course will be a major part of my story. I was going to do this long before I found out about Jerry's worsening condition, and now have even more reason to study a timely, relevant, and worthwhile subject. MY CONDOLESCENCES TO JERRY'S FAMILY AND THANK YOU TO JERRY HIMSELF FOR BEING HIMSELF.

James M. Quarry Thu Apr 22 17:23:50 PDT 1999

The broadcast that was done on WCHE on the 10th of this month, should be on line by this week end if everything goes well. This was told to me by Mr. Carl Weingarten the designer of our site. Again I want to take this oppertunity to thank Carl and George Otto for all thier hard work.

GEORGE L. OTTO Wed Apr 21 20:50:49 PDT 1999

For those readers interested in the passage of the Muhammed Ali Boxing Reform Act, a bill whose passage and implementation would help many current boxers in terms of ring safety and financial dealings, writer Jon Saraceno of USA TODAY has written an outstanding article in the Sports section for today, Wednesday, 21 April. In this article, Jon stated that Senator John McCain will hold another Senate hearing on Thursday, 22 April here in Washington, DC in the Senate Russell building. Individuals testifying will include former referee Mills Lane, New York Post writer Wallace Mathews, and Muhammed Ali with his wife Lonnie. I plan to attend the hearing and represent The Jerry Quarry Foundation and the American Association for the Improvement of Boxing.

SONIA HATHAWAY(QUARRY) SHATH82735@AOL.COM Wed Apr 21 20:03:11 PDT 1999


keri quarry Wed Apr 21 10:34:54 PDT 1999

I dont come to this page often because it so painful. But I think that sometimes it does help to hear all the wonderful things people have to say about my father. I would like to thank all of you for caring so much. Also uncle Jimmy, thank you for all the great things you are doing, I for one respect your efforts. I love you and the rest of my family and pray for your happiness. God Bless you

Selina Quarry Parrini SP670@AOL.COM Mon Apr 19 22:46:13 PDT 1999

I am reading through all the wonderful letters that all of Jerry's fans have posted. There are things on here that I had no knowledge of. I knew that my Uncle Jerry was a great man with a big heart, but the things that are being written about him are such a pleasure to read. I thank everyone for sharing their wonderful memories with me. I know He is watching from up there. I miss Jerry and love him very much. We do not realize what we have lost until it is gone.

Sabrina Quarry Sat Apr 17 08:34:47 PDT 1999

I've been reading all the letters about the radio interview,and I'm truly sorry to have missed it.I was wondering if I could get a tape of that interview,so I could hear it.That would be great.Dad keep up the good work with the foundation,and let me know if there is anything I can do to help in any way.Thank you.

Brian Love Sat Apr 17 04:00:04 PDT 1999

My heart goes out to the Quarry family. When I was growing up, Jerry Quarry was my idol. I discovered him at 13 when he stopped Thad Spencer. Boxing became my sport and Jerry was at the top as far as I was concerned. Unfortunately, I rarely got to see him fight. The moment I remember well, however, has nothing to do with boxing. I believe it was in spring 1969, he was on "Hollywood Palace," a show similar to Ed Sullivan's. He and a cousin, I believe, sang a song. I don't remember what the song was, but I remember thinking he had a great voice. When he quit boxing, I lost interest.

Phil Doherty Fri Apr 16 19:31:44 PDT 1999

Fellow Quarry dwellers, upon hearing what Big Geoerge Foreman had to say, my heart went into double-time. Big George would have been at least one of the three best heavyweights of all time had his mature mind ever been planted on his skilled powerful body during his prime. The young Black American who rounded the ring in 68 with his miniature US Flag, has always had my respect. George is much to secure and and self-depreciating to make this candid opinion without having meant it. Phil D.

Slade Thu Apr 15 14:39:39 PDT 1999

I was visiting George Foreman's WEB sight today ( - he has a page where he rates the greatest fighters that didn't receive a title. His number 1 rating was Jerry Quarry.... Below is his quote on Jerry that I copied and pasted: "Jerry Quarry is one of the best Heavyweights of all times. He out boxed Floyd Patterson out punched Earnie Shavers. He was flashy, good looking; but never became champion. Quarry boxed Jimmie Ellis and fought toe to toe Joe Frazier; on these occasions if he had only switched tactics he could have been Heavyweight Champion of the World. When I became Heavyweight Champion of the World I dodged him, purposely." I thought that fans & family might enjoy hearing that....

Cindy Lyman Thu Apr 15 06:43:35 PDT 1999

I heard about your interview with Sal April (WCHE) on April 10th after it aired. I'm sorry I missed it and wonder if the interview can be accessed on the web. Making it available to those of us who, unfortunately, missed it at air time would certainly enhance your efforts in spreading the word. Thanks.

Tim April Wed Apr 14 08:28:21 PDT 1999

I found the interview held last Saturday (April 10) on WCHE am radio in West Chester, Pennsylvania to be very informative. I never thought about serious head trauma as being something people in ANY sport can get. I used to associate head trauma ONLY with serious accidents/injuries and boxing. The interview was very interesting. It is amazing to find out different discoveries being made and laws passed to ensure the safety of sports players! I realized that it is so very important for everyone to be educated on the long-term effects of injuries to the head. I hope that more and more people become aware of Jerry Quarry's heroism and passion for boxing as well as the Jerry Quarry foundation. I thought it was a shame when the interview was over that it indeed had to end. It was interesting to learn of some of the background on how you and Jerry grew up. The time of that interview just seemed to fly! Is there any way you can put some of the highlights of the interview from WCHE on the web so that people can hear it again? Let me know! Thank you.

Sal April Wed Apr 14 06:27:10 PDT 1999

To the Quarry family: It sure was fun interviewing James Quarry on Saturday April 10th on radio station WCHE in West Chester Pa. My co host John Valerio and I wish to thank James for his kindness and willingness to be part of our show. We got to talking so much about the Jerry Quarry Foundation and Jerry Quarry that the time just slipped by. We probably could have gone on for much more than an hour,on such fascinating subjects. I'm sure our listeners were being educated by James and his knowledge of Head Trauma Dementia and other topics. We really appreciated James and his heart felt sincerity which to me, came shining through during the interview. Hope we can do it again some time soon. Keep up the good work with the Jerry Quarry Foundation and getting the word out about this very worthy cause......Thanks again...Sal April

Ann Marie Escher Mon Apr 12 08:25:52 PDT 1999

Hello, I was listening to WCHE last Saturday afternoon and heard an interview conducted by Sal April about Jerry Quarry and just wanted you all to know that I found it very interesting. I never knew what these guys go through entirely and felt saddened by the information I heard. I now view Jerry Quarry as a hero. I can't believe boxers would go through all they do knowing they could be injured to the extent that their brains become so damamged! I'm not a true fan of the sport but learned that I just never understood what it's all about. Not that I'm an expert now but the interview definitely gave me a new light on boxing. Sincerely, A.M.Escher

Slade Kitchens Mon Apr 12 06:58:50 PDT 1999

Jerry was Great, always has been, always will be! Several years ago (1971?), The Ring magazine wrote-up an interview they did with a Heavyweight Karate champion that was considering boxing... The fellow mentioned Jerry & Mike a couple of times. If memory serves me right, he said Jerry had recorded a song... Does the Quarry family know if there is a record (45 rpm or acetate) out there with Jerry singing? Sincerely, Slade.

