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"What About Mike?"

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity." - Mike Quarry mqtrain.jpg - 28373 Bytes

BORN; MARCH 4, 1951
Weight (Pro Career) 170lbs to 175lbs
Height 5' 11"
Record (Pro) 69-13-6 10 KO's
Managers; Jerry Quarry, Jack Quarry, Pete Ashlot
Trainers; Frank Brazell, Jack Quarry, Jerry Quarry, James Quarry

Mike first put on a pair of boxing gloves at the age of eight years old. He wanted to be a fighter just like his older brothers. he got his license to fight as an amateur at the age of seventeen. His amateur record was 22-2-2. All the time learning more and more. In a fight with John Huntley, Mike was told that " You can't beat this guy" but try to put up a good showing. This thought provoking statement haunted Michael through out the bout and the decision went to the other fighter. Michael told himself that he would not lose again, unless the guy was actually better than him.

Michael fought in the National Golden Gloves and went all the way to the finals and lost a disputed decision. In 1968 Mike tried out for the Olympics, after winning seventeen fights in a row and making it all the way to the quarter finals was disqualified for ducking below the waist and using the ropes as momentum for his punches, a skill that was very beneficial to him in the pro. ranks.mqpaper.jpg - 45952 Bytes

Michael turned pro. at the age of eighteen. At the age of twenty-one, Mike won his first title. He fought and won a twelve round decision over "Windmill" Ray White for the North American Light-Heavyweight Championship. Mike says that his toughest fight was with Ruben Figaroa. Mike was cut for the first time in his career. Later he found out the gloves were broken down which caused the cut. This event caused Mike to question his career choice.

Michael feels that his best fight was with Eddie Avoth, which Mike won a ten round decision. At the age of twenty one he fought then champion Bob Foster for the light-heavyweight Champion ship of the world and was the youngest to do so. At that time as a pro, Mike's record was thirty-five and zero and was rated number one in the world in his decision. This was his greatest challenge. Mike was not to win that night. As a foot note Bob Foster retired undefeated as a light-heavyweight. Later at a Boxing Hall of Fame Induction for Bob Foster, Foster was quoted to say that Mike was the best fighter that he had ever faced. Mike admitted later that that loss broke his will to continue as a fighter. mqjq.jpg - 29644 Bytes

Michael was much like his brother Jerry. He fought with his heart and never did he quit in the ring. Now Michael has given his life to God. He is married to his lovely wife Ellen who is his biggest fan. He still enjoys staying in peak condition and runs as much as thirty miles a week. Mike visits prisons and churches and councils anyone who needs his help.

Michael had mastered the science of boxing and was better at it than Jerry. He just didn't have the punch that was needed. bros90s.jpg - 35394 Bytes

James, Jerry and Mike Quarry

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