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Posted September 8, 2018 12:12 pm


Joke: but....maybe it is Massimo playing until we can figure him out! : ) ***I made a comment about that on one facebook feed. See boxer Jerome Coffee there [significant fighter/Retired] highlighted Kent and JD both with me in FB [Bob Quarry too]

Location: Delhi - Posted September 8, 2018 9:45 am
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Posted September 4, 2018 3:44 pm

Jim I

Ang how ya been? Everyone / anyone going to watch ggg vs canelo? Predictions??

Location: Connecticut - Posted August 30, 2018 1:41 am

John Wilkinson

I can't figure WHY the spam guy wastes his time with these sets he does. It all is pure harrassments. It's as if the dumbo has a personal vendetta against someone.

Location: CT. - Posted August 30, 2018 1:36 am

John W.

right ! ha ha ha.
yoo: JD the interm president of my ABO [American Boxing Organization]. ABO founded only May 15 this year. We offer CITY- STATE- REGION & NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS at H LH SM M JM W JW L JL F B FL JrFL & M.
Our "Show rules" are designed to improve the Sport as a whole.
One must understand the ATTACK against the Sport from within. The Overgoverance (aa) The "duel tri" (bb) -&- (cc) we battle the C wt. Set.
The ABO is formed as a defacto group to the ABA. When I joined ("invited/joined" the ABA James Hagler was the unit president. Now..Kit Coughran is president and James is v.p. [marvin Hagler's son].
We had a few nice conversations.
Dean Smith is the CEO of the ABA.
Paul Johnson of Minnesota recently came into the picture.
I am calling myself a "secretary(crystal)" w/the ABA. I can not "act" without a comprehensive constituition in place.
ABO afords me this. & may as well say I am a "imperial wizzard" with the ABO. I know best what boxing needs/doesn't need.
Boxing needs integrity.
My work is cut out for me.

Location: chandigarh - Posted August 24, 2018 5:42 am
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Posted August 22, 2018 10:27 pm

nancy chopra

Location: dc - Posted August 21, 2018 3:57 pm


Jim, LOL, true.

Posted August 19, 2018 11:50 am

Jim I

John W vs The Spam on here in a12 round draw.

Location: Connecticut - Posted August 18, 2018 10:49 pm

John Wilkinson

damn waste!

Location: Connecticut - Posted July 29, 2018 2:03 am

John Wilkinson

*duel-tri concept I see I made couple of bloopers in my typeing. DON'T LET THE BLOOPERS RUIN MY MESSAGE PLEASE !

Location: Connecticut - Posted July 29, 2018 1:58 am

John Wilkinson

I wonder how many other sites Nancy chopchop is ruining?
Todays top promoters - and their are others as well - include Bob Arum, Don King/Carl King, Oscar of course, Al Haymond -and- Floydmay.
Carl is in my fb we have spoken.
Al Haymon was in the music industry came over to boxing already a multi millionaire.
Arum, tbe King,s, Oscar, Haymon too -ALL- "practice mistakes". "Mistakes" in the modern are a) "participation with the duel-tri" b) "participation or involvement" involving any world sanctioning group outside of the FIRST &major FOUR. ****WBC WBA IBF WBO & "stop". "& stop" until the day Truth in advertising kicks- in [which IS my '2e' effect].
Oscar promotes the IBO.
A promoter name J.Russell Peltz I call one step below the others here mentioned but..none the less has a fame from boxing. He entertains the duel-tri concept.
Floyd is the only one I have not YET "pinned down" for a FAULT-in-practice. Have NOT looked at him closely yet at tbe promo level.
I'll guess Floydmay is "going with the flow" and is *status que/modern. HOPE I AM WRONG GUESSING!
Now, to talk about Floyd's career. IF IT WERE ME BESIDE HIM..I'd be interested is business diversity. And....well.."maybe" Floyd COULDNOT CUT STUFF ^differently^ but....their ARE certain trends in Society these days that are "down turns" [the skin tattoo trend "one major"]. Business persons CAN effectively fight against it..the "advance" of creep-movements socially.
I'm just saying !
About Floydmay of combat. I think pretty much the boxing competition completely done for him. Nice way to end of course. Now he talks mma.
Floydmay in mma you "picture" him being laid-to-waste. But, until he actually engages in the action of a contest or contests WHO COULD KNOW 4-certain one way or the other. Could he be different?
Anyway, hard as it is to phanthom or believe.. Floyd **insists he is entering mma competition.
That from film that is out and available by you tube.