John Gaetano Elwill7847 Sat Apr 10 09:17:37 PDT 1999

To the Quarry family I'd once again like to say how great Jerry was...not just as a boxer but as a sportsman in general. He had a lot of class, something that is missing in today's athletes. When i watched last months Lewis- Holyfield fight i couldn't help but think of what Jerry would have done to either of them...he'd beat both of them for sure. Has there been any serious consideration for a movie on Jerry's life? Also, i'm interested in how Mike is doing.

James Quarry Fri Apr 9 20:05:04 PDT 1999

Vergil Stamps, we are looking for you. Would you please contact us ASAP. We lost your e-mail address. You were one of my favorite cousins.

James Quarry Sun Apr 4 19:17:27 PDT 1999

On April 10, 1999 Radio Commentater Sal April of Radio Station WCHE in Westchester, Penn. Will be interviewing me James Quarry about Jerry Quarry and TJQF. The time will be 11:05 AM West Coast, 1:05PM East Coast. For those of you who are interested, we will have an audio tape made available. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the fans of Jerry's for all the kind words and condolences. If it were not for the fans, there would not be a Jerry Quarry Foundation.

Sabrina Quarry Sun Apr 4 15:41:01 PDT 1999


Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) Sun Apr 4 08:18:30 PDT 1999

Uncle Jerry, I know you are watching over all of us and you are wishing us all to have a Happy Easter. So I am writing to wish you and everyone out there who were apart of your life and all the fans a Very Happy Easter

m. kratzke Fri Apr 2 19:57:05 PST 1999

To the Quarry family. My mother just recently passed away. Due to a series of strokes, she had suffered many of the same difficulties as dementia. For the last four months of her life, she did not know who I was, or her husband or her grandchildren. I sympathize with you, and have the utmost respect for all the work you are trying to do with your foundation. A movie based on jerry would be a great start. In todays society, athletes represent money, but if money is all there is in this world, maybe this world is not all that great. Jerry Quarry touched everyone whoever came in contact with him, and even in the end, he had everyone in his corner. God Bless the Quarry family, and all our prayers are with you and especially Mike, another person who gave boxing class and dignity. It is time for all the people who Jerry and Mike helped to come forward and help the foundation.

Keri Quarry Wed Mar 31 20:35:39 PST 1999

Now is the most trying time of my life. You take for granted all the beutiful things in life that God gives you. But then one day God decides thathe is going to take it home with him. My dad was the most beutiful person anyone could ever know. I miss him so very much, my heart breaks every moment of every day. But if I could bring him back, It would be the most selfish act I could do. He is in Paradise with Jesus, and I know he is full of Joy. My dad loved to sing, he would sing oldies, Elvis, country and even songs from commercials, but now he is singing to our heavenly Father in a chorus of angels, how beutiful that must be. I want my family to know that I love you all and miss you all, and to all my dads fans, I wish you could have known him personally, he would have brought so much joy to your life. Thank you for caring so much , because even though he may not have known you personally, he cared so much about all of you. Thats just the kind of man he was. Thank you and God Bless All of You.

Sabrina Quarry Sun Mar 28 07:17:14 PST 1999

I just wanted to say,that this website is great.It is really nice to see that Jerry has so many fans in this world.Jerry Quarry was and always will be the best fighter of all times,and I'm not saying that just because he is my uncle,but because he was a great fighter with a heart of gold and enough love for everyone around him.He will always be with me until the day when we can be together again up there in heaven,until then I know he is watching over all of us.Uncle Jerry I love you with all my heart.Thank you to all his fans out there who have been posting thier letters for everyone to see,he would be proud!!!!!

Ring 4 Veteran Boxer's As Sat Mar 27 18:42:36 PST 1999

"He who sheds his blood with me on this field of battle, shall forever be called my Brother" God Bless Jerry Quarry Sincerely, The Members of Ring 4 Boston

Guy E. Miller Fri Mar 26 20:05:40 PST 1999

My sympathies to the Quarry Family. This is a great site for a great fighter.I always beleived if jerry fought in any other decade he would have been champion. He beat most of the biggest names in boxing during his career, to me he was the consummant boxer skilled, courageous and tough.

Brenda Quarry Fri Mar 26 10:17:14 PST 1999

Thank you to all the people that have been sending prayers and money for Jerry. We all miss him very much and it all still doesn't seem real. Thanks to Jim and Brandi we have someplace to go to read about my brother and remember how much he was loved. I think of him daily and miss him very much. I am told by Ellen, Mike's wife that he is getting worse so please pray for him. Once again thank you to all thier fans. Thanks to you Jim for loving Jerry so much that you did all this for him. Brenda

Brandi Quarry Wed Mar 24 10:39:20 PST 1999


Ken Brown Tue Mar 23 11:55:35 PST 1999

I really enjoyed your website,Jerry was a idol of mine as I boxed in Cleveland,Ohio. Being a Irish heavyheight myself. God bless you and Jerry. Ken Brown.

Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) Mon Mar 22 19:54:57 PST 1999

I just want to say I love the way this site looks and reads. I want to say to all that work on it keep up the good work. You are doing a great job. Way to go everyone.

Paul T. Maduros Mon Mar 22 13:00:09 PST 1999

It's nice to visit here, it brings back all the memories that Jerry gave to me. Jerry Quarry the name fit him perfectly. He gave it all he had you can't ask more from a person. We love him for it and will never forget his courage. Sometimes I rewind the Frazier (1) tape thinking that maybe there will be a different result. He started out so well in those first 2 rounds. There are fights that he had that are hard to live with. The Chuvulo fight and the Ellis fight. One was a fluke and the other Jerry had a broken back. We can't go back and change history, but everybody knows that if they had a crusier division back then he would have been champ. So in my mind he was an uncrowned champion. God bless James Quarry for what he has done with the foundation. Brother James, you'll be hearing from me soon. Take care

Sal April Mon Mar 22 09:37:07 PST 1999

Just a note to let you know how much I admired Jerry Quarry both in and outside the ring. Jerry has always been special to me. It was his fight with Thad Spencer in 1968 that really made me a fan of not only boxing, but most importantly, Jerry Quarry! Needless to say, I followed his career through his 1977 bout with Lorenzo Zanon. It sure was nice to see Jerry in action again on the viceo. some of the fights, (Frazier, Ali, Lyle, Spencer, Chuvalo, Foster and Norton), I remember seeing on TV. I also recall seeing another side of Jerry on an episode of "I Dream of Jeannie" back in either 1968 or 1969. If I recall collectly, Jerry portrayed himself and was called in to train Larry Hagman's character, Tony Nelson, who was entering a boxing tournament. It sure would be nice to see that show again! It was fun and it seemed Jerry had fun acting in it. You know,not only did Jerry have one of the best Left Hooks ever in boxing, but he also possessed a very devestatingly quick right hand (check the Patterson, Spencer and Foster fights). Jerry is and always will be my absolute favorite. no one could compare to him in being an overhall great human being. my prayers are with the whole Quarry family and I hope that there is more I can do to keep Jerry's memory with us. I would like to offer the services of the radio station I am employed with as a possible vehicle for promotion of the Jerry Quarry Foundation. If we could possibly interview James or any other spokesperson for the Foundation, that would be great and we would be happy to do it. The radio station, WCHE, is located in West Chester Pa.(which is just west of Philadelphia) I f we can be of any help, or if I personally can be of help please don't hesitate to contact our website. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Bridget Hathaway Sat Mar 20 15:33:46 PST 1999

Great Uncle Jerry, I will always love you and I surely do miss you. We had lots of fun playing with you at my Grampa Jim's House. You played on the floor with us and our toys, and you wrestled around with us. And I remember you singing all the time. I know you are in a better place now. I Love you! Bridget Hathaway

Pablo Gallegos Wed Mar 17 22:43:20 PST 1999

Dear Jerry, I just spent the last 40 minutes reading several of the letters on this page. I too grew up watching you give your all in every fight I saw you in. I was a small child during most of that time but I always remember the greats Ali, Frazier, Quarry. Your unrelentless heart allowed you to fight like nothing I had ever seen before or since. When they say a boxer has a lot of heart they can only compare them to you. God Bless Jerry and Mike. My prayers are with the Quarry Family (thanks for this site)

Sabrina Quarry Sun Mar 14 13:04:21 PST 1999

You are doing a great job Dad and Brandi this is great to read about our family.We will all have Jerry with us forever in our hearts.And he is looking down saying how proud he is of you Dad.Keep up the great work.We love all the Quarry family.

Mike Stevens Sat Mar 13 20:10:18 PST 1999

After watching many of Jerry's fight videos I have come to the following conclusions: best all round performance was against Thad Spencer. Jerry dominated Spencer, who was ranked #1 in the world at the time. Two of the best rounds of boxing can be seen when Jerry fights Frazier for the first time. Jerry Quarry would have been cruiserweight champion for a long, long, time if that division had existed when he was fighting. Strangest, most unexpected ending was against George Chuvalo...I still can't figure that one out. Biggest surprise was knocking out Earnie Shavers in one round. Jerry, you were, and still are champion in our hearts and minds. Save me a seat at ringside.

Paul T. Maduros Mon Mar 8 16:56:53 PST 1999

I feel that I am so lucky to have seen a lot of Jerry's fights when he was coming up. In looking back at these fights he proves time and time again that he was truly a great fighter and a man. James, Brenda, and all of the Quarry family know that I am always thinking of you and I try and do what I can to help. God bless the Quarry family.

Jack Reeves Sun Mar 7 13:34:34 PST 1999

Well I have waited awhile before adding my letter of sorrow at my friend Jerry's passing.I know where he's at now and I must say he is in a much better place. You didn't have to know Jerry long before you had to pick up on three things that stood out loud and clear about him. #1 He was all man. #2 He loved God and #3 he had a heart of Gold and loved his family and his fellow man. So that tells me that Jerry is in a much better place than he was here on earth. Jerry and I have sang many songs together and he was a very happy man in this life. I was in Duarte Calif. Singing about a year and a half ago and I talk to Jerry for the last time. His son Jerry called the place where I was singing before I went on and told me that Jerry was there and wanted to talk to me. He got on the phone and we visited and he said how in the world are you brother and I knew he didn't know me but he didn't want me to know that he didn't remember me. We talked a few minuites and I told him I love him and we hung up. I went to work that night with tears in my eyes because I knew what the desease had done to him. One thing he would have wanted us to do would be to work to stop the desease that took most of his memory. I will alway's remember Jerry Quarry as one of my dearest friends in this life and there will be a lot more people feel the same way because Jerry just made everone feel like he loved them and did. We will miss him forever but a part of him will always be with us till we see him again. Love to the whole Quarry family. Jack Reeves

George L. Otto Fri Mar 5 03:19:04 PST 1999

Please note that due to the dedicated efforts of James and Carl from the TJQF Foundation, that considerable information concerning the recent NAAG Conference is now on this site. Included among the items is a list of the boxers' bill of rights, which, if adopted and implemented, could prevent many of the tragedies which inevitably beset Jerry, Michael, and Robert Quarry. Thanks again, James and Carl, for making an outstanding boxing website that much better !!!

s.w. weaf26 Thu Mar 4 19:59:46 PST 1999

I was a big Jerry Quarry fan, its great to look back on his career. If he fought today i have no doubt with that left hook he would be champion. My prays are with Mike.

peter bacho Mon Mar 1 15:35:24 PST 1999

when jerry was getting ready for the first frazier fight, had he and joe hooked up in a sparring session when they were younger? the sparring session was reported to have been very fierce, and that joe was just a little better that day. can someone confirm? thanks. my email address is above. prb

Sabrina Quarry Sun Feb 28 12:30:01 PST 1999

Jerry Quarry is and always will be the best in the world.I will always love him and have him with me where ever I go because he is in my heart forever.

Paul Drolet Sat Feb 27 08:50:02 PST 1999

It was with great regret that I heard of Jerry's recent passing. He was a terrific fighter who ducked no one throughout his career. I have become very disillusioned with the fight game. the story of what happened to Jerry and other great fighters (Johnny Bratten, Wilfredo Benitez, Muhammad Ali, the list goes on) makes me seriously question whether the displays of courage and skill are worth the damage that is wrought on so many athletes. Stories of abuse in the fight game are legion but what Jerry endured at the hands of his father is something else. I cannot conceive of what it must be like to go through life with the idea that if one does not become the heavyweight champion of the world, one's life would be adjudged a failure. He was no failure, however, and will be sorely missed.

JamesO'Connor Scpio Sph Fri Feb 26 19:31:58 PST 1999

if Jerry Quarry was still alive he'd be the heavyweight champion of the world.

John Gaetano Cicero Sun Feb 21 16:38:28 PST 1999

I would love to see a movie based on Jerry's life. Is there any serious consideration for such a project? I think it would be very interesting and hope to see it become a reality.

John Gaetano Cicero Sun Feb 21 16:29:10 PST 1999

Was thinking about Jerry today. Started comparing him to todays fighters:Tyson, Holyfield etc and to other athletes in general...personally i think Jerry would be Champ today...More importantly, when comparing him to todays athletes i find that he is head and shoulders above most of todays primadonnas. Jerry had great courage and even greater character. He would be a breath of fresh air in an era when most athletes are inconsiderate of the fans. I believe a major reason for jerry's popularity was fans could relate to him...he respected his fans

Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) Thu Feb 18 19:36:53 PST 1999

I remember as a kid at his house in Cypress, the one with the red kitchen, and the sunken in room that had a bear rug on the floor with bear and deer heads on that wall. He had a juke box and a pool table we always wanted to play the juke box but he always said save your money and he would sing for us instead, while he was playing pool, and later on he even would go swimming in the pool with us. It was always so fun at his house, he made it that way. Uncle Jerry, I love and miss you very much and think about you always.

David & Julie Kassien Wed Feb 17 19:58:22 PST 1999

This is to Jerry Lynn Quarry. We had so many fun Times with your Dad. Ill try to mention a few. He would only drink Miller Light because he did some comercials for Miller Beer. We use to tease your Dad about his Miller. Then he would always say, Hit me But dont hurt yourself. I know I did hit him a few times and then he would grab me at the knee cap and drop me to the ground. Of cource it didnt hurt tell the next day. Many times we would take your Dad out I would end up sleeping on one couch and your Dad on the other. We would take him out for dinner and all he wanted was french fries. He would spend hours telling everyone in the place his wonderfull poems. You and I sometimes would get alittle tired of them and tease him about them. He would say a few choice words to us and would laugh so hard. Remember when he wasnt supposed to dring beer, we would take him out anyway and you would fill a emty Miller light bottle with non alcohol beer and most of the time didnt relize it, he thought it was real beer. There was a time I spent so much time with you and your Dad he started to refer to me as his son too. I will miss all the weekends you and I spent with your Dad.