Location: Connecticut - Posted July 27, 2018 11:13 pm

John Wilkinson

When I can come back..I am gonna talk- it "Floyd Mayweather.." now. And..we will look in on who the major promoters are present day. & I am gonne expose the lot of them as working for their own *freedom..Not looking out wisely for the Health of the Sport !

Location: Connecticut - Posted July 27, 2018 11:04 pm


Talking the mega-stars of boxing right now and..taking a glimpse at Floyd Mayweather.
For my money Gennady Golovkin and Saul (Canelo) Alvarez are the only two.
Someone may point out others [Bud Crawford][some dude enter at Flyweight-or-such. Hinderence in fly-wings weight classes].
And...I think them two needn't even do any rematch. Better Canelo vs Danny Jacobs how I see the universe.
GGG mentor Abel Sanchez is in my fb.
Tripple G Team disgusting however how tbey intend to keeper ibo garbage/sewage. These guys "don't know anything".
Danny Jacobs too....unfortunately bit on the =duel triz= concept.
The HVY.-wt div is "a seperate entiry". There things look "good" this moment.
[I,m close to Stan I'Bib the bro of Ike Ibeabushi "mr. President"]
[he is a "no mention" here we are August/2018]
[Stan "believes in his brother"...and/ King..another brother wish to go to 'start']
Ex LH contender Rocky Gannon wish to make a return at H. [he once beat Iran Barkley]. We spoke on the phone several times.
The H first powers remain Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder. Anyones guess result between them. Anthony may get hurt. Wilder maybe get's knocked- OUT.
The back field led by Joseph Parker is "very interesting" right now!
If mr. T.Crawford wish to make a daring and bold and highly danger ladden statement he can follow same path as Mr Brooks had- done.
Brooks right now is hugely enriched no doubt but....his world star has diminished.
I am yet looking at Mr.Crawford. cont.

Location: CT - Posted July 26, 2018 6:36 pm


Part III -or- I'll stop dealing with a non-coop.
The UWBCAFO-I has temp dq. the 'C' weight div. OurRE-SET is 190/195 champs choice/ALL VACS 190.
I won't have a deep enough data base to push C championships in the ABO right away I think. WILL LIKE TO KNOW WHO can make +/or -. I'll rate guys H
ABO offers championships at: H LH SM M JM W JW L JL F B FL JrFL & M. JF & JB -no- and../however/we recognize those weights at the other levels. Just: we do not offer them ["step up"].

Location: CT - Posted July 26, 2018 6:23 pm

John Wilkinson

Part II
The UWBCAFO-I stands for the United WBC WBA IBF WBO [dash] "the second echelon theory". We are ****advocation only to the FIRST &major FOUR. We are "absolute govtmt." for the whole of the "second echelon". What's Boxing presently past the FIRST &maj. FOUR? Fraud is it's name.
A '2e' championship under the UWBCAFO-I system has VALUE of [approx]FIVE USA STATES.
First Rule of Thumb: Echelons DON'T MIX.
We opperate only in the men's league have "no opperations" [YET] in the women's sector [I am "unlicenced"].
We opperate on the "world championship" front alone.
Now...I'm talking it the UWBCAFO-I and of course..the ABO -ISN'T- even at "world level" [ABA offers State, Region and Nation. Their "rules" I am NOTclear about yet!// ABO offers CITY/STATE/REGION/NATION championships to those who qualify]
^ ^ I am explaining the UWBCAFO-I.....the projection of the ABO is alt./course that's obvious...but the "guards" we put in place same.
We need to control the whole show to a degree.
Our "battle fronts" are three points.
We "don't care" -activity- at levels "below world titles". IBO "Intercontinental" in my book...IS FINE-AND-GOOD!
It is "world champiobships picture" that has TURNED STONE COLD on the side of Gen madias.
^ ^ not anything else !
So...WE are "stopping the
"IBO" dead in their tracks.
Second battle we have is with the "duel-tri" concept. We also "splashing cold water" on that Idea!
We will NOT even allow voice or print introductions of "some of our junk" for the 'Boxing'/modern.
May/may- not "allow" the person of the individual! "Depends". I am **pretty sure....the IBO has some "sunshine boys"/who...."IBO THEIR MIDDLE NAME". We...won't allow it the such a case !
I =Expect= to get violated but when we do/when I know/We will comeback and the guilt gonna PAY a pentalty just as if we ARE THE POLICE!