Paul T. Maduros Tue Feb 16 08:38:29 PST 1999

I remember even at age 9 when I first saw Jerry fight, I knew there was something very special about Jerry. He looked great in the ring and had a cool style about him. It made me want to try and be like him, but there was only one Jerry Quarry. Jerry was indeed the real thing. I would love to see a movie on his life, future generations need to see how great Jerry was. Jerry would have been crusierweight champion now a days with no problem. Nobodys ever going to forget his courage.We love you Jerry, we always will!!!

Drew Witthuhn DRUSKR@AOL.COM Fri Feb 12 19:46:47 PST 1999

My father, Max, was friends with the Quarry family, as he delivered beer to their bar in Norwalk Calif. called the " Neutral Corner" which was owned by Jerry's parents. We all were huge fans of Jerry and congregated by the T.V. and radio whenever he fought. I remember crying when he lost, but jumping up and down when he won, which was very often. When my dad brought home autographed pictures of Jerry one day for my brothers and I, the only things on our dressers after that were those pictures as nothing else had the right to be beside them. My brother bought his first car from Jerry's sister, a 1958 Chevy Impala which was the new pride of the family. There was no doubt that the two idols in my life were my father and Jerry. Years later, after my father had died and I had become a police officer in Orange County Calif., I had a once in a lifetime encounter.While driving my police car one day, I saw a very strong and proud looking man walking down Golden West street in Westminster Calif. As I approached, I instantly recognized Jerry. I almost crashed as I turned around to stop and talk to him. It was tough for me, even before speaking to him because of the relationship I had with my dad, and what Jerry had meant to me even without his knowing it.When I pulled up and stopped, Jerry looked a little nervous as I got out to say hello. He asked me if he had done anything wrong which nearly brought tears to my eyes. I said certainly not and asked if I could shake his hand. I told Jerry briefly of who I was and how our families knew each other. Jerry smiled and said he remembered my dad fondly, which did break me up. It was difficult for me to try and say everything that I wanted to, but I couldn't find the right words. Jerry said he was very happy that he still had some fans left. Only the understatement of all time.We talked for a few minutes longer, then I told him I'd taken enough of his time. Just as I remembered, Jerry pretended to take a jab at me and again told me how good it made him feel that someone remembered him. I will never forget how he impacted my life and helped again, without even knowing, how he helped a little boy remember his dad and re-take the podium as his idol. Thanks for the time and opportunity to write.

James Quarry Wed Feb 10 19:24:06 PST 1999

There seems to be a lot of new interest on doing a feature film on Jerry's life. We will keep all of you posted as to the progress on this project.

Sonia Hathaway Wed Feb 3 06:43:48 PST 1999

Keep up the good work. I am very proud of what you guys are doing and have accomplished.

Stephen Pati Mon Feb 1 11:56:37 PST 1999

I'm sorry to hear the news about Jerry Quarry. He provided lots of thrilling moments in boxing.Boxing definitely has a dark side to it. All that pounding took a toll on Jerry.

George Otto Tue Jan 26 04:11:21 PST 1999

On 19-21 January of this year, the National Association of Attorney Generals(NAAG)of the fifty states convened its three day Boxing Task Force Public Hearing at the Downtown Athletic Club in New York City to discuss many issues regarding the status of professional boxing. As a board member and the Washington, DC representative of the Foundation, and at my own expense, I testified concerning the status of boxing and the Foundation. Furthermore, I attended all of the other sessions. More than sixty individuals provided input. The highlight of this activity was the publishing and distribution of NAAG's Professional Boxers' Bill of Rights. At a later time I will discuss this in more detail. Thank you for reading this.

Charles Anderson Sun Jan 24 18:23:56 PST 1999

Ihave only been online for less than two months and found this web site. I always loved Jerry and lived and died with every fight. I saw on espn the special "Jerry Quarry the forgotten HEAVYWEIGHT". I was disapointed they only showed Ali and Frazier. Iwished they had shown some of his victories as well. Maybe with some support from other fans they will. I miss my heroes. They have always have always given me hope. God Bless your family.

brenda quarry Sun Jan 24 11:29:53 PST 1999

I would like to take this time to say thank you to Jerrys many fans for you thoughts and your prayers. I know do to my faith that Jerry is in a better place where he is hole again. He can now watch over us with our niece Debbie. Please don't forget your prayers for my brother Mike who faces the same future as Jerry. We will for ever remember Jerry for his heart for his fans and his fighting but most of all the love he felt for his family and all that he gave without wanting back for his giving. Jerrys Poem the Best of all times will live on in our hearts forever. I love and miss you Jerry rest in peace. Brenda

Tony De Angelo Sat Jan 23 19:30:12 PST 1999

I was a teenager during the late 1960's and early 1970's and had the privlege of watching many of Jerry's fights on " Wide World of Sports" on Saturdays. I was heartbroken when Jerry lost to Joe Frazier in 1969, and thought that he could have beaten Ali in 1970 had he not been cut. By the time he had lost to Ali in '72, I thought it was merely too much for him to continue as a heavyweight, with the horrible pounding he had taken. I heard that he would retire to manage a rock band. However, there was a report that he had fought Ron Lyle in New York, and had looked terrific! I very skeptically watched the re-run on WPIX in New York the week after the fight, and I saw a man rejuvenated, beating the tough Lyle to a pulp! I thought that this was a man who showed great courage and tenacity to come back from the poundings he had taken to fight again! Jerry, even though we never met, God love you for showing that spirit to us! This is one Yankee who will never forget you!

Paul T. Maduros Wed Jan 20 17:12:17 PST 1999

I believe that Jerry made anyone who knew him or rooted for him very proud. There's never been anyone like Jerry, He is truly my hero. I don't know how this happened to Jerry. I believe that 75% of the damage happened in his last fight. That fight should never have happened! If I had met Jerry I would have simply told him, thank you for being you. God bless you Jerry, we'll miss you

Roger Phillips Tue Jan 19 22:41:19 PST 1999

This is my second e-mail regarding the late great uncrowned heavyweight boxing champion, Jerry Quarry. As an adult I realize I have been afraid to be politically incorrect by saying I am proud to be a white man. I remember rooting against whites because I felt guilty for slavery and segregation. I have learned to treat people fairly and not judge, although I love a good fight. Am I racist--I loved Jerry's knockout wins of Spencer, Foster, Lyle, Mathis, Patterson, all excellent fighters; his wins renewed a sense of pride in me, whatever my race. I try to celebrate life but need a corner of the sky for myself. Thanks Jerry, I know you knew you made white people and all people proud!

Roger Phillips Mon Jan 18 20:05:46 PST 1999

I became a boxing fan in the Ali era as a young teen; I watched a lot of great fights at Montgomery Ward's while my folks shopped. Jerry Quarry always fascinated me and I always rooted for him and cheered, hooted and hollered every time he won. Only recently I saw his fabulous KO of Ernie Shavers--a chilling reminder of the frightening CBS segment "Violent Athletes" chronicling what would eventually would take his life. A glorious, thrilling career, I'll always cheer from the couch or arm chair for one of the 1960's greatest uncrowned heavyweight champions. I mourn and celebrate your fistic glory, Jerry Quarry .

stacy Sun Jan 17 11:53:03 PST 1999

this letter is for little jerry,a very good friend...jerry we all lost our fathers in the last couple of weeks,but just remember we still have the memories. stacy and wylie

Wayne J. Cormack Sat Jan 16 02:20:55 PST 1999

I grew up on Long Island, NY and was a huge Jerry Quarry fan. I was 14 when my dad took me to see Jerry fight the highly touted Ron Lyle in Madison Sq. in 1973. I also got to see him KO Earnie Shavers and the loss to Frazier.I was shocked to hear of his recent passing away. I wrote him a letter back in 1975, and Jerry sent me an auto- graphed picture.I had it framed and still cherish it. He signed it in green ink. When I moved to Alubuquerque, NM in 1980, I went to see him fight here, but most importantly I finally got to meet my childhood hero. He was staying at the Hilton and my sister and I met up with him.He had remembered me from my letters to World Boxing Mag. and my personal letters. He was the kindest most gracious person of celebrity I've ever met. He posed for some photos with me and chatted about boxing. When I told him I had a try,but didn't pursue, he said "It's a tough business,isn't it,Wayne." I'll never forget that, nor his prowess in the ring and great humanity. Jerry was one of the greats, I am honored to have met him. Not many can claim they had met their childhood heros.He was a class act. Rest in peace,Irish Jerry. Bless your family and the] success of the foundation.... Wayne J Cormack

m. kratzke Thu Jan 14 19:35:06 PST 1999

As a kid in high school, Jerry was my hero. I was a boxing fanatic as a kid, and to me Jerry was the man. Besides being and excellent athlete, he was more, a personable and more important, great ambassador to a sport which unfortunately is unforgiving. In his second fight with Joe Frazier, Jerry showed how much of a sportsman, and proper boxer he was. After an accidental low blow, Jerry stepped back, apologized, and gave Joe a chance to regroup despite the fact that the referee did not see the low blow. The best honor is that Jerry was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Jerry, the fight is over but your memory will live on. Rest with GOD Jerry, may your spirit be the guiding light to help others with blunt trauma and other similar injuries. If champions are measured by their trophies, it is true many wear fools gold, but you are measured by your heart and actions Jerry, to this you are a true champion. GOD BLESS YOU, and thanks for being someone who was a true role model to look up to.

john gaetano cicero Thu Jan 14 12:55:46 PST 1999

Over the past few days i have spent time going through old boxing magazines of mine from 1968-1975 and re-reading old articles about Jerry.It was very thrilling to "re-live" his ring exploits and be reminded how popular he was and how well thought of he was.There are not very many fighters who have touched as many people in the way that Jerry did...he not only attracted people with his fighting skills, but with his courage.God Bless to one of the GREAT ONE's.

jeff reed j2a2@bellatlantic Wed Jan 13 17:21:03 PST 1999

Jerry Quarry was a true inspiration to all involved in boxing during the early 70's. My prayers go out to the Quarry family. God Bless you Jerry. May you rest in peace.

phil rubin Wed Jan 13 16:40:33 PST 1999

I sent an email already but here's the gist: 1. names of active and retired fighters with suspected dem. pug.? 2. who are the worst offenders of the McCain Act, and is anyone targeting them? 3. I saw Terry Norris lose a decision to Dana Rosenblatt. In a pre-fight interview he sounded horrible (garbled and slow). How can one find out more info. and even contact the fighter? 4. Why did Jerry fight in Colorado at the age of 50 something? Who's responsible.

Franny Gillon Tue Jan 12 16:37:37 PST 1999

I was stunned when I heard that Jerry died a week ago I didn't know he was sick I knew he had brain damage but it still was a shock. He was my idol as a kid he inspired me to get into boxing , he was a great role model.I listened to the 1st Ali fight on the radio and cried afterwards I knew he could beat Ali Jerry was that good . I had a shirt made up " Irish Jerry Quarry Heavyweight Champ" ...He was so close many times a great counter puncher. I went to the garden to see him ko shavers and I hung from the rail over the exit he walked down when he got out of the ring and yelled "nice fight Jerry" he looked up and smiled.It sounds like that last fight in '92 is what did the damage.I thought he was great as an announcer. I know Jerry had alot of fans but I wish he had of known how much of an impact he had on me.

Louis Sun Jan 10 19:55:20 PST 1999

My older brother bought a couple of tickets to go to Madison Square Garden to see Jerry Quarry fight. It was 1975 and Ken Norton won, but after watching Jerry Quarry galliantly fight, I was forever hooked on boxing. Jerry Quarry is the most popular non champion of all time. He is the epitomy of heart, talent, and passion: Jerry Quarry is the everlasting struggle for the American dream. Jerry Quarry won the most important title. The championship of the heart of the sports fan.

Paul T. Maduros Sun Jan 10 15:08:46 PST 1999

I visit this site often, in some way I feel that I'm closer to Jerry. I will never forget Jerry or his family and what they had to go through. I will devote the rest of my life in helping James Quarry and his family. The American public must be made aware of the dangers in boxing. James also has 2 other brothers that have problems due to their boxing careers. We as fans must do everything possible to help. The spirit of Jerry Quarry will live forever and never be forgotten. God bless you Jerry, rest in peace.

Melanie Harrington Sun Jan 10 13:07:59 PST 1999

I'm requesting how one can order a complete set of cassettes of Jerry's recordings, that were played at the going home service, on Jan. 9th, 1999. I am sending this email for a dear friend of Jerry's and mine, Dr. Mila Tantardini, who attended the service. Her adr. is P. O. Box 762 Colton, California 92324. If you'd prefer, you can send her all the pertenient information on how she can order the tapes. Please include the total cost needed (shipping per pound). Dr. Mila also desires information on becoming an active participant in helping the foundation, as a public servant, getting others to become aware of boxing being a less dangerous sport. Thanking you in advance. And again, our sincere condolences to the family. Lovingly in God's service, Melanie and Dr. Mila

David Sarmiento Sat Jan 9 22:40:03 PST 1999


john gaetano cicero Sat Jan 9 14:42:13 PST 1999

Today is one of the saddest days of my lfe, as Jerry was a great hero to me when i was a kid.To me, Jerry was a REAL CHAMPION.Maybe not a champion as recog- nized by the boxing organizations, but a CHAMPION to the TRUE BOXING FANS who recognized his CHARACTER in additition to his skills.Reading all the letters from Jerry's many fan's is very uplifting on this sad day because it shows that Jerry has been fondly rememmbered! God Bless you, Jerry.