Location: CT - Posted July 26, 2018 5:54 pm


1) I don't understand why they can't get rid of block/errase /the nucience.
I am no computer science expert but obviously that is the need. 2,3,4)I just now called JD. But can only leave voice message. Jd is the interm president of the American Boxing Org. [ABO] group I founded May 15. I want to talk here about what I am doing w/ my boxing.
ABO is intended as a defacto organization and I founded it as TOOL to "mirror" off of.
Let me introduce TJQF members to the American Boxing Assn. [ABA].
The key players are James Hagler [vp] Kit Coughran [p] Dean Smith [CEO].
I'm "National manager" to start but now I will prefere to be known as Muhammad Ali that's right I'm changing my name since the Liston fight!
[haa!] w/prefere to HEAVEN when I die than HELL !
W/Prefere to be known as Secretary/*crystal w/ABA.
Paul Johnson is NEW as officer of the ABU the special charity branch of the ABA. Someone [Eli] "was bubbleing" on that front too but....."it's possible Eli no learner". We can't use "non learners" when....they unwilling to toe "certain line".
believe it or not....I've been LIVE talking to the substantial/the "Great" pride Virgil Hill. Virgil told me he thinks I will be a "second ABO". Hmmmm.....if so....then/so long as I can fly we fly as John Wilkinson's ABO.
The other group will be their own. But...could be it's a organization gone into defaul.
My ABO is founded on the same constitution as the UWBCAFO-I.
To update here: the UWBCAFO-I was founded in March/2007 [with split this into parts/please. Yesterday was =wicked=when....I spent my heart typeing out a message tbat...sudden/errased..] cont.

Location: Ct. - Posted July 25, 2018 11:47 pm

John Wilkinson


Posted July 15, 2018 11:44 am

Jim I

Hey all non internet spam! Anyone watch the Manny fight? Looked to me like Matthiese(sp?) mailed it in! Didnt seem like Manny really was catching him hard but he felt overmatched perhaps? Nice song Kent! The boy GOT TALENT!!

Location: DC - Posted July 7, 2018 1:06 pm
Email: funktron [at] yahoo [dot] com


Kent: I thought the song was good. You have a nice voice! I've been checking in now and then, trying to read through the spam messages. I was just thinking---I miss the days with Noam and Massimo---we had a lot of great banter with the old gang.

Location: Murrieta, Ca - Posted July 2, 2018 9:54 pm
Email: kentaappel [at] aol [dot] com


I have not been posting here lately because of all of the spam. But here is a link to a song I wrote about Jerry Quarry called The Contender. I hope people see this post despite all of the spam we put up with.

Location: JIM I 's Attic - Posted July 1, 2018 7:24 pm


Yes JOHN W. I DID LIVE IN India and had changed my name to Packy East, very observant.How else could i find these internet faggots but go "undercover" Hope I was politically correct-almost! Jerry's Biggest win on paper would have been Thad Spencer #1 WBA and Mac Foster #1 Ring Magazine. Lyle might have been my fav, for so many people had written jerry off, and lyle was so intimadating! FOSTER, SHAVERS, LYLE, combined record was 88-2 w/ 85 Knockouts.

Posted June 26, 2018 8:14 am

Jim I

Does anyone know if it is possible to get ANYTHING memoribilia wise related to Jerry that could be donated to a fund raiser we are having for a co worker w brain cancer? It would be used to raffle off towards his medical bills ! Ty

Location: CT - Posted June 14, 2018 3:48 pm
Email: blackcombs-5 [at] live [dot] com


wow ! the illumani dude is FUNNY really if you read him but...why he waste his energy here it's counter productive.

Location: CT - Posted May 26, 2018 4:28 pm
Email: blackcombs-5 [at] live [dot] com

John Wilkinson

Jim: read your comments 2-17-18 3:18 AM. That is a FACT? "Good God!" : ) Oh...Jerry authentically a top ranked contender. yoo...he was on the "all sports" Superstars with Ken Norton NO? Jerry winning against Ron Lyle when Lyle undefeated perhaps his greatest ring victory. With other "nice" wins. The Chuvalo loss rather a "story line" to how Jerry sometimes had twisted-step. BUT..I think it worked in his favor too. We can easily see Shavers a win on another day than the day tbey fought. Jimmy, notice you post as "packy east" from India on 12-28-17 [Huh ?]

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