Albert J. Cerrato Sat Jan 9 05:36:12 PST 1999

Sorry to here about Jerry Quarry, just seen it in the paper, never knew his condition, but way back when i used to see him box, knew that wasn't a good way to do it, we never knew what was to be. I have many scrap book pages with him fighting, and have scrapbook about heavyweights going back to Patterson and Johansen, by father was a fight fan, and so am I , its amazing to see how its changed in 45 years, anyway, I saved this site, and will send a donation in his memory, remember this crosses ethnic lines, and something must be done, its one of the last sports,not to used head protection, One question, WHY? Is the knockout so important?? I always said this was the last of the barbaric sports, and it is, so in his and others like him memories, lets do the job right, lets make it a 21st century sport, and not a neanderthal sport like it is even today, its almost like the days of the roman empire, and we want to see blood, and death, and death we have seen, ajc

Patrick J.Gibbons Sat Jan 9 01:17:42 PST 1999

God bless Jerry Quarry! He was a "huge" inspiration to me as a kid and that inspiration will stay with me until I get to meet him in the hereafter. I always wanted to meet him and tell how much he meant, but...... to me, you WERE the champion of the world!!!!! I'm 47 today and I will NEVER forget you !!!!!! My deepest regrets to the Quarry family on their profound loss. Please keep up the good "fight"!!!!!!! I will keep in touch!

sheri Fri Jan 8 14:57:28 PST 1999

sorry i ment the 9th of Jan, not the 8th. sorry my brain is not thinking right.

sheri Fri Jan 8 14:54:14 PST 1999

the sevice is on Sat. Jan 8th 1999.

sheri coolbaugh (niece) Fri Jan 8 14:51:50 PST 1999

to all that may be wondering about the services for my Uncle Jerry, there have been some changes made. There will be a memorial for Jerry at 11:00 am at the Calvery Bible Church, 4850 Manor St., Bakersfield, Ca.. (805) 327-5921. This will be followed by a graveside serveice at 1:00pm at the Shafter Mamorial Park, 18662 Santa Fe Way, Shafter, Ca. (805)746-3921. Thank you The Quarry Family

Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) Fri Jan 8 13:35:03 PST 1999


Polly Goins Fri Jan 8 09:13:05 PST 1999

I'm a writer who would like to phone-interview those with personal knowledge of Jerry Quarry or of history-making fights in which he played a part. Thank you!

James M. Quarry Thu Jan 7 20:34:41 PST 1999

There has been some last minute changes as to where Jerry's funeral will be held. Because of the amount of people that are attending. 4850 Manor, Bakersfield, Ca Joey Orbillo, Mando Ramos and Mac Foster are attending. There has been a rumor stating that Ali will be there also.

stuart kirzner Thu Jan 7 19:55:44 PST 1999

I grew up watching Jerry Quarry. I saw his fights at the Garden against Lyle, Shavers, Frazier II & Norton. All were wars. He always gave 110%. Unfortunately, he fought in the toughest of boxing era's with many great champions. In almost any other era, he would have been champion. May he rest in peace.

Steve Harris Wed Jan 6 22:17:33 PST 1999

I discovered Jerry Quarry when I was 14 years old and I saw him knock out Mac Foster on television. I followed his career from that point forward. I was captivated by his huge fighting spirit. To me he was the definition of a pure competitor. I admired his toughness, his dedication to a dream of becoming the best in the world, his passion for his craft. Now, it's very sad and rather sobering to see a childhood idol fall the way he did as a result of his unrelenting commitment to his sport. It's not right! He deserved so much better. In another era he would have been champion and for fans like myself and I'm sure many others, he'll never be forgotten.

Bill Collins Wed Jan 6 16:06:13 PST 1999

I grew up watching Irish Jerry fight, I had the pleasure of meeting both Jerry and Mike in 1991 when they were trying to put together a boxing fitness class at the LA Workout gym in Woodland Hills where I trained. Jerry was always willing to chat with his fans, he had a great respect for them. Most of today's athlete's could have learned a lot from Jerry. God Bless Jerry Quarry and the Quarry family. Rest in peace. Irish Billy Collins

Joh Clayton Wed Jan 6 12:34:23 PST 1999

Thanks for the memories. Rest in peace Jerry.

Irish Jerry Quarry Wed Jan 6 09:10:20 PST 1999

I've been in the ring with the best of all men, some say the best of all time. In the ring your only as good as your last fight, so your only as good as your time. In the ring with Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali is a memory I look on with pride. I fought with my heart, but needed much more, the bridesmaid, but never the bride. I look at my past great memories abound, for I fought I bled and I cried. I gave my all round after round, and the world knows I tried!

greg beyer Tue Jan 5 21:18:13 PST 1999

he was the first pro fighter i ever saw in person. some high school buddies and i were at the olympic auditorium the night jerry quarry and george "scrapiron" johnson fought the main event. we called him the big Q. and he was a true to life hero. i saw him about 12 years ago in san pedro, calif. at an amateur boxing show that danny lopez was staging at the elks club. having spent a lot of time around ex fighters i did'nt think he was in any worse condition than most, all though he appeared to have had a damaged eye, he spoke lucidly and had a noticably good recolection of his fights when some one mentioned his bout with mac foster jerry replied: june 17th , 1970 " the people who met him were often surprised by his ability to perform, he could sing, deliver great jokes with timely punchlines and did the best imitation of ali that i ever heard.the last time i saw him he was surrounded by fans and tossing out one liners in that charming,cockey irish style that made him my hero, thats the way i'm going to remember the big Q

Michael Watson Tue Jan 5 19:34:02 PST 1999

I am deeply saddened to learn of Jerry's death. My earliest memories of Jerry were his fights shown on ABC'S Wide World Of Sports. Although he did not win the heavyweight title,,he was nonetheless a hero of mine.

Peter Harland Tue Jan 5 18:22:36 PST 1999

I grew up in England watching Jerry Quarry fight. Especially enjoyed his fights with Ali and Joe Fraser. We have lost a great champion and my condolences to the Quarry family. From a devoted fan.

Matt Gunther Tue Jan 5 09:37:53 PST 1999

I am very sorry to hear about the UNTIMELY passing of Jerry Quarry. He was definately one of the unrecognized, great and Competitive fighters in the sport.On a positive note, I am happy to see this foundation has come to fruition. I only wish that people like George Foreman would learn from what happened to Jerry. It appears to me that the lure of the sport is what keeps people like George fighting. The same thing that makes these guys great is what in the end , ultimately destroys them. Rest in Peace Jerry. Matt G.

Dan Sisneros Tue Jan 5 08:34:12 PST 1999

Condolences to the Quarry Family. Thanks for the enjoyment you brought to our lives!

The Boxing Guru Tue Jan 5 08:31:48 PST 1999

I'm so sorry to hear that Jerry has passed away. I had just written a letter to him at the address in Hemet, CA. It came back "undeliverable", and 4 days later, I watched the special about his fights on ESPN2. The next day, I heard the news that he had died. I grew up in Southern California, and my Father and I followed and cheered for the Quarry brothers. I have a large collection of autographed photos, and an internet boxing museum. I WISH I had been able to get Jerry's autograph, for my own personal collection, and to put up in the boxing Museum! Please, boxing fans... Visit my boxing museum at: It can never be complete without Jerry's autographed photo hanging there.

George L. Otto Tue Jan 5 06:43:39 PST 1999

Currently at, sportswriter Wallace Mathews of the New York Post has written an accurate and touching article regarding the life, career, and death of Jerry Quarry. It might be worth reading and saving in memory of Jerry.

Slade Kitchens Mon Jan 4 22:21:54 PST 1999

As a boy growing up in Sweet Home, Oregon, I would spend Saturday mornings walking to our nearest General Store (3 miles one way) picking up Pop bottles and turning them in for their deposit (usually a nice handful of nickles). The prize I was after was the newest release of The Ring magazine. The first place I would turn to was The Ring Ratings to see Jerry's latest top 10 position. I remember a cold rainy walk to the country store in 1970 when the Ratings had Jerry listed as the #1 contender. I was so excited.... Over the years, I've realized that Jerry was much more than the #1 contender in the world of Boxing. He was the epitomy of courage and gentlemanship. He had uncommon traits that are so often longed for by others.... By the way, I still have that Ring magazine from December 1970 - it's opened to the Ratings page and posted on the wall in my Corprate Office in The Dalles, Oregon for others to admire. We'll miss you Jerry. God bless the Quarry family.

Steve Allen Mon Jan 4 22:13:35 PST 1999

About 25 years ago a young boy received a letter from his favorite fighter along with an autographed picture. The letter said: "Dear Steve, Thanks for the letters. I have had a very successful career because I have attained friends like you. Boxing is a very hard sport, it takes total dedication, the percentage of fighters that make a living out of boxing is very small. So think hard about being a fighter. Your Friend, Jerry Quarry". I have, and will, cherish this letter and picture the rest of my life. God Bless you Jerry for being a true champion and great person. I will remember you always. Your friend, Steve Allen

Paula Westby Mon Jan 4 21:20:20 PST 1999

My family sends their love and prayers to all of the Quarry Families at this time of great sorrow. We were neighbors in Bellflower(Carfax) and feel a great loss. Hopefully we will be able to have a memorial service at Bellflower High School since the funeral is too far for some of us to attend. Love, Paula Westby Menard

Dave Gonzalez Mon Jan 4 18:59:02 PST 1999

I remember the first time I saw Jerry Quarry....He was a big tough, cool looking guy...I met him in '66 at the Norwalk Motel, down the street from the Neutral Corner on firestone blvd, across from the old sheriff's station in Norwalk. some friends from work were living there and they knew Jerry from the bar...I was only 16 at the time, but a huge boxing fan....I was in the job-corps when Jerry beat Patterson, I was in the Marine corps back east when he beat spencer and all the east coast dudes couldn't believe how a little white guy could be so tough, when he lost to Ellis I was in training to go to Nam, and when he fought Fraiser, I was in Dong-Ha...I have a picture of Jerry that I have had hanging at my work and in my garage for years, of him with his hands wrapped, a white T-shirt, black trunks and that Quarry pose...bad-dude.....I was at the golden-west ballroom,(remember closed circuit?), when he fought Ali in '70, and I wanted him to win so bad it hurt......I lost track after he fought Norton, but I thought Jerry never got the credit for his talent.I never understood the BS hometown press..I took a friend to the Quarry home on orr and day road in Norwalk to see Jack Quarry because I thought this guy could have been a champ, but it didn't turn out.....I always wanted to talk to Jerry and tell him what an inspiration he was to me throughout my life it's sad that he's gone...I'll never forget Jerry Quarry, the baddest dude in my neighborhood...he put Bellflower on the map...please send me a viedo of his fights...

A fan Mon Jan 4 17:49:59 PST 1999

Jerry, you had the meenest lefthook ever.

E.T. Mon Jan 4 15:12:01 PST 1999

As a boy who grew up in the 60's and 70's I can still see Jerry pleading to be allowed to continue his fight with Ali. Jerry was a fighter with the heart of a champ.He came along at a time in the fight game when the heavyweight division was at its toughest,and he was one of the toughes. His courage will be missed. Thanks for the memories. R.I.P.

bill carlino Mon Jan 4 14:25:41 PST 1999

For many boxing fans, Jerry Quarry personified courage. Not just in the ring, but later in life when his body and mind became virtual strangers. And while he never wore a title belt, for a longer time than some, he was better than most. His was a career worth cheering — Loudly. Rest in peace Jerry, You'll always be a champion.



Stephen H. Mazurka Mon Jan 4 11:53:19 PST 1999

So sorry to hear of Jerry's passing. He was, without a doubt, the most exciting fighter in the ring during the 70s. One of your letter writers notes that Archie Moore was able to fight over 100 bouts and live happily until 84. It might be said Jerry gave too much and was a victim of his times, for if you watch old fight films it seems many boxers were in the game for the long haul, taking it easy on themselves, focusing on defense. It seems there were so many fighters of the 30s and 40s and 50s who were able to stay in contention for up to 100 or more fights, perhaps because they occasionally, as we say, stunk the place up. When Jerry Quarry stepped into the ring you got three minutes of action in every round. I hope he enjoyed his work, for we certainly enjoyed seeing his performances. Condolences to the Quarry family.

Mark Levin Mon Jan 4 11:07:41 PST 1999

Just read about Jerry's passing in USA Today. I now live far away in North Carolina but grew up watching Jerry fight when I lived in Los Angeles. He was a hero to me. Losing him makes me feel like I lost an older brother . . . after all these years . . . after all these miles. The sign of a great man is not the money he earned or the titles he held, but how deeply he is remembered and missed by those who knew him and knew of him. I miss the guy already. Bless you Jerry

James M. Quarry Mon Jan 4 10:58:55 PST 1999

Jerry Quarry will be buried Jan. 9, 1998. Memorial services will be held a 1:PM. Shafter Memorial Park 18662 Sante Fe Way Shafter, Calif. 93263 (805) 746-3921 All donations toward funeral services can be sent to the above address or to TJQF 3412 Yolanda Ave. Springfield, Oregon 97477

George L. Otto Mon Jan 4 10:15:02 PST 1999

Without question, Jerry Quarry did alot for others while he was increasingly unable to do for himself. He lent his name, reputation, and emotional strength in assisting his dedicated and caring brother, James, in setting up The Jerry Quarry Foundation for Dementia Pugilistica. In doing this he became the first prominent professional athlete to directly address the medical, psychological, emotional, and financial hazards of engaging in a head trauma inducing sport . The Foundation has evolved from this initial basis of doing the right thing and fighting the good fight for many fighters and other similarly situated athletes, past, present, and future, who have needed and will require support from the boxing world and society in general in terms of securing the emotional, psychological, and physical assistance. The Foundation strongly supported the successful passage of The Professional Boxing Safety Act of 1996. It also worked hard to secure the passage of The State Reciprocity in Professional Boxing Act of 1997, as proposed by U.S. Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton. Now that the provisions of this legislation have been incorporated in the Muhammed Ali Boxing Reform Act of 1998,which also has contains provisions regarding the fairnes

Jim Niles Mon Jan 4 09:42:35 PST 1999

I was a great fan of Jerry Quarry and followed his career from start to finish. You wonder how Archie Moore could have had over 200 fights and lived to be 84 (as witty and gracious as ever), while Jerry, Muhammed Ali, Bobby Chacon and so many others paid a terrible price at a much earlier age. My condolences to the Quarry family. Your Jerry was a talented man with the soul of an artist. May he rest in peace.

Mike Stevens brownss Mon Jan 4 09:20:19 PST 1999

I hope the Quarry family can take some comfort when reading the letters on this page from Jerry's fans. Jerry was an excellent fighter and, more importantly, a gentleman in a sport that has very few. Rest in peace, Jerry Quarry.

Paul T. Maduros Mon Jan 4 08:50:20 PST 1999

After a long illness, Jerry has finally gone to be with the Lord. Do not depair for someday we shall be reunited with Jerry. Take comfort in knowing that Jerry is now at peace. I will forever love Jerry, may he rest in peace.

Dan Cushner Mon Jan 4 08:45:58 PST 1999

This was a sad day for all who appreciated Jerry. He was truly a "fighter's fighter". My prayers are with his family. Godspeed Jerry, and THANK YOU.

john gaetano cicero Mon Jan 4 08:38:54 PST 1999

First, and formost, I would like to express my sadness at the passing of this great champion. Jerry may not have been an official champion, but he had the character that few champions could match.thanks jerry for all the excitement you provided throuhout your career, you will never be forgotten! To the Quarry family i offer my most heartfelt condolences and prayers during this difficult time. john gaetano

Rwagner Mon Jan 4 07:39:15 PST 1999

A part of me dies with your passing Jerry...I can remember your fight with Ali, on his comeback, as if it where last week. I can still feel the pre-fight excitement of that night at the Mustang Drive In and smell the cool desert air. I can hear the crackle of the cheap speakers playing some Creedence Clearwater tune before the begining of the fight. Little did I know that this event would be burned into my mind for all time... only to return so vivdly with the death of this great fighter... He did have the "Heart of a Lion!! Thanks to all the Quarry family for the great memories. Our prayers are with you. God Bless

Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) Sun Jan 3 23:10:23 PST 1999

I will always love you, you will forever be in our hearts. As you are now in a better place. I Love YOU

Tom O'Connell Sun Jan 3 21:40:30 PST 1999

It is ironic that it was Jerry's great heart that finally gave out; a heart of courage in the ring, and kindness outside it. We pray he has earned his most profound victory, and is now in a place of eternal peace and well being. We also pray for strength and comfort for all the devoted family members who remained steadfast by his side to the end. Thank you for taking the time to share this news with Jerry's many fans, who grieve along with you.

Josh Bird Sun Jan 3 21:18:34 PST 1999

I just wanted to give my condolences to the friends and family of Jerry Quarry. Jeryy will be most dearly missed

sheri coolbaugh Sun Jan 3 20:30:32 PST 1999

to all the fans of my Uncle Jerry. i want you to know that Jerry loved you all very much. I am sure that you have heard that Jerry has made his jurney home to God. I was there and he went very peacefully and without pain. Our family is in shock, and great greaf. I loved my Uncle very much and i know that all of my cusins did too. I don't know what i am trying to say but i love him very much, and am glad that he is no longer suffering with this current illness. I LOVE YOU JERRY.

Brock Ellis Sun Jan 3 19:58:13 PST 1999

The boxing world has lost a true gentleman and fighter. I'll always be a Jerry Quarry fan for the guts and determination he showed whenever he entered the ring, unfortunately it cost him his health. May God be with you Jerry and thanks for the ride.....

Selina Quarry Parrini Slubbage@AOL.COM Sun Jan 3 19:01:19 PST 1999

When I received the phone call from my sister Sonia telling me of our Uncle passing, it was still a shock. I am deeply saddened by his passing. I know that he is now in a better place and he is watching down on all the future generations of Quarry's. I only hope that we can all make him proud of us. As all of you have said, the Boxing World has lost a true champion. I will always hold a very special place in my heart for the man who always had time for us. I love you and miss you very much Uncle Jerry. Love forever, Selina Quarry Parrini

Jerry Kielian Sun Jan 3 18:42:44 PST 1999

As the final bell has tolled on a great fighter I would like to pay tribute. Jerry had quick hands, but also was a heavy puncher. He always came into the ring in top condition. You never saw Jerry enter the ring looking soft and flabby (a condition that does not seem to embarass most of the current pretenders). He had a granite chin and more courage than God should give to a person. Jerry would have dominated the heavyweight division in most eras. Unfortunatly he came up with Ali and Frazier, two fighters who were even more talented than Jerry. Their time was truly the Golden Age of Heavyweight Boxing. It was my pleasure to be a Jerry Quarry fan. Champion, you always fought the good fight. Rest in peace. Jerry Kielian.

Mark James Sun Jan 3 18:40:02 PST 1999

tonight, I am saddened to learn of the death of Jerry Quarry-one of my idols as a young boy. I have thought about him and talk about as a great fighter and human being. his situation was terrible-his death is tragic. I will always remember this great man.

Gary Smith Sun Jan 3 18:03:37 PST 1999

I started following Jerry's career before the first Ali fight when I was in college. I am saddened to hear of his passing. He fought hard in all of his fights and was an inspiration to me personally.

Thomas Murphy Sun Jan 3 17:19:48 PST 1999

To Jerry and everyone in the Quarry family, may a huge Irish blessing be sent your way. From myself and everybody at we send our deepest prayers..... God Bless Thomas Murphy

CHARLES A. PINEROS Sun Jan 3 16:10:34 PST 1999

My deepest sympathy to the entire Quarry family. I know that anything I write must seem very insignificant to such suffering that your family must be going through now and that Jerry went through; however, I am compelled to offer my prayers and thoughts for Jerry and his family. Hang in there because there has never been any quit in QUARRY.

Sabrina Quarry Sun Jan 3 12:46:14 PST 1999

I will love you forever, and you'll forever be in our hearts. I Love You, Sabrina Quarry

Bridget Hathaway Sun Jan 3 09:29:33 PST 1999

Great Uncle Jerry, I remember wrestling around at my Grampa Jim's, house with you and my brother,Barry. We will always love you and we'll definitely miss you. Love you always,Bridget, Barry, & Brooke. At least now we know you will be in a better place, and you'll be watching over us.

Selina Quarry Parrini Slubbage@AOL.COM Sat Jan 2 23:22:34 PST 1999

I would like to express my deep sorrow to the family during this extremely sad time. I haven't seen my Uncle Jerry in a very long time, which I deepy regret, but I will always remember him as a larger than life man. He always made my brothers and sisters and I welcome in his home. I always enjoyed myself when we were around him. I remember him singing and dancing with us. My thoughts and prayers are with my dad and the family at this time. The world is losing a great man. I love you Uncle Jerry and will miss you.

Sonia Hathaway(Quarry) Sat Jan 2 23:17:56 PST 1999


MIKE COATNEY DARTER721@AOL.COM Sat Jan 2 21:56:13 PST 1999

I wish to give my regards to the Quarry family in this time of sorrow. My dad and uncles were great fans of Jerry's, and if any of them were alive would be exspessing deep sorrow at this time. I use to carry an 8 X 10 photo of Jerry in my notebook when I was in school. I know Jerry will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved him.

john gaetano cicero Sat Jan 2 09:39:42 PST 1999

just found out about jerry's prayers go out to jerry and his family! jerry was my favotite fighter when i was a kid because, win or lose, he always gave his best and had the heart of a lion. jerry, you are very much in my thoughts and prayers! john gaetano

Bill "Ike" Isaacson Sat Jan 2 00:05:30 PST 1999

To all the Quarry family. I just read on ESPN that Jerry is in critical condition. I will pray for him throughout this night. He has always been my favorite boxer and a courageous man. I hope to hear he has beaten this present foe. Ike

Sonia Fri Jan 1 19:29:29 PST 1999

Uncle Jerry, You are very much in my prayers. I Love You.

Sonia Fri Jan 1 19:28:59 PST 1999

Uncle Jerry, You are very much in my prayers. I Love You.

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